Seven Kitten Right Out Of A Hat

June 9, 2017
By Anonymous

It was a bright sunny morning at the junkyard and all the Jellicle Cats were up and about… except one. Rum Tum Tugger had decided to sleep in because he insisted that he sleep in another hour due him needing his “ beauty rest”. He slept blissfully on an old dresser, dreaming of being his awesome self. However, he was unfortunately interrupted from sleep when a certain magical tuxedo cat called out “ Tugger! Tugger, come here!”

Quite begrudgingly, the black and gold Maine Coon opened his eyes as he woke up. From the top of the dresser, Rum Tum Tugger could see his best friend Quaxo Houdini Mistoffelees or as he called him Mr. Mistoffelees, running toward him. Acrobatically, Tugger leaped down from the dresser and landed perfectly on his feet. “ Hey Misto, what’s up.” Rum Tum Tugger said with a yawn.

Mr. Mistoffelees was loaded with excitement, Tugger could clearly see it in his sky blue eyes. “ Tugger, you are really going to love this,” Mr. Mistoffelees said ecstatically “ I’m going to do something so mind blowing, I’m going to produce…”

“ A rabbit out of a hat. Yeah, I’ve seen a stage magician do that at my owner’s little cousin’s birthday party.” Tugger finished for him.

“ What, no! I’m going to produce a kitten out of a hat!” The tuxedo cat said slightly annoyed.

“ A kitten, eh” Tugger said raising an eyebrow “ Well, okay then. Let’s see it.”

The magical tuxedo cat was so excited, magical multicolored sparks emitted from his fur. In a burst of white sparkles, he conjured up a black top hat, a completely empty one as far Tugger could tell. Mr. Mistoffelees then blew golden magic dust onto the hat and waves his hand over it. He reached in and he pulled out a small tuxedo kitten that looked almost exactly like him. Rum Tum Tugger’s eyes dilated in amazement as the little kitten let out a tiny mew.

“ I did it!” Mr. Mistoffelees shouted “ I produced a kitten out of a hat!”

“ Yeah, you did!” Tugger said as he praised his friend.

Suddenly, a tiny mew came out of the hat, the mew of a kitten.

“ Misto, did you hear that?” Rum Tum Tugger said worriedly.

Mr. Mistoffelees nodded, “ Yes, it came from the hat.” He said nervously as he went over to inspect what was in the hat.

Mr. Mistoffelees looked in the hat and his face was plastered in shock when he saw that there was another tuxedo kitten in there.

He pulled the kitten out and said “ Okay, it seems I’ve produced two kittens right out of a… wait! There’s more than two.”

He looked in again to see that there were more kittens inside the hat.

“ More kittens?!” Tugger shrieked in disbelief “ You’ve got to be kidding me?!”

“ Oh no, I’m not,” his tuxedo printed friend said as he pulled more kittens out of the hat “ There’s now three… four… five… six… seven. Seven…kittens altogether.”

Mr. Mistoffelees and Rum Tum Tugger looked on in astonishment at the seven tuxedo kittens that were sitting before them.

“ Dude, did you just produce seven kittens right out of a hat?” Rum Tum Tugger asked, eyes wide.

“ Apparently I did.” Mr. Mistoffelees said as he nodded.

Rum Tum Tugger’s shocked expression turned into an happily amazed one. “ YOU’RE BLOWING MY MIND!!!!!” Tugger shouted as he shook his best friend in excitement.

“ What do you think we should do with them?” the magical cat asked, obviously unsure what to do with his magical creations.

“ I’ll tell you what I’m going to do with them,” Rum Tum Tugger said excitedly rubbing his paws together “ I’m going to show them to everybody in the junkyard! This is one of the awesomest things you’ve ever done!”

“ Now just a minute…” Mr. Mistoffelees started to say.

But, he never got to finish his sentence because Rum Tum Tugger had dashed off and ran to the top of a pile of junk. The rebellious Maine Coon then shouted loudly for everybody to hear “ HEY EVERYBODY, MR. MISTOFFELEES JUST PRODUCED SEVEN KITTENS RIGHT OUT OF A HAT!!!!!!!”

