Figures In The Darkness Chapter 5

March 8, 2017
An hour later, I wake up from passing out. I saw that Lucas was finally awake. I couldn't breath. Lucas was perfectly fine. I saw Dark walk over to me. Nina was tied to a wall beside the bed me and Lucas were in. My hands were tied to the middle of the bed. While my boyfriend was sitting beside me not tied to anything. I started to cry. Dark and Anti walked over to me and my boyfriend. They were BOTH shirtless. I couldn't speak, while my boyfriend could. I was still in shock. I thought that there would be no one to come and get us...

It has been a while since we were kidnapped, and Nina also. I was scared. I started to think again, "Who's gonna come and find us? Is Lucas's family worried? Will they call 911? Who will find us?" I didn't know what Dark and Anti will do to us three.

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