The Feudal Era (Inuyasha x OC)

June 19, 2017
By luffyspiratequeen SILVER, Harrisonville, Pennsylvania
luffyspiratequeen SILVER, Harrisonville, Pennsylvania
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I spend most of my time in the feudal era, traveling with Inuyasha, Shippo, Miroku, Kirara and Sango. I've been in the feudal era for about a week and we're trying to find Shikon Jewel Shards.


We had no luck in today's hunt. I haven't even slightly sensed a jewel shard! It was getting dark so we decided to turn in for the night. We found an abandoned house alongside the road, so we agreed to stay there. We were deciding what to do next, when Inuyasha stood up and walked to the doorway.


"I'm going for a walk."


I stood up and walked over to him. "Inuyasha, are you okay?"


"Tch, I'm fine!"




While we were waiting for him to come back, I found myself thinking of how I managed to get to the Feudal Era in the first place.


I was just an ordinary highschool girl named Aka. I had brown hair and brown eyes. I was just as skinny as everyone else and I was 5'3".


I was an exchange student from the United States. My host family were the Higurashi's. I stayed with them at their shrine while I went to highschool in Japan. I live with Sota, his mother, and his grandfather. I call them Mother and Grandpa, even though we're not actually related.


The second day that I was there, I explored the shrine. I came across an old well. Some of Sota's friends were visiting that day. They thought it would be funny to push the new girl down the well. Sota tried to stop them, but failed. So, when I was looking down the well, to see if they was still water in it, they pushed me. I was blinded by a strange light and found myself in the Feudal Era.


I was very confused until I met Lady Kaede and she explained what had happened. I went into the forest and that's when I met Inuyasha. He was pinned to a tree and I saved him. To this day, I still don't know how that happened.


Even though Inuyasha is stubborn, a big jerk, and stupid, I managed to become friends with him. Now, I may even have feelings for him.


We were traveling together when we met Shippo, a small fox demon. He wanted revenge against the demons who killed his father. Once we helped him, he traveled with us. He was extremely cute, I couldn't let him travel on his own.


Next, we came across Miroku, the monk. He had a weird hole in his hand and it creeped me out a little. After defeating a demon together, we started to travel with him. He was a major perv, but a good fighter.


Lastly, we met Sango, the demon slayer, and Kirara, her cat demon. We didn't meet her like the others. She had been manipulated by Naraku and was trying to kill us. After we stopped her, she almost died. When she healed, she joined us. She was fierce, a good fighter, and had a good heart. She's now my best friend.


"Hey, guys? Hasn't Inuyasha been gone to long?"


Miroku stood up and put his hands on my shoulders from behind.


"Aka, stop pacing. Inuyasha is fine."


I hadn't even realised that I was pacing. I shook my head. Inuyasha is never gone this long. What if Naraku ambushed him? He could be in serious danger and we're just sitting here!!


I shook Miroku's pervy hands off of me and ran out of the house. I ran into the woods nearby, searching for him.


I searched everywhere but, I still hadn't found him. It's been at least an hour, there has to be something wrong! However, there was only so much I could do. I was extremely tired and decided it would be best to head back. I turned around to retrace my steps when I realized something.


I didn't know where I was. I was lost! I wandered around trying to find my way back, when it started raining. I didn't have my umbrella or even my coat. I was soaked within minutes.


Not knowing what to do, I tried to find shelter. I settled with sitting underneath a tree with huge leaves. I wasn't completely out of the rain, but it offered at least a little cover.


Third POV


Sango and the others were finally getting worried. Inuyasha and Aka still hadn't returned and Aka forgot her bow.


The gang turned around when they heard a noise. They relaxed when Inuyasha walked in.


"Hey, guys. Where's Aka?"


Miroku stood up. "She was worried, so she went looking for you!"


Inuyasha immediately ran to the woods, having to search for Aka without the use of his nose. The rain was washing away her scent.


Shippo sighed. "I hope she's okay."


Sango nodded...




"This is not that time for that, pervy monk!!!!"


First POV


The rain was still going strong and I was falling asleep.


I heard rustling in a nearby bush. I went to grab my bow, but I didn't have that either. I must've left it at the house.


I looked back up and a demon jumped out. Defenseless, I screamed. The demon charged at me, ready to attack. I closed my eyes, frozen in fear.


