April 26, 2017

The sound of his footsteps could be heard close behind me. My heart was pumping a mile a minute and my lungs burned. It felt as if I had swallowed a box of lit matches and it rested at the bottom of my stomach. As his breath got louder, my steps grew slower. Turning the corner, I take refuge in the old Winiker house that sat on the corner of Potter and Adams next to the old Hollow Cemetery that stretched miles out. Pressing my back against the molded walls of the closet I pull out my wand. This wouldn’t be the first time I had to resort to magic in the last few weeks. His breathing could be heard just outside of the door. I found myself holding my breath to keep from making any noise. Slowly, I slip the end of my wand through the panels of the door.
“Sleep,” I whisper and with a thud, his body hit the ground. If it hadn’t been for the rising and falling of his chest, one would have thought he was dead. Stepping over his body I make my escape. While making a run to the door, my body collides into something.
“F***!” A loud voice grumble cames from the figure.
“S***.” Quickly I try to pick up my wand from the ground, until the figures face comes into view.
“Jamie, you s***-head! You damn near gave me a bloody heart attack.” I whisper through a clenched jaw.
“It’s good to see ya too.” Chuckling he pulls me into a hug.
“We need to go before the rest of them catch up.” I say into his chest. Pulling my head away I look behind my shoulder to make sure the man was still sleeping.
“Tellieom.” Jaime called out. His breath brushing over the top of my head. Within seconds the world around us began to spin. Colors of inky blues and purples swirled around up in a whirlwind. As we spin I can feel my stomach growing weaker.
“Jamie, are we almost there yet? Where are we going?” I was beginning to feel sick.
“I can’t tell ya. You know well enough that Hendrick can read your thoughts. We’ll be there soon though.” Jamie has been my best friend since the day we meet. It was known for full-magics to hate us half-magics. They believed that magical blood was too precious to mix. Jamie stood up for me when a group of full-magics were playing tricks on me and he has protected me ever since.
Slowly, everything cleared and a house to come into view. Letting go of Jamie, my feet rest on the wet grass and I make my way to the house. The house was slightly crooked, the old brick crumbled around the edges with grass growing over the steps.
“It was my grandfather’s.” Jamie’s voice called from behind me. I could tell from the sound of his voice that he used a lot of energy to get here and it took a toll on him. Stopping in my step, I wait for him to catch up, then we make our way up the steps. Once we enter, the smell of mildew and dirt swirled its way through my nose.
“Gotta love that smell.” Sarcasm laced in my words.
“Has to be one of my favorites by far.” A hint of a smile still dancing across his lips.
“Okay, where is the living room?” I was now taking lead as Jamie gave me directions to the living room. Placing his body down on the old dusty couch I start to make my way to the kitchen. Once I walk in I start to charm the house to hide our location.


Later on when Jamie is asleep I head to the back porch. The moon sat full and the stars danced in the inky sky. The ground where I stood was covered in moss and the grass grew past my knees. I stood there replaying the events of the night before.
“Amelia, things are only going to get harder from here on. Hendrick is coming for you. His very blood runs through your veins.” In a matter of days my whole life fell through the cracks before me. It was like I was trying to hold water in the palms of my hands.
“I know Adam. I Don’t. Know. What to do. I spent my whole life thinking you were my father and now you’re telling me my true dad is a dark wizard. Not only that, but he is the leader of The Shadow.” I could feel tears prick my eyes, but I would not let them fall. Now was not the time for tears.


Pulling out my wand, I let its weight rest in the palm of my hand. The dark red wood rubbed smooth from the years of use. In school they teach you spells, charms, and curses but you never really think that one day you’ll have to use them. You always think that using magic is going to be all fun and games. Little did I know how naive I was at the time. Drawing my eyes from my wand I look out into the sky. It had started to change color and swirl. With a strike of lighting figures began to appear out in the field. There had to be at least a few thousand. Within seconds a man stood only feet away from me.
“Oh, how I’ve been waiting for this moment.” The cloaked man called out to me.
“Who are you?” Fear coursed through my veins, as I watched the man pull down his hood.
“Bloody hell.” I say through pinched lips. The second my eyes met those cold brown ones I knew who he was.
“Well, aren’t you going to give your o’l dad a big hug?” A crooked grin carved its way across his lips.

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