April 7, 2017

    As the sun set in the purple hued California sky the clouds looked like patches of sea foam and the air was filled with the potent aroma of lilacs and poppies. The light was slowly receding from the vast mountain range like a door closing on a dark room. In a large field at the base of one of the mountains next to a little stream, which when the sun hit looked like liquid diamonds, sat a little shack of a farm house. Around the house there were a variety of animals and a small patch of dirt that, at one time may have been a garden but it was obvious that it had not been cared for in years.It was a light brown color and the surface was so cracked it was as if it might fall apart at any moment. Various squawks, squeals, and grunts came from the animals but as time went on what seemed a Chaotic noise melted into a great symphony of music.

    Two men walk side-by-side toward the cabin, their bodies were slumped over from exhaustion and their faces appeared sunken from many miles of walking. A hot dry breeze washed over the vast plane and it looked as if the two were walking through an Amber tide. As they walked, the man on the left who was taller with an aura of unquestionable authority said,”This must be the place George.” The shorter, wiry but intelligent looking man replied in a very sullen tone,”Yeah, guess this is it Slim.”

    When they reached the house, before he opened the door,George looked up and said,” Thanks Candy.” “Sure was nice of him to leave that $300 in his will to you and Len-” Slim tried to catch himself but the word hung in the air like ash from a volcano. George turned and a tear ran down his cheek, “ George I didn't mean...” Slim started. “No, it’s okay” George promised lamentably. “Let’s go inside.”As they stepped inside Slim found a lamp and lit it, “Neat there’s still oil in it” Slim stated happily. Inside there were two bedrooms on opposite corners of the house, and a dining room, the kitchen had a wood stove and in the living room there was a fireplace and two rocking chairs. As they set their bindles down in the dining room George took out two cans of beans and went into the kitchen to start a fire and put the cans of beans on the stove. Slim brought out two plates and spoons and put them on the table.

     When the beans were done George poured them onto the plates and the two men began to eat, “Tomorrow I'm going into town to get some provisions.”  George said, “Good I'm going to fix up that garden in the back and I wanna stain the house tomorrow so pick some up in town” Slim replied. When he was finished eating George stood up and stretched out his arms “I’m gonna turn in for the night” he yawned “Good idea” Slim agreed “Goodnight George”. As George lay in his bed looking around he whispered to himself, “We did it Lennie, we did it.” and as he looked through his window he could almost see Lennie’s face in the clouds smiling down at his best friend. 

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