Change of Love

May 11, 2017
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Genre: Fiction
Change of Love
        This is a story of two very similar people that were still so different. Everyone has heard of Phillip and Aurora, but not like this. I personally don’t know why people believed their marriage went on happily ever after; after all, no marriage remains happy forever. The people they were surrounded by made them believe that they lived a perfect life in a perfect world in their perfect kingdom. The life they lived would look perfect on paper, but to actually live it and feel it would be absolutely dreadful. I will go ahead and explain how this story ended happily, but had its major bumps in the road.
  This all started when Phillip had blocked the fire from the dragon with his shield to enter the castle where Aurora was sleeping and saved her. Phillip thought he had made it away from the dragon safe and sound, but he didn’t realize that the fire from the dragon was not any normal fire. The fire had a radiation effect that contaminated anything it made contact with, including shields. At the time, Prince Phillip had gone about his marriage with Aurora just fine, and they loved each other as themselves, but eventually, something happened to make Phillip believe that he was not himself anymore, and was changing into someone, or even something else. Phillip looked to Aurora one night and asked her how she would feel about a change in their marriage, and Aurora replied with an immediate answer: she hated it. Phillip became very worried about this and started distancing himself from Aurora, and many other people that he was close with.
Phillip had gone on long enough with his sneaking around and decided that enough was enough, and he needed to let Aurora know what had happened to him. Phillip walked into their bedroom and began to take his shirt, socks, and pants off, leaving Aurora with a dropped jaw. Phillip was green from the neck down, and seemed to get fatter. Aurora screamed for her guards and asked them to take this imposter of a prince away to a place so far away that he would never be able to return. Prince Phillip was ashamed to find out that his wife had no longer accepted him for who he is, even though he had saved her life and sworn to love her unconditionally. He screamed for help but no one was there to help him, and he felt betrayed that his wife had not realized that it was the real him. Phillip was thrown into the back of a carriage, where it was locked as tight as a jail cell. Phillip was then taken to a place just miles outside of a kingdom known as the “Far Far Away Kingdom”.
            Phillip was thrown into a swamp as he yelled for the guards to take him back to his kingdom where he belonged. The guards ran off as if they had never heard his voice before; while, he sat there in a swamp full of mud. Phillip looked down in depression, and just wanted to be with Aurora. He laid there in a sorrowful pool of mud for hours until he heard people come near. He quickly stood up and ran after them seeking for help, but was not happy with what had come from it. The people screamed in fear, and called him an ogre. He stopped chasing them and looked at his reflection in the swampy water, only to see that his whole body had turned green and fat. He wandered throughout the forest wishing someone would at least speak to him, and then his wish came true. A donkey ran up to him with a confused look. Phillip shrugged the donkey away when the donkey spoke, and it spoke about as much as an auction man. Donkey eventually asked why Phillip was so upset, and when the donkey found out why he promised to be friends with him.
            Phillip was a little surprised to see a donkey speaking, but he didn’t question it; because, he finally found a friend. Donkey and Phillip got along excellently; although, they weren’t exactly the same. Donkey influenced Phillip into a lifestyle that he has never seen before, and this lifestyle was a lifestyle of dirt and mud. Phillip was glad to have a friend that cared for him the way that Donkey did. Donkey and him would play and relax, and on hot days, they would sunbathe near the swamp. Phillip found a new love: nevertheless, a friendly love.

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