Super Heroes are Real

February 15, 2017
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One day I was walking down the street in Hudson Mass going to my cousin DJ’s house and something weird was going on.There were a lot of tall buildings and they were all made out of bricks. I saw people dressed up in costumes that where spandex. They had green and red matt suits on and a mask over there eyes. The rest of their faces looked like a normal man or woman's face. I thought it was just something for halloween. But then one guy started flying. I did not know what was going on. I started running away. But they told me they were not going to hurt and to come back so I did.
When I went back they told me they were from another planet so I asked them why they are on are earth. They told me that they were flying back to their planet and they got hit by a meador and they did not know how to get back to their planet. I asked them if they needed a place to stay and they said yes. I told them they could stay at my house and they told me that they could fly me there. They took me home and I told them they had to sleep in the shed because I could not let my mom find out that you guys were here and they said that was ok. The next I woke up and went out to shed and they were not there. I did not know where they were. Then they showed up with breakfast and I was happy. We ate really good. We had toast, eggs, and pancakes, the syrup smelled like sugar and it tasted like I was at Ihop. The syrup felt really sticky when it got on my hands after I ate the pancakes. I could hear the milk washing away all of my food and I was stuffed. When we were done eating I asked them where they were from and they told me they were from jupiter.
I told them that that was really far away and they said they new but they did not know how to get back. They were flying around one day and next thing they know there was a meteor shower flying right at them and they got trapped in it and ended up here. The meteors were like a ton of bricks hitting the ocean floor. It was as loud as a bomb they could not even hear themselves talk. It felt like people were throwing boulders at them. It looked like 1 million firrea boulders coming at them and the smell was unbearable it smelled like there were a lot of toxic fumes in the air and I didn't even want to breath. They wanted me to try and help them get back but I did not know where they came from. I asked them if they saw any thing when they were flying here. They said that they saw three plants. I told them if they fly back they should look for three plants and they should find there way home. They thanked me for all I did for them and said that they will visit now that they knew how to get here. They flew off into space and I haven't seen them since but it has only been one mouth.

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Yld777 said...
Feb. 22 at 1:59 am
Very nice fiction story.
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