"Wind Scar!!!"


I opened my eyes to see Inuyasha kill the demon with the tetsusaiga. Once the demon was gone, Inuyasha ran over to me.


"Aka! Are you okay? You're freezing!"


He took off his robe (Robe of the Fire Rat) and put it over my head and shoulders, sheltering me from the rain.


"Come on. You'll get sick if we don't get you back soon. Let's go."


I climbed onto his back and he ran back to the house. Once we got back to the house, I could see everyone's worried faces, but they kept quiet.  Using Inuyasha's robe as a blanket, I fell asleep.


Third POV


Now that Aka had fallen asleep, everyone could ask their questions. They hadn't said anything earlier because Aka looked exhausted and they wanted to let her sleep.


Sango was the first to speak up. She was very worried about her best friend. "Inuyasha, what happened?"


"I found her underneath a tree, about to be attacked by a demon, soaked to the bone."


Miroku then spoke up. "She didn't get hurt did she?"


"No! Don't you think I would have told you if she got hurt!"


Shippo jumped onto Inuyasha's shoulder and yelled at him. "Inuyasha! Be quiet! You'll wake up Aka!"


Inuyasha grabbed Shippo by the tail and held him in the air. "You're being louder than I am," he softly growled.


Sango looked at hem with her eyes narrowed, a dark aura around her. "Both of you. Shut. Up."


They both bowed to her. "Yes, ma'am!"


First POV


When I woke up, I sneezed and I knew I had a cold. I didn't tell the others though. We needed to find more jewel shards.


So, once everyone was ready, we took off.


As we went, my condition got worse. About halfway through the day, I reached my peak.


My vision was blurry and I could feel my body sway as I walked. I vaguely saw the others move out of the way of an incoming cart. My mind registered it, but I couldn't seem to move my legs.




Inuyasha picked me up, bridal style, and jumped to the other side of the path before I got hit. He landed in the grass, one knee on the ground, holding me to him. He loosened his grip and looked at me, worry all over his face.


My breathing was shallow and my cheeks were a light pink. Strands of my hair were in my face and my eyes were closed. I moaned in discomfort. Inuyasha moved the hair out of my face before gently setting his hand on my forehead.


"Aka, you're burning!"


Third POV


Inuyasha carried Aka to the other side of the road to the others. Seeing Aka's condition, Sango immediately suggested that Inuyasha take Aka back to her time.


Miroku wrapped his left arm around Sango's shoulder. "Yes, the medicine is better there. However, will Aka be able to handle travel?"


Sango nodded. "You're right, Miroku."


Shippo jumped onto Inuyasha's head, thinking. "Well, what if Inuyasha just carries her on his back like usual? As long as he's gentle, it should be okay!"


Miroku smiled before slowly reaching down...




"Stop it, Monk!!"


Inuyasha heard Aka moan and moved her onto his back and wrapped his arms around her legs.


"I'm going to take Aka back. We'll come back to Kaede's village when she's better."


With that, Inuyasha took off towards the village at a gentle jog so he wouldn't hurt Aka.


First POV


I listened to everyone talk about what do. I got tired of their arguing and moaned. I only seemed to get Inuyasha's attention, but it worked. He moved me onto his back and I snuggled into him. My chin was on his shoulder and I leaned my head against his.


"I'm going to take Aka back. We'll come back to Kaede's village  when she's better."


Inuyasha started to run at a gentle jog and I waited until we were out of earshot to say something.


"Thank you, Inuyasha."


I could see Inuyasha's cheeks turn a light pink and I smiled.




I was silent for a few more minutes before I got bored.




He hummed, letting me know that he was listening.


"What's your favorite food?"


He thought for a little before answering. "The ramen you bring back for me."






"I guess I'll have to bring it more often then."


It got quiet again so I asked another question.


"What is your favorite color?"


"I don't' have one."


"That's no fun. My favorite color is yellow."








"I don't know. I was just born to like it I guess."






"Stop asking questions and sleep. You need to rest."




With that I closed my eyes and listened to Inuyasha's barefeet hit the ground at a steady pace. I was about to fall asleep when I heard a terrifying growl.


I opened my eyes and there a huge demon in front of us. Inuyasha sat me on the ground against a tree and drew his sword. He attacked the demon, but the demon wasn't affected. He tried several times, but was unsuccessful. Finally, he decided to use the wind scar and the demon vanished. Inuyasha put his sword away and picked me up.


