the lost ring

October 6, 2017
By Anonymous

One day a girl named Anne was walking through the woods to find her necklace that her
dad gave her. While she was walking she was hearing noises coming from around her and than all of a sudden she saw a tall man at least 6’9 with her ring. The strange man said ‘’hey come get your ring’’. She started running as fast as she could out of the woods into her house. She has cameras around her house so she check then saw something horrifying the man has been stalking her for weeks and he eventually broke into her house and took the ring. Eventually she heard a knock on the door and passed out.


      Part 2

When Anne woke up to her dad saying “wake up”. Than her dad ask her “what's
wrong” and Anne says that a man has been stalking her for weeks. Her dad didn’t believe her until she showed him the camera footage. After that her dad tells her to call the police while he steps out in anger looking for the man. While Anne was calling the police she hears a scream. She looks outside to see her dad on the ground. While the man is staring at her she drags her dad into the woods few minutes later the police arrive with k9 dogs they search the wood for her dad and the man. But when they come back they hadn’t found anything. So they just brought Anne in so that they could ask a few question. After the process she came back home to go to sleep thinking about her missing dad. Next after breakfast her mom knock on the door she had been gone for 5 years.

      Part 4

Anne questioned her mother. Than her mother says i know where father is but it's
too dangerous for us to go get him today. Anne denies and just insist her mother to tell her where her dad is at but still no answer so she waits until tomorrow next day comes and ann hops out of bed to ask her mom were her dad is at. And than her mother shows her the ring. Ann ask her where did you get that. The mother tells her daughter that the man left the ring in the woods and he was going to use it to take power from people. The mother said you would have to wear that ring to defeat the man and save your dad. Soon as it turned dark ann put on the ringand her mother told her the location is where her dad is at. So they set off into the woods. Her mother says the location is right so they look in the grass and pull up a bunker door and go down the stairs.

         Part 5 end story

As they go down the stairs they see shadows so when they open the curtains they see
bodies hanging from when they got there power taking from them and ann see her dad. She run to him her dad told her to stop it's a trap and then gate is drop over ann. And she is trap and her mother is hiding while sees the man comes outs from a corner. He demands the ring from ann buts she says no. and than from out of nowhere her mother pushes the man and then man picks her up and throw into a cell and locks it. And then at that her moment ann was able to cut the ties of her dad. And than her dad tackles the man while ann gets the ring ready she doesn't know how to use and than her mother says all you gotta do is say magic is real so she say it and than all of the power from the man and then he justs lays unconscious on the ground. Unlocks the cell door for her mother and then the family drags the man outside and then police come and all of them go back in the house to go to sleep in peace.


      The end

The author's comments:

its cool

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