Sure enough, all the Jellicles heard him and came rushing out to see the seven little kittens. The Jellicle Cats looked in amazement at what Mr. Mistoffelees had done, he’d produced seven kittens right out of a hat.

“ Awww,” Bombalurina said sweetly “ They’re so cute!”

“ Misto, you’re a genius!” Pouncival and Tumblebrutus said in unison.

“ Quaxo, my friend,” Munkustrap said, calling the magical cat by his first name “ you’ve done some pretty cool stuff, but not as cool as this! I mean, producing seven kittens right out of a hat! That’s mind blowing!”

“ Yeah, totally mind blowing!” said Jemima as she cuddled with one of the kittens.

“ Well…” Mr. Mistoffelees said modestly “ I originally just wanted to produce one kitten out of a hat, but I ended up getting seven.”

“ Seven’s even better!” Jemima shouted.

“ Yeah, it is,” Etcetera giggled as she snuggled two of the kittens “ Seven’s way better!”

“ Okay, but what am I going to do with them?” the magical cat wondered out loud.

“ Indeed,” said a deep calm voice “ What are you going do with them?”

Mr. Mistoffelees whirled around to see that the Jellicle leader, Old Deuteronomy, was right behind him. Still obviously unsure of what to do, Mr. Mistoffelees said “ I honestly don’t know. I know I should care of them, but I can’t take care of seven kittens by myself. I don’t know what to do.”

“ We can do it together.” A soft sweet voice called out.

Gracefully skipping toward him was Victoria, the white Turkish Angora who was his girlfriend.

“ Wait, what?” Mr. Mistoffelees said bewildered.

Victoria giggled sweetly as she picked up on of the little kittens he’d conjured, snuggling it in her arms.

“ Quaxo come on,” she said gently “ We can do this, it’s going to be okay. It’s just seven kittens, how much trouble could they be?”

Mr. Mistoffelees wasn’t sure how to respond to that because kittens were a highly unpredictable lot, there was no telling what they might do.

“ Besides, this will be great practice for when you and I get married and have kittens.” Victoria said as she kissed her boyfriend on the cheek.

The magical tuxedo cat’s normally white printed face turned slightly red at that moment, he then sighed blissfully.

“ Okay,” He said with a lovesick smile “ I suppose we could take care of them.”
“ Then, it’s settled then,” Old Deuteronomy said with a smile “ Mr. Mistoffelees and Victoria shall care for the kittens.”

Victoria’s smile grew ever wider, “ This is going to be great!” She squealed.

And it was great, it was great indeed. Over the past few weeks of taking care of them, the seven kittens made life never boring for Mr. Mistoffelees and Victoria. While they could be a little mischievous at times, they were well behaved for the most part. Of course, the kittens had to have named and they did. Their names were Dapper, Puck, Houdini, Zelda, Presto, Alakazam, and Hocus Pocus. Both Mr. Mistoffelees and Victoria adored them all, the kittens were so cute, especially when they called them “ mommy and and daddy”. The coolest part was that all the kittens had magical powers, just like Mr. Mistoffelees himself. At one point, Rum Tum Tugger started calling them “ the Mini Mistos”, which Mr. Mistoffelees was a little annoyed by. Eventually, the kittens were all adopted by humans and found their permanent homes. Thought everyone was sad to see them leave, Mr. Mistoffelees and Victoria especially, they never forgot those kittens. They never forgot the time Mr. Mistoffelees produced seven kittens right out of a hat.

The author's comments:
Author’s note: I came up with the idea for this story after listening to the song from the musical Cats, Magical Mr. Mistoffelees. The story’s title is derived from the song’s line “ And not long ago, this phenomenal cat produced seven kittens right out of a hat!” The story really came together as I wrote it. So, I hope you like it!

What inspired me to write this story was that I saw the musical Cats and one of my favorite songs from the musical was Magical Mr. Mistoffelees. In the song, it mentions how Mr. Mistoffelees once produced seven kittens right out of a hat. So, I decided to write a story about the time he did this.

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