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May 10, 2017
By TARDIS042 BRONZE, Lincoln, Nebraska
TARDIS042 BRONZE, Lincoln, Nebraska
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This is a story about two of my oc's that I ship together. Moeru who's a young man from a rundown area of the city. He takes care of his gang, and family after the death of his father. Koware another young man but from uptown and who had everthing. Koware left his father when he was threatened by his father and moved in with his boyfriend... Moeru! This story we are goring to see what their lives are like and was like.

Chapter 1: Good Morning

Koware blushes ,”It… It’s okay… I don’t mind.”
Moeru squeezes harder and sighs.The sunlight peaks through the curtains showing the posters on the walls and photo’s of loving memories. The two boys cuddling in their bed fast asleep or at least trying to. The sunlight getting brighter and brighter trying to show the time to arise. Moeru squints his eyes open, moaning for more time to cuddle with Koware. Tightly gripping onto Moero, breathing slowly in and out onto his chest, looking up smiling with light blue eyes, “Good morning senpai!” Koware moves closer towards Moeru’s lips for a morning kiss. Moeru kisses back sitting up to give Koware a more passionate kiss.
*Knock* *Knock*
“ Moeru Hoshi, are you coming to the cafe today?”
Moeru backs away from the kiss and run his fingers through Koware’s short cotton candy pink hair.
“ Not today, Tae,” Moeru yells back.
“Okey, I’ll go tell mom than.” Koware and Moeru hear the thump, thump of Tae running down the stairs.
“Sorry about that, Koware, I thought my sister and mom left already,” Moeru stares into Koware’s eyes, then leans inwards for a hug.
“Moeru?” Koware
“Can I braid your hair?”Moeru looks up to think,  “Why a braid?”
“Because in the right lighting the red in your hair gets darker,” Koware looks up with a huge smile on his face.
Moeru looks at him, his cheeks start feeling warm “Ow!!!!!” Koware screeches with tears in his eye.
Moeru quickly lets go with worry on his face, “ Koware, are you okay? I’m sorry!! I didn’t mean to squeeze you like that! Please don’t be sad.”
Koware blushes even more putting his hands over his face,”No.No.NO.NO. Don’t cry I’m sorry it won’t happen again!” Koware takes Moeru’s hands off his face looking into Moeru’s lime green eyes.”Moeru…” Koware puts his hands on his cheeks. “I’m alright, see.”
Moeru notices Koware blushing. Moeru smiles, “Hey Koware we should probably get ready for the day.”
“But I like seeing you in your striped pj’s!” Koware smirked innocently.
“Hahahahahahahahaha. Very funny, Koware.”
Koware and Meoru get ready for the day. Moeru of course wears his blood red t-shirt with ripped jeans, a chain wallet and a black jacket. While Koware wears a pale pink shirt with a nice pair of jeans, and his blue blue framed glasses.
“Moeru?” Koware
“May I start braiding your hair?”Moeru looks up to think...
“ Mhm. But how about you give me a little braid.”
Koware agrees by giving Moeru a kiss on the cheek, “Then could I brush the rest of your hair till it’s shiny?” Koware’s eyes glimmer like a puppy or a kitten.
Moeru starts to blush more and more because Koware’s cuteness is exploding, “Yeah sure. Do what you want to do.”

Moeru and Koware sit at the table. Moeru looks through the mail while Koware eats bacon. We got a letter from your dad.” Meoru looks up, annoyed, holding the blue letter up.
“I… I think we should ignore it,” Koware looks down. Memories of him and his dad run through his head.
“Koware.... I would like it if you would stop seeing that Moeru, gang, bastard. If you are seen with him by one of the business men I work for sees you, who knows what they will say about my parenting skills and worse our family name.” Dad says with his angry wrinkles on his forehead. His fading pink hair showing off his shiny head and pastel blue eyes were full of rage, while reading the morning newspaper.
Koware stares at him with tears coming down. “What if I keep seeing him?”
“Then I will have to force you to leave him.”
“But... “
“But what? Koware you have to understand the family name comes first.”
Koware’s tears run down his face faster. “NO! No it’s not, that’s not what mother told me.”
“LISTEN KOWARE. THIS IS HOW THE WORLD IS. JUDGMENTAL. That’s why you can’t see him if you are to stay here.”
“What if I was dating him?”
“You will be kicked out or I can hire people to do my dirty work.”
“Then I’m leaving.”
“I’m sorry your what?”

“Koware? Koware?” Meoru shakes Koware back and forth.
Koware’s tears fall off his face, “Sorry I didn’t mean to zone out like that.” Meoru pulls Koware into a hug with understanding of what’s wrong,. “It’s okay,             Koware. You’re with me. Safe and sound away from that man.”

Chapter Notes:

Writer's note: Later in the story you get to see Koware’s father and the story of why Moeru worries a lot about Koware’s health, pain, and feelings.
We will also see Moeru’s problems too!

The author's comments:

I was having fun playing website where I play manga dress up games) and ended up making Koware and Moeru on anime couple maker!!

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