Prisoners taking over a British prison ship

March 31, 2017
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Prisoners arrested for betraying the Motherland, aka England, are being forced to board a prison ship. One prisoner who has a special set of skills, who will not give up like the others, who will always fight slowly walks up the plank. Chained two the soldier in front of him and the once wealthy merchant behind him, he begins to form a plan to take over the ship.  “After freeing all the American soldiers and I will raid other British prison ships”, Jack Sparrow thinks to himself.

       He had to get the British soldier’s attention first. So when a guard was near his friend acted like he was having a seizure.

“Hey guard I need help this guy's having a seizure.” Jack sparrow said. The guard came over and help. When the guard was not paying attention Jack hit the guard upside the head with a rock and knocked him out clean for a day. Jack told his friend that he's out cold and the guy named Johnny smith stopped acting and got up. They took the guard's keys and tied and locked him up so he could not raise the alarm.

    Jack and Johnny started to free the other prisoners, but when a soldier is near they would hide and take him out. When everyone was free they went to the deck and then they throw all the British soldiers overboard and took their clothes so they looked like British soldiers, and it made it looked like the ship was normal, when it was captured by the prisoners.  They started to set sail for other prison ships. They were at their first ship and they crossed over onto the other ship. When the actual guards were not paying attention they took them out.

    The crew of prisoners attacked other ships all throw out the night and in the end they have captured all the prison ships and we're going to the camp where George Washington was at and it was a day's wait. By the time the prisoners were on there second night in control of the prison ships they made it to the camp. Everyone was sleeping at the camp except the minute men and they saw the prison ships and were about to lay fire on them when they saw that the people on deck where british soldiers but patriots who were imprisoned. When the ships hit the land the minutemen went for George Washington. When Washington arrived at the beach and saw about 50 prison ships loaded with patriots he almost jump 50 feet in the air.

He thanked Jack Sparrow and Johnny Smith for their bravery and for bringing back all there men that got captured. The next day they turned the 50 ships into warships and attacked the british and only lost 2 ships but came out of the fight and won. Jack and Johnny became heroes for bring back all the imprisoned men and stole all the prison ships to help the patriots and help win the battle and finally became an independent country known as The United States of America.

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