He smiled. "Hang on. We're almost there."


He was right. Not much later, we were at the well. Inuyasha jumped in and we were teleported to my time. He took me to my home and laid me down on my bed, covering me up. Inuyasha left and my mom came in, giving me medicine and telling me to rest. Feeling like crap, I fell asleep quickly.


When I woke up, I looked around my room. I saw Inuyasha sitting on my bedroom's balcony, looking at the sky. It was dark and the stars were out. I got up and walked out.


I rested my hands on the gate and looked up as well.


Inuyasha quickly stood up. "Aka! What are you doing? You need to be in bed!"


I laughed softly. "I'm fine. I'm feeling a lot better."


Inuyasha looked at me, but didn't say anything. Instead, he looked back to the stars. I turned to him to say something, but as soon as I started talking, I started coughing. I slowly fell to my knees.


Inuyasha yelled, "Idiot! I told you!"


He bent down and pulled me up, leading me to my bed. I crawled in and Inuyasha pulled the covers up to my neck. He started walking away, but I stopped him.


"Inuyasha. Will you please stay? I feel better when you're here."


He walked back over to the bed with a small smile on his face.




He sat down next to bed, leaning his back against it. With him next to me, I was able to fall asleep quickly.


The next morning, I woke up pretty early. I sat up and looked at the time. I had enough time to get ready for school and I felt better, so I decided to go.


I got off of my bed and almost stepped on Inuyasha. He was sleeping peacefully on the floor. I forgot he was here. He looked so cute.


I stepped over him and grabbed my clothes. I walked out of my room and changed in the bathroom. I didn't want Inuyasha to wake up and see me half naked.


When I was ready, I went to school.


I went to my class and talked to my friends. We started with math class and I was completely lost. I was grateful when it ended.


Next was English. I had no trouble with it. I excelled at it, considering I'm from the U.S. All too soon, English was over.


My last class before lunch is history. Other than English, history was my favorite class. It was interesting to learn the history f a different country. As well as getting to learn about the some of the same topics in a different way.


When I got to lunch, I couldn't eat. I was starting to feel bad again. I sat there all lunch trying not to fall asleep.


The rest of the day went like this. Trying to stay awake and trying even harder to pay attention.


When the day ended, I knew my fever had come back. I knew I wouldn't be able to make it home safely. I walked up to the school's roof and called my mom.


"Hey, Mom! Is Inuyasha still there?"


"Yeah, he's still here, but he's pretty mad."


"Okay, will you please send him to the school. Tell him to meet me on the roof. I don't think I can make it home."


"Sure, honey."


After that, I hung up and waited for Inuyasha. As soon as he got there, he started yelling at me.


"Why did you come to school? You're still sick! If I was awake, I would've stopped you."


I scoffed. "That's why I didn't wake you up."


He continued yelling at me, but I ignored him. I started slowly walking over to him. Each step I took, he grew quieter.


When I reached him, he fell completely silent. I took another step forward and leaned on him for support, my forehead on his shoulder. I grabbed his robe in my hands.




I didn't say anything and he slowly and gently wrapped his arms around me.


"Inuyasha, will you take me home?"


He lowered his head next to mine and I felt him nod.


Inuyasha turned and I climbed onto his back again. He took me home and I went back to sleep.


After two more days, I was back to perfect health. Inuyasha was still there. He almost never left my side.


Now that I was fine, we went back to the feudal era. Miroku, Sango, Shippo, and Kirara were waiting for us.


Sango ran up to me and hugged me. "Aka! I'm so glad that you're okay. I was so worried about you!!!"


Miroku raised one hand, his other was holding his staff. "Now, now, Sango. We were all worried too!"


I smiled. "Thanks you guys!! I'm really glad you're okay too! I was worried that Sango might've killed you before you got back!"


Sango giggled and Miroku started yelling before Inuyasha interrupted.


"Yeah, yeah! We're all fine! Can we go now?!"


I turned to Inuyasha and giggled. "Yeah, let's go!"


We packed a couple of things that we would need and left the village in search of more jewel shards.


We're going to find all of them.


And we're going to destroy Naraku.

The author's comments:

I really hope you like this! Inspired by my love of the show and my dreams.

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