The Devil's Eyes

November 7, 2017
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I sipped my warmed coffee as I scanned over the newspaper. This was definitely something i’ve never heard of before. The fall morning was crisp, the air seemed to glow in orange and red. I scanned over the paper some more. I caught a picture of the victim, being wrapped in a body bag. So young. So Sad. I looked up as the waitress walked. “Would you like anymore?” she asked kindly. I set down my paper. “No thank you.” I said, clearing my throat. The waitress looked down at the paper. “Oh yeah, I heard about that.” she said turning back towards the sink behind her. “Wonder what was going through that kid’s head.” I looked down at the picture of the girl. “I wonder as well. But I think I’ll find out.” I said softly. I finished my coffee, paid and walked out the front doors. The air was cool and crisp. The leaves were blowing across the street, and the nearby field. I opened the door to my car, and sat inside, closing the door behind me. I put the newspaper into my coat pocket. I pulled out of the parking lot and got on the road. I had a patient to see.

I had been driving for an hour, when I finally arrived at Smith’s Grove sanitarium. The large building seemed to glow in the orange fall sunlight. I entered the building, entering the dull, waiting room. The nurse looked up from her desk and smiled. “Are you here for an appointment?” She asked. “Yes,” I said with a calm tone, “I’m here to see my patient, Michael Myers, I-” Suddenly, another voice interrupted me. A familiar voice. “Samuel!” the voice said. I smiled as I saw my old friend, Terence Wynn, step out from his office. He reached out his arm in a handshake. He turned to the nurse. “It’s ok, Nancy.” He said. “I’ll handle this.” He motioned me to the hallway. “I haven’t seen you since the war!” Wynn said, excitedly. “What have you been doing with yourself, Sam?” I looked out the large window we were strolling past. “Nothing much. Haven’t really been occupied with anything.” I said calmly. “Well you’ll be plenty occupied with your new patient. Have you heard of him?” He asked. “How could I have not?” I answered as I handed him the newspaper from my pocket. He examined the paper quickly. “Well hopefully you can find out more about this child.” He said, handing back the paper. We turned towards a door. Room 3845. Wynn pulled out a key from his back pocket, inserted it into the keyhole and clicked the door open. The door slowly creaked open. The stained white walls seemed to reflect no emotion. My eyes focused to the corner of the room. There was a child sitting there on a chair. Not doing anything, just staring into the wall. I turned to Wynn. “Is he alright?” I asked, confused. “Yes, he’s fine.” Wynn replied softly. “It is strange though. He hasn’t done anything else since he arrived. The only times he moves is for meal time.” The intercom suddenly turned on over us. “Dr Wynn. Please report to the main hall.” Wynn started towards the hallway. “I’ll leave you to get acquainted with him.” He said as he starting walking. I turned back to the kid. “Hello Michael.” I said, walking towards him. “My name is Dr. Loomis. We’re going to spend some time together.” No response. Still staring. Still watching the wall. What could he be seeing? What is going through that boy’s mind?

Three months went by, and still every time it was the same. Michael would never look away. Never talk, never cry, never fight. Just stare. No matter what we could do, nothing. This was the most bizarre patient I’ve ever met with. It was a cold February morning, and of course, nothing was different. I entered the room to see Michael staring at that pale, blank wall. I sat down in the chair near the table. “Michael, I want to help you.” I said soothingly, “But I can’t help you if you don’t cooperate. Please at least look at me.” Nothing. My efforts are fruitless, I thought to myself. I was caught off-guard when Michael started to turn. A Breakthrough! I thought to myself. Michael’s eyes focused on me. The cold, icy stare focused on one spot for months, was burning deep into mine. My smile quickly faded. I focused on Michael’s eyes, and only saw...Black. No color, no emotion. Just pure black. Almost evil looking. A chill ran down my spine, Michael continued to stare at me, burning his gaze into my soul. My breaths began to choke in my throat. I could no longer take it. I turned away, breathing heavily. I turned back to Michael, his gaze turned back to the wall. I stood up from my chair, grabbing my coat and hat from the table. “Well, Michael…” I stammered, sweating, “I can see that you need some alone time. I’ll see you some another time.” I stumbled into the hallway and closed the door behind me. As I started to walk, I ran into Wynn. “Sam, what’s wrong? You’re sweating.” He said. “Oh, just feeling a little under the weather.” I answered quickly, “I’m just going to head home. Goodbye.” I walked past Wynn. I walked out into the cold air and stepped into my car. I put my things onto the passenger seat. I was still sweating. I put my face into my palms. I could still see Michael’s eyes staring at me. Burning into me. Studying me. Watching me. I needed answers, and I knew just where I may find them.

