the system

February 13, 2017
By , austin, TX

Aline of children waiting while the machine scans their eyes. Once the children get their eyes scanned they automatically get assigned to a name by the system of the government. All the names of the children gets locked in a computer in the middle of the city. The parents wait in line to get their child. Some of the parents were angry that they couldn't pick their child’s name.Everyone had a different name because every child has their own unique look.
There's was a kid named 2 Savage. He was 13, intelligent and was bigger than all the other kids. His dad was named Dre and his mother was named Mia. They lived in a small house in a town called bustin and his dad had a job at a small corner store around where they lived. He worked everyday for 10 hours a day so he barely got to see his family. 2 savage mother stayed home everyday to clean and cooked,that was her job. They didn’t have a lot of money. 2 savage went to school at Mchenry middle school, which was 5 miles away from his house.2 savage had to walk to school every morning because his parents didn't have a car. It took an hour for 2 savage to walk to school. 2 savage had friends that were like family to him and he knew everybody in school.
         One day, 2 savage ask his mom how he got the name changed. She explained to him that only the government pick the names and that her and his dad couldn't say anything because it was the law. 2 savage said,” I don't like my name.” His mom said,” well there's nothing we can do about it baby.”There's a place in the middle of the town about 2 hours from here and that's where all our name and information is. It's a computer and it has where we live, our names ,the name of our parents and how old we are.2 savage said,” Well can I just go over there and ask them to change my name to what I want it to be.” Mia says,” There's no way to change your name baby or at least there's not a way I know. And what do you want your name to be changed too.” 2 savage says,” I want my name to be changed to 21 savage.” His mom says,” there’s probably a baby or teenager or adult named that already, everybody in this town has to have a different name.” 2 savage got silent and walked away.
        From that day forward 2 savage started thinking of way he could change his name.Now 2 savage has gotten older and is 17,he now goes to Palms high school. He decided that he wanted to walk to “The System” in the middle of his town which was 2 hours away. It was just a square box, it had 4 windows and didn't have security around it. There was only one security guard that would walk around just to make sure nobody would break in.
      He told his mom he was going for a walk. When he got to “The System”, he started to look around it in a circle. Looking at every detail. He was only there for 15 mins and started to walk just home. As soon as he got home he ate, and took a shower and went to bed. He would do this once a week straight for 6 weeks but only on the weekends. After every time he went to visit “The System”  he would go home and draw a picture of what he seen.
      2 savage wants to break into “The System”. Which was easy to do,but everybody ever did it because they don’t want to get into trouble with the government and go to jail. 2 savage didn't have a plan to what he was going to do. Eventually he figured it out. He got one of his friends to talk to the security guard while he tries to get inside. Once 2 savage got in, his heart felt like it was going to pop out his chest.He walked towards his computer that was connected to changing names . The computer was logged in already but as soon as he touched it, lights went off and the sound of a loud horn. He tried to run but the security found him and had his friend in his arm. They both got reported to the government. The people that ran the system had a choice to let them off with a warning or to send them to jail. A decision was made. They were sent to jail for life. The system wanted everyone to know that if you disobey the law by trying to change your name, you will suffer with no warning. The boys suffered in jail,thinking about what they did.  The system made sure they weren’t happy and they made them not exist anymore by deleting their profile in the system. Nobody noticed that 2 savage and his friend were gone.

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