June 2, 2017
By , Park Ridge, NJ
Down in Strawhaven Valley in the year 2007, there was a young 5-year-old boy named Lindon. Lindon was obsessed with leprechauns. He was not your typical 5-year-old that was obsessed with Santa, the Easter Bunny, or the Tooth Fairy. Whenever all of the kids at school would start talking about what they want for Christmas, Lindon would always come in and talk about how much he really wants to see and befriend a leprechaun and how he had an imaginary leprechaun friend named Clifford. Lindon would go out into the woods behind his house all the time to find one. He was hell bent on it.
Later on in Lindon’s life, after all of the kids have given up on Santa, he still believed in Leprechauns. He was now 14 years old and the year was 2017. He would always go out on bike rides looking for them until he would give up for the day. Once he started driving, he would go out driving looking through the trees in the forests around him to look for the small green hats. He was still not going to give up, until he was 32 years old and realized that they are just a myth. He was very disappointed and he will never forget about the days when he would go out everyday and search for a leprechaun. He always wanted to see that small little green hat and suit and that small ginger beard.
Three years later, he got married and had a son of his own named Clifford, named after his imaginary leprechaun friend when he was young. Although he was named after a leprechaun, Clifford never learned about them and never knew that his father was obsessed with them growing up.
One day, when Lindon and Clifford were out having a catch after a heavy rainstorm, they spotted a rainbow off in the distance. They had a race to see who could get there first and Lindon, being 30 years older, obviously won. When they got there, Lindon saw a bright green object at the end of the rainbow. He thought it was just a bright green flower of some kind and was about to head back home when all of a sudden it started to move. He couldn’t believe his eyes. Right there, in front of him, was a leprechaun. Clifford was very confused as he had never heard of leprechauns. If he had known anything about leprechauns, he would be beside himself just like Lindon was. Just before Lindon could get a really good look at him and have a serious conversation about why he never came out sooner, the leprechaun ran away into the forest. This taught Lindon the important lesson to never give up on his dreams, and he went home right away to tell his family and friends about what had happened, but nobody believed him except for Clifford because he was there with him. However, Lindon knew what he saw and still believed in leprechauns despite what everybody else said.

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