A Different Revolutionary War With MARVEL

November 16, 2017
By GavinChen BRONZE, Shenzhen, Other
GavinChen BRONZE, Shenzhen, Other
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In 2078, Marvel university.


“Yahoo!” Mister Fantastic shout excitedly in his laboratory, his face turning into bright red because of agitation,“ Everyone, everyone listen. Come here now! Look what I invented which spent me almost 10 years!”


“What the heck is it , doctor?”, a loud and clear voice spread the air, “ What’s your new invention? Let’s broaden our vision.” Captain America go down the stairs and enter the lab.


“Oh, Captain.” Mister Fantastic turned his head to him, “Look at this cute baby!” Fantastic said. While he points at a huge, but strange, machine. Other superheroes get in the lab.


“What’s going on, doctor? Is there anything new?” Tony Stark, also known as Iron man, gets down the stairs step by step, “I still remember the gift you gave me on my birthday party. Yeah, that coffee machine, doctor. I must remind you what happened with that foolish apparatus. It almost blew my house away! I spent nearly 10,000 dollars repairing my house.”

“Oh, it just because you wanna use it to produce white wine, BIG BOSS.” Captain said gloatingly.


“But actually I don't care about this chickenfeed, Captain. So what about you? Still be a fitness structure in that small gym for your rented house? If you want, I can buy a big and new one for you easily.”


They both cannot put up with each other so they always argue in some strange ways.


“Hey, hey, hey, guys” Mister Fantastic come up to draw back two people who are at a crossfire,“Take it easy, guys. I am so sorry about that coffee machine, Stark. And I must say that I really appreciate fitness instructor, no matter how great he is when he become a superhero. Anyway, please pay attention to my cute baby, the greatest invention of the 21st century, Super Time Machine!”


Follow his finger, there is a huge metal device floating in the sky in front of heroes. It’s blue all over the body of the machine. On the right side of the machine, there is an energy gauge. It is worth mentioning the square box with a door lying on the center of machine. It looks like a small cabin.“ Tell me the time and the place you want to leave for and stand in the middle of machine, I can send you to anywhere in anytime. When you wanna come back, use your Marvel-Hero badge.” Doctor said proudly.


“Oh, gosh! How amazing it is! Is it hard to control, Doc?” Tony asked excitedly with his red face. “Of course not, Tony. Please remind yourself who invented this wonderful staff. It’s me! The best inventor on the earth, from past to future, I am the best inventor.”, the doctor responded confidently and proudly. “The only thing you need to do is inputing the date in here and then push this button,” pointing to two areas of the machine with screens.


“That’s so cool!” the captain said amazingly, “But if there are some bad guys…Oh!”Suddenly he fell to the ground before he had finished speaking.


Not waiting for the doctor to react, Tony aimed his super power gun on the doctor’s head.


“Hey man, watch out and calm down! What’s wrong with you, Tony? What do you want to do? Why…”, the Doctor shouts out tensely.


“Shut up, Doctor! Just setting the time and site now! April, 1775. America’s east coast, Or I will shoot your head like a booming watermelon. Don’t doubt my words if you want to remain alive.”, Tony threatens him fiercely “OK, no problem. I will set the time now, man. Take it easy.” Doctor promises with fear.Then Doctor trots to the machine and inputs “April 1775, America’s east coast”“ It was set now. Get in the cabin and push the button on the cabin-door. You can go over. But…Ahhh!” Then, the Doctor also fell to the ground by Tony’s blow. “You know too much, Doctor. Sleep for a while. After you wake up, you will be frightened by what I did in the past to influence the present world!”


Then Tony enters the cabin step by step. “Oh, by the way I must insure that nobody can follow me to the past to thwart my plan.” Without hesitation, he sights the power gauge of the machine and fires. “Haha, now no one can stop me. See you later. Or maybe never!” A blue light flashes in the lab. Tony Stark, no, Dark Iron Man is heading to the 1775 to finish his great goal.


Moments later, Captain America and Mister Fantastic wake up. “Oh, s***! What’s going on, Doctor? I feel so much pain in the back of my head. Who did it?”, Captain asks with distrust.“ Tony! Tony betrayed us” the Doctor responds indignantly. “What? Are you kidding me, Doc? He… But why did he betray us? He is always trustworthy! How can that be?” The Captain is shocked heavily.


He keeps thinking and saying :“I don’t know the reason too, Steve. But from his words, I got a message: he is going to manage some big incident in 1775, on the east coast of the United States.”


As soon as he stopped, Captain shouts “When? 1775…That was the Revolutionary War!What does he… Oh, my gosh! Do you remember, Doc? Tony’s ancestors were British!So…”


“He wants to destroy the whole of America! In the easiest way—just damage the balance of war with his technology which has been ahead of ours for more than a thousand years.” Now Doctor also realizes the motivation for Tony’s betrayal. “Doctor, in order to rescue our country, we must go back to stop Tony.” said by Captain.


