Ori: First Person

March 6, 2017
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The following is based on Ori and The Blind Forest, told from Oris perspective.

Everyday more trees fall, the vegetation that once glowed green across the land was now a faded brown, and the many birds that hummed in the trees now fell silent, the air that used to be humid due to the large amounts of life was now dry and stale.

I look into a small puddle of water on the ground and see my reflection, I am small, coated in white fur that seems to almost glow, my eyes are pitch black, I do not know my species nor does my mother, she told me that I came from the spirit tree in the center of the forest, that I am the trees physical manifestation, and that she has taken care of me ever since.

Food is scarce and starvation is a constant shadow looming overhead, and finding something edible is usually bothersome and time consuming, but the task is granted with fresh fruit. Today was different, no food could even be found nor seen. I climbed as high as I could in the trees and still, nothing.
In the back of my mind I realize something is not right with the forest, something is causing it to wither away. I get interrupted mid thought by the growling of my stomach, reminding me of the food I failed to find, still sitting in the tree I look out into the distance, my eyes are meant with the site of fallen trees, corrupted pools of water, and lifeless bodies of creatures that were unable to survive. Everything is dying before my eyes, and i'm to overwhelmed by the task of survival to even search for the cause.

My mother stands at the base of the tree i've climbed, she calls out, wondering if I see anything we could possibly scavenge, I sadly shake my head. She slowly walks back down the path that leads to our home, sulking in the misfortune of not finding nourishment.

I decide to stay in the tree, I have enough energy to move, but my will is almost broken, food was the only thing giving us the will to go on. As I'm about to lose all hope something catches my eyes. Oranges. No more than five feet above my head. Tears well up in my eyes as I climb, the hope rushes back into my body as I pick each and every orange. I take as many as I possibly can, gripping them with my tiny paws. I jump down from the tree, and begin to sprint eagerly down the path, clutching a total of 10 oranges clumsily, hugging them close to my body to make sure they don't fall. I imagine how my mother will react, how proud she will be of me.

I enter our house through the old rotting door, which leads to a hollowed out cave, made to look cozy compared to the cold grey rock all around, baskets made to hold fruits lay empty and dusty, and the lamps that once provided light for us in the evening were no longer in use. I gaze around, searching for my mother. I spot her, I happily drop the oranges in front of her, then gripping one in my hand I offer it. In my excitement I didn't realize the limp position she lay in. Her eyes were not open to see my offering of fruit.

My blood runs cold. I near her, and once close enough, I gently touch her limp arm that is resting on her belly. once more I offer the orange by holding it up to her face, hoping the scent will awake her. She laid unresponsive. I notice the arm that I was grasping feels cold, I look up at my mother's face, only to see a blank expression. Panic strikes me as I shake her, begging her to wake up. The shaking causes her to slump over onto the ground. She now laid lifelessly on her back. I screech and cry as I climb on her belly, curling into a ball, I whimper in sorrow.

Hours pass, and I walk through the woods alone. There was no longer a reason to stay now that my mother had perished. As I walk I feel myself weakening. My arms and legs feel heavy, and the search for something edible is not so lucky this time. My head droops downward, I feel my body begin to give up. I collapse onto the ground, only to stand back up weakly seconds later. I drag my heavy feet against the rough ground, and fall once more. I cannot stand any longer. I can feel darkness closing in, I try to escape it with all my power, I claw the ground in front of me and begin to pull myself forward, still searching for food to drive away the starvation. I pull with all my strength and manage to gain a few feet, but my arms eventually fail me as well. I feel my lungs begin to empty, I shut my eyes, and slowly I feel my body go limp and cold, as I finish letting out my final breath.

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