It was late that night. I had arrived in Haddonfield, a quiet, subdue place at night. I pulled up to the curb and stepped outside, looking to the house in front of me. The Myer’s House. Michael’s home. I examined the house. People around Haddonfield considered this house to be haunted. They could be right. I stepped up the wooden stairs, each step creaking from age. The house was abandoned after the incident. The Myer’s couldn’t take all of the hardships they were going through. I slowly opened the front door, a musty smell greeting me. I looked around, seeing bare walls, and empty rooms. The moonlight sent an eerie, ghostly glow into the house, illuminating the house. I walked upstairs and searched around the rooms. I walked past a room that caught my attention. It was Judith Myers’ room. I could see a large bed and a vanity mirror across from it. My eyes focused on the blood-stained wooden floor near the mirror. I heard a sound coming from down the hallway, and walked into another room. It was a boy’s room. Michael’s, I was sure. It seemed pretty normal. There was a bed with a dresser and bookshelf. I looked to the bed, and pulled an object off the sheets. It was a clown mask. The same one he used to kill his sister. I started to feel dizzy, I turned towards the door. I then saw it-SAMHAIN. It was scrawled on the bedroom wall. I gasped. Samhain, means the lord of the dead. This was no normal boy, this was something much more evil.

“On the order of the judge, and the state of Illinois, we hereby remanded Michael audrey Myers to the Smith’s Grove Warren County Sanitarium. Furthermore, he will be brought before the judge on the date of his 21st birthday, where he will be tried as an adult for the murder of his sister, Judith Myers. Dr Loomis?” I stood up from my seat. I was in the local court room, hearing Michael’s sentence. I wiped the sweat from my forehead. “Michael Myers must be removed from this sanitarium immediately.” I said, “I would suggest a maximum-security prison.” The doctors both sighed. “Dr. Loomis,” One of them said, “The choice has been made.” “This sanitarium is not addiquete.It won’t be prepared.” I said tensely. “Prepared for What?” The other one asked, “Michael Myers is a catatonic. He has no reactions to outside stimuli.” “I spent 4 hours a day with him, for 6 months!” I shouted. I was starting to get Irritated, but I tried to keep calm. “He is the most dangerous patient I have ever observed.” “Dr. Loomis, Michael Myers is catatonic.” The doctor replied. “It’s an act! He’s covering up.” I said. “There is a force inside that boy. He’s waiting.” The doctors looked at each other. “For What?” One asked. I bit my bottom lip. “I don’t know.” I answered softly. The doctors were staring at me now. Looking at me like I’m crazy. “Please.” I said, “I am begging you to reconsider your decision.” The doctors sighed. “Dr. Loomis, maybe you should reconsider keeping him as a patient. We can get someone else to watch after him.” I sighed. “I’ll stay with him.” I answered. “Is there anything else you’d like to say, Dr. Loomis.” The doctor asked. I put my hat on and sighed. “No.” I answered, and I walked towards the door. You may have fooled them Michael, but you’ll never fool me.

It stayed the same for the next few years. I’d always visit Michael, and he’d always be there, sitting and staring. Michael was now 18. They had moved him to a different room, sharing with another patient, who they called Crazy Bill. Crazy Bill was always insulting Michael, but of course, Michael had no reaction. I was visiting Michael on the night of October 30th, nearly 12 years after his sister’s murder. I was watching him while he was eating dinner. Crazy Bill had finished napping, when he saw Michael eating. “Hey stupid, whatcha eating?” He asked. Michael didn’t respond. He just continued to eat. Bill was getting angry with him. “Hey! Dumbass?” He yelled. “You gonna talk, S***head?” I turned to a passing nurse. “You should tell him to stop agitating him.” I said. She quickly glanced inside. “It doesn’t look like it’s bothering him.” She then walked past me and down the hallway. I turned back to the door. Bill was still tormenting Michael. “C’mon Crapface!” He shouted. “Say something!” I was shocked as Michael suddenly snatched Bill by the neck, raising him off of the ground. Bill was trying to break free, gasping for breath. Michael walked toward the wall, and suddenly pounded Bill’s face into it. Then he did it again, and again, and again. Bill’s face was covered in tears and blood. I was pounding on the glass. “No!” I yelled. “Michael, Stop!” But Michael continued to pound Bill’s face in, many more times. Suddenly, Michael let go of Bill’s neck, letting him drop to ground. Bill wasn’t moving, or breathing. I heard nurses coming and told them about what happened. They opened the door and we all looked inside, to see to now blood stained walls, and Bill’s corpse next to Michael, just eating his dinner.

