Superman vs. Captain America

April 28, 2017
By , Cedar City , UT

 Like a fish out of water Clark Kent (Superman) came to earth with unknown superpowers. As a toddler Clark arrived from the planet Krypton with abilities he never imagined. Superman learned and grew up as a normal child by his parents, a humble farm couple. At 6’ 3”, Clark Kent, a humble reporter is also a superhero with astonishing powers. Superman has superhuman strength, long stamina and speed faster than any other human. Superman would win any fight against Captain America. A match against Captain America would be easily conquered because he has long stamina, super speed, and remarkable muscle strength.
To begin with, Superman would be victorious in a battle against Captain America. He has super strength that exceeds any other being. In the article “Superman” it says Superman only weighs 235 lbs. Lifting approximately 851 times the amount he weighs. This illustrates superman has exceptional capabilities to lift heavy objects in order to help others. The article also states “he is capable for lifting far excess of 100 tons”(para 2) This illustrates Superman is very strong physically. Superman is beyond doubt the strongest super hero ever. With this superhuman strength Superman can help those in need, and to defeat villains. Superman’s strength exceeds any other superhero. This amazing capabilities helps him win any battle against Captain America.
Additionally, Superman has long stamina to help endure situations in which require a lot of energy. The text states “He has the ability to maintain continuous physical actions for an undefined period.” (para 3). This exemplifies that superman can constantly fight for hours. In long battles a superhuman strength such as this can benefit in winning the fight and saving those in need. The text says “Clark is shown to have unlimited stamina if he is consistently exposed to Earth sunlight.” (para 3) This reveals Superman can outlast any superhero because of his long stamina. Sunlight benefits superman in in winning a fight. This solar energy gives superman strength to succeed with long lasting stamina and win any fight. Overall Superman could win any fight with the use of his long stamina.
Furthermore, Superman’s speed exceeds any known superhero. The ability to fly and run at hundreds of miles an of speed insures the ability to any fight. According to the article it said “He is capable of moving, reacting, running and flying at superhuman speeds.” (para 5). This reveals Superman can use speed and reflexes to win a fight. Without doubt a fight would be conquered with the superhuman speed Superman possess. This speed is essential to winning battles. The article also said “Superman can fly at speeds faster than light and is considered one of the fastest beings in the universe. He can use this power to disarm opponents, catch bullets or shrapnel and cross vast distances in seconds.” (para 5) With quick reflexes and speed disarming opponents comes easily. Any human weapon would inflict no harm upon Superman as he possess super speed. Flying or running long distances are easily conquered as he can go faster than the speed of light. In a battle against Captain America, Superman, would easily win with his lightening fast speed and reflexes.
Although, some claim Captain America would win with his shield ability and expertise in martial arts. However Superman could easily conquer these abilities with his superhuman strength, stamina and speed. Captain America would stand no chance against Superman. As the article states “He is capable of moving, reacting, running and flying at superhuman speeds. While not as fast as the Flash on a planet, Superman can fly at speeds faster than light and is considered one of the fastest beings in the universe.”(para 5). The battle against Captain America would easily be won with Superman’s remarkable capabilities.
In Conclusion, Superman would win any battle against a superhero. The superhuman abilities possessed by Superman help him win any battle. As a humble reporter Clark Kent has done amazing actions to help save others and him. Like a fish out of water Clark Kent came to earth and found a place as a superhero. Using superhuman capabilities to save other and him Superman would win any fight. If Superman were not here what would earth be like?

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