Figures In The Darkness Chapter 4

March 7, 2017
Dark and Anti were planning to either torture me and my boyfriend or kill us. They didn't know about my friend Nina.

Nina was walking to her house when she heard a scream. It was me. She had a good sense of hearing. She ran to the place we were kidnapped. Me and Lucas were still tied to the bed. Anti heard the footsteps l. He went out side. He saw blue eyes and heard the footsteps get closer. Nina hid behind a tree. She heard breathing, it was heavy breathing. Antisepticeye grabbed her by the arm. Then took her to the house me and Lucas were in. I saw Nina and passed out. I was in shock after I saw her. I passed out because of how much air I lost. I woke up an hour later. I see that Dark is shirtless. Anti had Nina tied to a wall beside the bed me and Lucas were on. I saw Dark walk over with a smirk. I closed my eyes and turned my head towards Lucas. He has been out for 5 hours. I couldn't speak still. I saw Anti walk over to Nina. He put some tape over hee mouth. I fainted. There was no escape!

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