Tale of Crystarium

February 28, 2017
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Wizards, mythical creatures, and humans are in the world of Centaurus. Noel Crystarium is known to be the most powerful magician in the world. He had fallen in love with Hope, a cute Elf lady. Noel and Hope got married. Hope give birth to triplets Noctis Crystarium, Lunafreya Crystarium, and Diabolus Crystarium. Noctis is the oldest, Lunafreya is the middle, and Diabolus is the youngest of the three.

The time came when all the Crystarium children were old enough to be trained to use their magic power like their father in a useful way for society. Noctis resemble his father so much especially his eyes, nose, and cheeks. He is a hard worker, and the most responsible out of all sibling. Lunafreya is shy and pretty, like her mother. Diabolus resemble both of his mother and father, but he is usually an introverted and curious person.

Noel taught his children to use magic for society such as healing and growing plants. Overtime, Noctis has become skilled at every magic technique that his father taught him. Noel was so surprised by the oldest son that he made Noctis is next head of the family. The Crystarium family was respected by many of people and owned some of the land product markets. Land products are the products used to make potion. Diabolus felt anger rise inside him despite his hard work, he did not get any recognition. Lunafreya tried to cheer  Diabolus up, but it was not enough.

Diabolus want to go to a place where it was quiet and didn’t have very many people, which was at his father’s library. The Crystarium library had every level of magic book, even the Dark Magic information. Diabolus sat near the Dark Magic section of the book. The most powerful and high level of Dark Magic book whispered to his ear. The book responded to his crying because his sadness was so strong.
Diabolus opened the book and started to read about the Dark Magic. Noel and other magicians were forbidden to use dark magic according to the law of Centaurus. Diabolus used the Dark Magic and poisoned the plants all over the town at night.

His family noticed the magic, and tried their best to heal every plant back to support the family who were in need of food and potion. Noel complimented  Noctis for his work.

Diabolus went mad and his Dark Magic his mind. During the night, he went to his father while his father was sleeping and used the Dark Magic to poison his father to death. All of the Crystarium cried during the funeral, except Diabolus.

A week after Noel’s funeral, Noctis noticed Diabolus had been sneaking outside the house. Noctis decided to follow his younger brother. Noctis saw the mist down the street and followed it toward the farm product. There was Diabolus.

Diabolus saw his brother, Noctis. Noctis was shocked at his beloved little brother. Diabolus had no regret and laughed it off, not even pausing from using his Dark Magic.

“Well, well, Brother, looks like I am not going to go home anymore. Goodbye!” and he turned and walked away in the dark. Noctis was in a super shocked condition and he did not respond or follow after his brother.

The world of Centaurus has been slowing dying because of Diabolus.
Diabolus appeared again in the last farming area that had not been poisoned by his Dark Magic. Noctis figured out Diabolus planned.
The two brothers meet once again. They fight in the rose garden. Flying red petals everywhere. Noctis summoned fire spirit and 5 swords striking Diabolus. Diabolus summoned his dark spirit shadow and defense himself. Diabolus was not fast enough and got stabbed by the 5th sword from behind. Lunafreya arrived on her unicorn but was too late to stop the fight. Lunafreya cried out and ran to Diabolus and tried to revive her little brother.

Noctis said, “Nothing else can be done. The dark magic already took over his body.” Both Lunafreya and Noctis cried their hearts out.
Both of them heal back the land and other magicians and half animals - half humans joined. Both Noctis and Lunafreya became heroes of the Centaurus.

Noctis and Lunafreya used magic to recalled their little brother’s and their father’s souls. It turned out that their father apologized for the lack of love, and they both united again.

Crystarium became a happy family once again. Noctis took over his father's position, and reminded of his little brother as his family, Lunafreya become part of healing life unit not plant, and Hope, the wife of Noel, watched over her children all the days of her life.

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