A Weird Dream- Chapter 1

March 26, 2017

I see a shadow in the window, it seems to have blood red eyes glowing in the dark. I woke up from a wild dream. It was a good and bad dream. I was fighting a battle with 3 people, Gorekill, Darkiplier, and Antisepticeye. I was being taken over by them. They wanted inside my body. They were taking over my body like they did with Markiplier and his best friend Jacksepticeye. They killed Mark and Jack. But now they were going after my boyfriend Lucas. Lucas's dark side is Gorekill. I was fighting for my boyfriend. I wasn't going to let Gorekill take over my boyfriend! I was becoming a full-on demon. So I floated down to the ground and ran to Lucas's house. I banged on the door. Lucas went up to the door and opened it. I got inside and started panicing. I spokie, "Lucas! Gorekill is coming after us! He already had Dark and Anti on his team! Dark is taking over my body!" Then Lucas spoke, "What?! That's not possible! They're not real, how did you see them!?" Then I see Dark behind Lucas. I screamed and took Lucas with me. 

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