June 22, 2017
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We know what we are, but know not what we may be.

It all started at the beginning of this month of april 2001. I was only two years old when I was adopted by a man called Macbeth. Today I’m fifteen, I have no mother, Macbeth is single and I totally understand why; this man is just a pretentious person that wanted all the power. I don’t like him and I totally think that he adopted me only by the interest, to transform his child to a slave.

Let me tell you my story…

As usual my father came back late from his work, I saw the tiredness on his face and we entered a conversation full of twists and turns.

“-Jennifer daughter, we are in danger.”

“-What are you meaning?”

“-It’s about Duncan…”

“-No! Not your boss again! What’s the matter with him?”

“-Pay attention to what I will tell you…

   It’s not easy to reveal and still less easy to assume. Duncan has threatend to fire me.”

“-That means no more work, no more money, no more house, no more food…”

“You totally understood Jennifer.

   And you have got no choice” I thought about the ultimate remedy. “You have to kill him.”


He handed me a dagger and told me to do the work correctly.


-I refuse, I can’t kill a man!


He approaches his head to mine and told me these terrifying words:


-If you don’t act, I will expel you from my home you, dirty incapable child!


Plunged into sadness I knew that I will be forced to commit a murder.


One week passed, I felt totally sick about this idea of killing a man. It was finally the day, my father woke me up at 6am this morning so that I could start preparing the dinner. This meal was organized at home, Macbeth invited his boss Duncan to eat tonight I knew what I had to do, bring Duncan to the Dunsinane forest, not far from home to kill him at nightfall. All along the preparation of the dinner I felt really wrong about it and I couldn't stop to imagine what will go on during the murder scene: fool him with alcohol, stab him, the dead body, oh horror…


“-Is the dinner ready? He will arrive in less than one hour.”

“-Almost finished dad.”

“-Hurry up Jennifer, hurry up!”


The bell rangs, it was Duncan, he brought a bottle of wine. My father thanked him by giving him a short hug and showed him where was the table, the plan started. Macbeth served Duncan a dozen glasses of alcohol, he was completely drunk and unconscious.

I know that I had to started, I slowly take Duncan to the forest and I searched a good place where he could be hidden for long and without any reflection I stabbed him with eight stab wounds. There was blood everywhere, it was horrible. I left the body right there and I ran back to the house. I looked my father straight in the eye and I tell him, “He is dead.”


Worried about the disappearance of their father, Donnalbain and Malcolm rang at our house the day after the crime. They knew that he passed the night there and asked us for explanations. I must confess that this was the most stressful moment of my life. In the face of this question addressed to my own father I did not think my father, was able to give an answer. But he did it, my dad answered by showing to Duncan’s sons the body of their father and explained that I committed the murder. I felt all the hatred in the eyes of the two boys turned to me. I fixed my father right in the eyes and retorted, “You are a manipulator, a dirty manipulator envious and jealous. How could I be your daughter? How?”

That's all I remember…

I am currently in prison sentenced for murder. My father became the boss of his company and runs hundreds of employees. He visited me and told me that he would do all he could to get me out of there. He asked me to forgive him, apologized for everything he did, he said that he was really sorry. But I don't want to forgive him, his greatest sorrow will be his remorse and my greatest victory will be my vengeance…

The author's comments:

This fanfiction is a work realised between 2 known stories: Looking for JJ and Macbeth by Shakespeare.

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