Figures In The Darkness Chapter 7

March 11, 2017

I thought that someone found us and saved us, but it wasn't going to happen. I had been gone for two days. My sisters were gone just like my mom and dad. Was it Dark and Anti that killed them? 


Meanwhile, Dark and Anti are at the house. They let the Turtles go, but not us. We were their toys now. What about Lucas? What are they going to do with him? I didn't want to know... How was I going to get out of this horrible nightmare? I wanted to die, but I had a lot to live for. I wanted to take Lucas with me. But there's no use in going now! I'm just laying on a bed with my hands tied behind me! When will those Turtles coming back? I didn't know for sure. I started to cry again. I wanted out of this nightmare. Or was it a nightmare? I was still scared. But I couldn't give up hope... I wanted out. Why and how did Dark and Anti find us? But I have to fight back... There was hope!


I looked at Lucas, then Nina. Why was Lucas not tied up? He was just siting there. What is going on?! I needed to get out... Then I spoke, "L-Lucas? N-Nina? Are you guys awake?" They didn't answer. 


They have been gone for quite a while, well I mean Dark and Anti. There was hope that those mutant creatures would come find us again... There was hope...

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