Vampire Diarys.....kinda

August 30, 2017
By princesspaige BRONZE, Ronoke, Virginia
princesspaige BRONZE, Ronoke, Virginia
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It was a cold winter morning and the snow was flooding my cuts. It should burned  bad but I could only feel a little of the pain. I should be dead, I don't understand. My head is busted, my tooth gone like a little baby’s. I am cold but I can't feel my heart beating. What is happening? There is blood all around me but all I can smell is the delicious sensation of food. Is there a food truck somewhere out here? We are in the woods,there can’t be so what is that smell? My twin sister is slowly waking up now. She looks so confused, so hungry. Her leg looks broke and her arm is one big slash. She looks like she just came out of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Wait what is happening to her? The blood and cuts they are starting to heal. Am I going crazy? “Katerina are you ok”,I asked my twin sister.  “Elena you know I go by Katherine. I don't know what is happening to me?” Why do I get the sudden urge to drink these people? I'm so hungry.Why does my skin feel like I am being bit by a million fire ants?” I don't know but we need to get out of this sun and figure this out. Just one taste of these people please El. I'm so hungry I don't think I can live. Fine but please make it quick and tell me when you are done. Umm El why does this blood taste so good? What do you mean it taste good? That is disgusting. Please just take one sip and tell me if I am crazy. Fine if it will shut you up. As I slowly bent down I could smell that delicious smell of food again. I pressed my lips on to the guy beside me and slowly opened my mouth. The taste,it was like eating fries in a milkshake, amazing. How could this be? Ahhhh El help me I'm burning! What I shot my head up just in time to see my sister going up in flames. I grabbed her arm and drug her to a cave to recuperate. What the heck just happened to you?

I don't understand what is happening to us the last thing that I remember was when Luka came and starting yelling at me for not texting him back quick enough. He came and started cussing and hitting things but that was normal for him. Then he hit me, I was use to it since he did it whenever he was angry with me. But he had no reason to hit Katherine she was trying to make sure I was safe. He hit us until we passed out and everything around us started to blur. Then there was that guy that was above me right before I passed out. He had eyes as blue as the American flag. His hair as dark as the night. His voice when he told me everything would be ok. His voice was like eight angels singing, perfect. Then he did something strange, he bit his wrist and told me to drink it. He said it would all be ok and that my sister was safe. Katherine did you see a guy stand above us before you passed out? He gave me his blood, it was weird. No I’m sorry. Hey El this fell out of your pocket. It looks like a letter. As I opened the letter I could tell someone had wrote it recently. The ink was still wet. 

Dear Elena,
Hello my name is Damon, I was sent here by your parents to keep you safe. The reason that you are alive is because I gave you my blood. I know this may sound confusing but it is true. You and your sister are both vampires, I know you probably have a lot of questions and I can try to answer them all later. Tonight at 8 pm just as the sun goes down I need you and your sister to run to the abandoned town. That is where the rest of us are, including your parents. I swear we will talk more when you get here. Goodbye for now. - Damon

Wait so does that mean mom and dad are alive? How is that possible they died in the fire. I don't know but we will find out tonight. If there is a chance we can be a family again  we will take it. Why do you think they never came back for us? I thought they loved us. 

As we sat in the cave I looked over at my twin sister. In the lighting of the pink sunset I realized how truly beautiful my sister was. Her big brown doe eyes. The way her curly brown hair fell so perfectly aside her cheek. She was like a lion always ready to attack the first person who tried her. When it comes to my sister she has a lot of people fooled into thinking that she is so perfect and kind,but she is a lion she is always in the weeds,waiting to pounce. Even tho we are twins we're not exactly alike. While she has long beautiful curly hair my hair is straight and has a certain swish about it. It's like when you step outside on a very windy day and your hair starts blowing and falls so gently that you just let it stay. If my sister is a lion then I'm a deer. I don't fake who I am and I don't manipulate people to get what I want. I’m gentle and would never want to hurt anyone or anything. Our choices in make up are completely different also. I prefer  light or nude colors while she prefers dark colors that make her look like she is older than she truly is. Even tho we are twins it feels like we are something else, like doppelgangers or something. We are polar opposites, but that's impossible so I guess that makes me her twin.  Hey Elena the sun is almost down, we have to go if we are ever going to find out what happened to us.

The author's comments:

This isnt really vampire diarys but it is based off the characters

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