My Other Half

February 7, 2017
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When I was born I was given a necklace with a shape, but I realized at a young age that I was missing the other half. In our world you are destined to be with one person and one person only. Nobody dates until they find the one. The one with the other half.

“Raleyn, are you okay?” my mom asked with a look of concern. I had been daydreaming a lot lately, and I think it was starting to scare my family. It was Sunday and we were having family dinner.

“I’m fine, Mom. I was just thinking,” I told her, hoping she would end the conversation there.

“ Okay then, honey. But you know that if you need to talk about anything, I’m always here,” she said with a small smile.
I wasn’t going to talk to her, but when my dad walked in and their necklaces started to glow I couldn’t help but question why I haven’t gotten that yet. 

As my dad walked out of the kitchen, I looked at my mom and asked, “When did you find your other half?”

“I was 18 and your dad was 20. He was working at this hospital and I went in because I had broken my foot. He came in with that award winning smile he has and our necklaces started glowing.” She had a smile on her face that stretched all the way to her ears.

“Then why haven’t I found mine? I’m 21, Mom. All my friends have found their other half and I’m still alone,” I told her with a sad and kind of whiny voice.

“Honey, you have to wait for the right time. I promise there is someone out there for you. It’s the rule,” she said. When my dad walked in, I gave my mom a look to say I was done with the conversation.

After dinner I went back to my apartment and sat on the couch, looking at my necklace. Why couldn’t I go out and find my other half? I was an adult and I didn’t have anything tying me down here. I had enough money saved up, so what was holding me back? I grabbed my laptop and started to search for places to go.


I called and told my mother what I was going to do. She didn’t like it and told me that I should just wait for faith to take over, but as she knows, and everyone else that has meet me knows, I am very impatient. I got on the plane and headed straight for my first stop: New York City!


New York was very massive and I had no idea where to start looking. At first I thought that maybe I should go and ask every guy that I saw what his necklace looked like, but then I got worried that it would scare them off. I started walking around Times Square, looking down at my necklace every time I passed a man on the sidewalk, but to my dismay, nothing happened.


I walked back to my hotel and got ready for bed for the fifth time. I knew that when I got on the plane to come here that it would be harder than turning a corner and him just appearing there. I’m realizing now that this was not just physically tiring, but also mentally. I was ready to meet my other half, but maybe he wasn’t ready for me.

I woke up with a headache because of all the overthinking and second guessing myself that I had done last night. I decided that I would listen to my mom for once and just let faith take over, but while I waited for my flight back home, I thought I would look around.


I had seen almost everything in Times Square and Central Park, and I was going to go to see the Statue of Liberty, but it was almost time for me to be heading home. I grabbed my things and made my way to the airport.


I was running late for my flight. Marching furiously through the airport, I didn’t look up until I collided with a hard chest. I looked up into his eyes and we both looked down at our glowing necklaces.


“They match. . .” He said with a sweet and loving smile.

I smiled up at him as I said, “Hello, my other half.”

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