May 10, 2017

We ran through the trees and bushes, my brother a few paces ahead of me. I tripped on a root and fell the creature was practically on top of me. It growled at anyone who tried to come near me like… a protector. Half goat half humans surround us.

 "HELP” I scream. The scaly tail wraps around me but doesn’t squeeze. It doesn’t hurt,  the tails scaly, the claws pointy but they do not attack. I realize the monster will not attack me. “ ?χι δεν επιτ?θενται” the half goat half humans stare at me. “ what?” I ask confused. “ you told the monster do not attack?” they stared. “ yeah? I know greek why do they all look dumbfounded? “ your a Half-blood?” they ask? “ um… no? What’s that” I ask. My brother steps forward “ yes she is I was told to take her here by tyron she is in danger go get Mr.davids” he barks. A few men leave. He walks forward toward me. “ Raven you are a half blood which means half god half human. Mom married a god and had us and I am zeus’s son so you probably are also.” he smiles calmly. The monster snarls. A man around 30 comes to view. “ your shaking child? Are you alright?” he asks. Only then do I realize that I’m shaking. Tears form in my eyes. The last thing I remember is falling.


“ little sis? C’mon little sis, wake up” I hear but I can’t move. My eyes shoot open. I’m in a room, on a bed? “ I don’t remember going to sleep” I whisper. “ you’ve been asleep for two weeks little sis” He says tears falling down his cheeks. “what happened” I ask. you were attacked by the minotaur” he whispers. “ oh” I whisper “ your okay we got you though so you're alright you're scratches healed.” he informed me. “ will I be okay?” I ask “ yup” he answers smiling quietly. “ I’m just glad you’re okay” he hugs me. A man comes in and sits at the edge of my bed “ great you’re up you know you’re brother never left your side” he says smiling. “ oh?” I say looking over at him. “ Okay I was worried” he says laughing. “ okay so raven… right?” the man asks. “ yes sir” I sigh lightly “ you’re a half-blood and you’re in a lot of danger right now. You’re mom or dad hasn’t claimed you yet mostly because you were sleeping but anyway you’re up so that means they can claim you now” he says smiling. “ right… I forgot what a half blood was” I smile sheepishly. “ half human and half god” he says nodding looking at my brother. “ I am son of zeus so you will probably follow suit” he smiles. “ god of thunder and lighning” I whisper. I get up and we walk around were in the forest but it’s like a camp. A cold chill blows around me. Pain rips through my body like a knife slicing my body with fire making me scream. I fall to the ground. People gather around me. I hear people yelling to get Mr.davids. Soon I feel a wet cloth around me, temporarily cooling me down but another scream rips through my mouth. “ she’s the first girl to be hades daughter” people murmur. “ back off give her air, raven hun… hades is claiming you the most painful thing it lasts 5 minute it’s been like 2 minutes hang in there kiddo” Mr.davids sighs. Three boys appear in front of my face. “ hey little sis… welcome to the family.” one boy says smiling. “ shut up can’t you see she’s in pain?” the tallest one says. “ I’m tyler” the tallest boy says “ I’m kevin” the first guy says “ I’m patch, hey sis… sis?” the last boy says. Patch picks me up and runs to a dark house probably there cabin ( hades cabin) from what Mr.davids says. “ hang on kiddo I’ve got you” patch says.

5 minutes later
“ how you feeling raven or should I say sis?” tyler and patch ask sitting on the edge of the bed I’m currently laying on. “ yeah ugh, i’m alright now” I say using my strength to sit up. “ whoa there sis no no no you can’t use your strength, just yet you need rest.” tyler says softly pushing me so I was laying down again. Closing my eyes and letting sleep overtake me.


Two weeks later
“ oh look it’s the newbie... what is it? Maya?” she says laughing at me. “ TAKE THAT BACK RIGHT NOW OR YOU’LL BE SORRY” I yell. She shoves me to the ground “ what are you going to do… cry to your big brothers” she snickers. I see my brothers watching and about to go over and stop the blonde girl. I close my eyes imagining a black wolf and soon there’s a wolf attacking the girl… that wolf was me. I pushed my black paw on her so she couldn't get up. Then I imagine myself as a human and soon I’m pinning her down. “ sis… you’re eyes are turning black… oh no sis stop. Your inner demon will come out you have to stop” tyler yells grabbing me off of the fake bonde girl. The guys from ares crowd around me “ woah don’t piss her off she’ll kill you” they yell giving me high fives. My three brothers eyes are now turning black there mad that others are over welming me but it’s too late for them to turn back. I wrap my arm around tyler holding him back from punching one guy while I pin patch to the ground holding him in place so he can’t get up. “ okay okay we’re good we’re good” patch groans from underneath my army boot, I lift up my foot and he rolls from underneath. I also let go of tyler but now he looks as if he’s going to hit me. He swings his fist as I duck but then kicks me in the rib. I don’t want to hurt him so instead I just defend myself. Patch jumps on tyler and holds him down as tyler squirms and tries to escape patches clutches. Then tyler goes limp. “ sorry… Is everyone alright he asks. I look down to see my arm bleeding but I quickly cover it. “ yeah” I breathe heavily. “ are you okay sis?” he asks coming near me eying the bruises and cuts “ wait you have bruises and cuts… did I hurt you?” He stutters going wide eyed. “ yes, but I’m okay” I say quickly. “ In fact I should say she pinned you down for a nice amount of time” patch jumps in high fiving me. Kevin punches towards me but I grab his fist. “ Don’t try me kevin” I laugh at him. Tyler pats my back.

“nice going lil sis” he says reaching for me but I dodge him and instead trip him making him fall to the floor. “ ugh” he gunt’s. “ Oh i’m sorry did I trip you?” I smirk. I have a feeling this is my new home. I think I’ll fit in perfectly.

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ChessieCheshireThis teenager is a 'regular' and has contributed a lot of work, comments and/or forum posts, and has received many votes and high ratings over a long period of time. said...
May 23 at 7:45 pm
OH, you should alsocapitalize and add some more grammatercal errors.
ChessieCheshireThis teenager is a 'regular' and has contributed a lot of work, comments and/or forum posts, and has received many votes and high ratings over a long period of time. said...
May 23 at 7:43 pm
I'm sorry, ut the "mr.davis" should be Mr. Davis. Otherwise I love it! :D
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