Michael wasn’t given any punishment for what he did. The sanitarium decided to add it to Michael’s case, but still kept him at the sanitarium. Bill’s body was buried at the sanitarium, and Michael just stayed in a room by himself again. But that was 3 years ago. Now I was coming back, but now not to see Michael. Tonight is Michael’s 21st birthday, this is the night that I take him in front of the court for his trial. I was with one of the nurses, Nurse Chambers. It was raining hard, with thunder and lightning in the sky. I turned to Chambers. “You ever done anything like this?” I asked. She glanced at me. “No. I can’t say I have. I don’t really see what is so important with this man.” She said. I looked out my side window. “Don’t underestimate it.” I said sternly. “Don’t you think we can refer to It, as Him?” she asked. I glanced at her and then looked back outside. “As you wish.” I answered. We continued driving for a while. The storm seemed to grow louder outside. “You’re serious about this, aren’t you?” She asked, “You really don’t want him to get out?” “Never” I answered softly, “Never at all.” She turned to me. “Then why are we taking him to-” “Because it’s the law.” I interrupted. She turned her attention back to the road. We pulled into the sanitarium lot, before the main gate. “Since when do they let them wander around?” she asked. I turned my attention to the main yard, seeing the many patients walking around. They don’t walk around out here. They always stay inside. “Pull up to the main gate.” I ordered. We drove towards the main entrance gate and she stopped the car. I got out into the pouring rain and ran towards the security booth. I had to get them to open the gate. As I approached the booth, I was shocked as I saw the guard with his throat slit, gushing blood and a bloody badge in his lap. I stepped back and then heard a scream. It was coming from the car, where there was someone on top of it. I recognized him right away. “Michael, Stop!” I shouted over the booming thunder. Chambers crawled out of the car and Michael climbed in, speeding off. My mouth was hanging open now. I ran towards Chambers and helped her up. “Are you alright?” I asked. “Yes, I’m fine” She said, breathing heavily. So many thoughts were running through my mind. I was so frightened. “He’s Gone!” I shouted, “He’s gone from here! The Evil is Gone!”

The next day, I was walking back down the halls of the sanitarium. “Here it is.” A nurse said to me, pointing me to Michael’s room. I walked inside to see the door busted down. There was rubble everywhere on the ground. Two nurses were inside, cleaning up the mess. “They didn’t listen.” I whispered to myself. “And now he’s gone.” One of the nurses lifted up the table, and revealed another nurse, her stomach cut open, surrounded in a pool of blood. I cringed at the sight. The other nurses were looking sick. “Dr. Loomis, this is what we wanted to show you.” one of the nurses said. She turned my attention to the wall beside me, with blood smeared on the wall spelling: SISTER. I studied the bloody word on the wall. “I know where he is going.” I exclaimed. I started out the door and down the hallway. As I neared the entrance, I came across Wynn. “Sam!” He called. I didn’t pay attention, I just kept walking. I walked out the doors with Wynn following. “I’m not responsible, Sam.” He said. “Oh nooo.” I said sarcastically. “I told them how dangerous he was” Wynn continued, “And I-” “You couldn’t have.” I interrupted, “Two road blocks and an all points bulletin wouldn’t stop a five year old.” “Well he was your patient Doctor,” he said, “if precautions weren’t strong enough, you should have told somebody.” “I told everybody!” I shouted, “Nobody listened.” I arrived at my car and opened the door. “Well what do you want me to do?” Wynn asked. I turned to him “You get on the telephone, and tell who walked out of here and tell them where he is going!” I demanded. “Sam, Haddonfield is 150 miles away from here,” Wynn replied, “for god’s sake, he can’t drive a car!” “He was doing very well last night.” I yelled. I got into the car and drove off. Wynn stood there and watched me drive off. I knew Michael would break out, and now I know where he is going. Tonight is the 15th anniversary of his killing, and now he is going home.

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VinnyAfton said...
yesterday at 8:17 pm
This is truly amazing. How you write like this? I have no clue. Keep on writing, you have so much potential! I have no suggestions on how to fix this. There was really only one thing that confused me at the beginning: "I looked down at the picture of the girl. “I wonder as well. But I think I’ll find out.” In the beginning, I was confused, wondering how would he know, but it didn't explain until the middle-end. One way to fix this is by putting it here: “I’m here to see my patient, Mic... (more »)
VinnyAfton replied...
yesterday at 8:18 pm
would know* ;D
IsaiahV17 replied...
today at 11:07 pm
Thank you very much! And great suggestions!
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