“You are right. Inside the cabin, Captain.” Doctor walks to the side of the machine “Oh, wait a minute. He thought who I am. Tony broke the energy gauge so as to avoid us preventing him. Hum! The cleverest inventor always has two strings to one bow.”, the Doctor says proudly and gets in the storage room. Soon he comes up with an alternative energy gauge.


After the Doctor finished his installing, he allows himself into the cabin and asks,“ Are you ready, Captain? I can not go with you, so the future of our citizens and our country is committed to you. Fight for us, please. I hope you can return in triumph. Good luck, man!”


The blue light flashes again. With heavy responsibility, Captain America begins his critical trip.


It’s a silent night. In a small town, everything appears normal and peaceful. People pass the street and talk with each other merrily. Suddenly, a blue light flashes in the sky and a shadow drops to the ground. However,  people are doing their own thing so nobody notices that anomaly. The date on the calendar reads April 18,1775. And a billboard lies in front of the town: Welcome to Lexington.


After Captain steadies his nerves, he immediately pulls out the probe which can help him confirm his position and date. “Today is…April 18, and here is…Lexington?! That’s the gun of Lexington. But where is Tony? He…” Suddenly some noise burst through town. It sounds like hundreds of people with guns. Captain decides to go and see what happened.


Soon he runs up towards the position of gunshots. In a flash, a bullet shoots towards his body. In the same moment, he lifts his celebrated shield rapidly and “Dang”, the bullet bounces off the shield. Except for the sound of bullet, he also hears some sniff with surprise. Look in the direction of the bullet, Captain finds a team of soldiers who raise their guns and point at him.


“Hey men. Take it easy. Put your guns down please. I am Steve Rogers. I know you might not believe it, but I admit that I come from the future.” Captain raises his hands and says. “Guys, put your guns down. I’d like to talk with him. After all, it's not the average person who can resist bullets. I don’t care where are you from, young man. I just want to know if you are British.” A soldier comes out of the team and says. “Thank you. I am also known as Captain America. My job is to protect America.” Captain America breathing a sigh of relief and says.


“From your behavior, I choose to believe you. I am Paul Revere, the militia captain of Lexington. He is my assistant, William Davis.”Paul says. A young and quiet man comes out. “We prevented the British soldiers from arresting our patriotic leader. Can you help us to beat the British?”, Paul asks honestly.


“Well, I really wanna help you but I am sorry that I can’t. As a time traveler, I can’t do anything to break the course and change the past.” Captain shakes his head regretfully “Nevertheless, another guy from our time period has come here. Unfortunately, his purpose is to help the British destroy America. He is very dangerous. In his eyes, guns and bullets are just children’s toys. He can easily damage an entire city. Remember, he wears a red armor and he can fly. If you see him, please let me know at once. You can call me at this number…” Captain takes out the phone which he brought from Marvel University.“ But…We have already seen him! And he asked us where our leaders were, and he promise that he would protect them. Now he is on his way!”                                  


“What? Why are you so trusting? If he is British, your leaders may be in danger!Tell me where your leaders are, quickly!” Captain feels nervous and anxious.


“Ehh… I told him to go Concord but I don’t think he will… Oh s***!” His words were interrupted by a series of bullet.


“Sir, the British begin to fire.We need to fight back. Come on let’s go and show them what we are!” A soldier with blood shouts. “The enemy is coming, everyone.  Let’s defend our sovereignty and take back our ground! Go!’’ Paul and  William raise their guns and dash into the battleground.


Captain watches as soldiers fell but could do nothing. This feeling of weakness almost damages his faith. Nevertheless, he still need to go and prevent Tony’s action. He clearly know that if he can’t stop Tony’s crazy project, a sight of people would lose their lives and the whole country would be damaged, entirely completely. His responsibility is immense so he must keep going.“ I need to stop Tony and I mustn't change the history. I need to go, now!” He thinks, and leaves without hesitate.


After a long journey, he arrives Concord. It’s unexpected that Washington has already left here and went to Philadelphia to convene the second continental congress in May 10th. “So Tony must go to Philadelphia. There is still one month. I hope he won't do anything dangerous before I get there.” Fear prompted the captain to set out at once though he feels hungry and tired.


A month later, Captain reaches the Philadelphia. It’s a huge city even in 1775. The road is full of traffic and the crowd is everywhere. A big sigh on the road is written by “Second Continental Congress, in Great Hall of the People.” “That’s fine. The sigh can confirm that Tony hasn’t kill anyone yet. I still have time to beat him.”he thinks breezily.                                  To be continue

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