February 3, 2017
By Isabelle_lewis BRONZE, Bloomville, Ohio
Isabelle_lewis BRONZE, Bloomville, Ohio
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I had escaped… Barely, my mind was racing. Tears were flowing down my cheeks like a river. I put a pair of sunglasses on to hide the festering purple welt around my eye. I kept my head down. I walked to class. Avoided eye contact at all costs. I got to class. The teacher immediately started yelling at me.
Helena ran up to me from her car ¨You ready for school to start?¨
I rolled my eyes, glared at her ¨Is that even a question?¨
Helena and I had spent the entire summer practically living at each others’ houses. We might have well just merged our houses into one superhouse.  Everyday was like frickin clockwork; we went to the beach, surfed, swam, went ashore to tan.  Zavier came up almost daily while we tanned. He’d say hi, start to have a conversation and his girlfriend Olivia would come up go berserk. I mean totally flip s***.  She would scream and flail around, it was quite comical really. She sorta looked like a dying duck. Olivia was, in a way, our arch nemesis: she bullied us ALL the way through elementary, middle school, and guess what she didn't stop there. Shocker.  Olivia always, and I mean ALWAYS got whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted, and whoever she wanted. The real kicker is mommy and daddy always backed her up. Once she literally called a teacher a b**** to their face, and nothing happened; everyone pretended they didn’t see it.
Helena and I walked to our lockers which were right beside Mrs. White’s room.
“Good morning ladies” Mrs white spoke gently, her voice, like a rainfall of unicorns and candy.
Mrs. White smiled and we waved. “How was your summer?” Helena asked her.
“Fantastic! I’m sure you know I had my baby” Mrs White’s face turned pink as she grinned ear to ear.
“We saw pictures! She looks like a real sweetheart” Helena and I blurted almost in synch.
“Actually I need a babysitter for this weekend, if you ladies would like to tag team on it?” Mrs. White’s asked with hope in her voice.
Helena looked at me and smiled, I did likewise, “We’d love to!”
Mrs. White clapped as if for a toddler’s first time walking “Yay, thank you girls!”
Just as we left Olivia walks up to us “Hey… I see you’re already sucking up to teachers. Hah I don’t have to, all my teachers love me.”
We tried to hide our laughs so we didn’t get publicly shamed the first damn day of school.  Olivia is DEFINITELY not loved by our teachers. They’re scared of her, yes, because they know if everything doesn’t go her way all hell will break loose. 
Liv just stood there her jeans ripped all the way to the top of her pocket, her little shirt tight to her skin, showing her belly and the fake cleavage of her push-up bra. “Just stay out of the way, or i’ll make sure you regret it.” Liv’s voice was the typical snotty voice we had to hear every football Friday as she cheered. Soooooo encouraging for the team right?
Helena and I ignored Liv and went to class. Our first period was art.  We walked in and Tim, our teacher looked at us and whispered, “you guys can sit wherever, and i’ll move some people around”
He always prefered being called Tim, rather than having all the formality.  We sat down closest to the art closet, so we could help pass stuff out if we needed to.  It was where we sat the past 3 years and finally WE had seniority! At the same time we don’t actually use our seniority because we think it’s just all stupid bullshit, to get away with crapping on the underclassmen.  Plus, the less like Liv we can be, the better.
It was finally lunch time. Helena and I  both got pizza from across the street.  First thing  I walk in the door, and it gets smacked out of my hands into my face and down my white shirt, the fresh hot grease burns my face. I yelp. Try not to cry I think to myself.
“Oopsie daisy, told you to stay out of my way” Olivia just smirked with her nasty little vegan drink, she probably vomits right back up after lunch.
Helena and I don’t say a thing. We walk away and go sit outside. I tell Helena “ I gotta use the restroom, BRB”
I sprint to the restroom. Look at my boils on my face. Nasty. I pull out my vintage pocket watch. Check to see if anyones around. Open it. I fly through space and time. The pocket watch takes me to Zabdiel. There I’m a princess. No I mean literally, my true mom is queen. For when I was born into this so called “Earth” I was also born into Zabdiel. 
Earth is a quite sad place really, there’s no respect, spoiled snotty kids, and just plain stupid people.  In Zabdiel it’s like a dream; the oceans stretch far as the eye can see, the castle is built right into the seashore. The townspeople are a true treasure, everyone is so grateful for what they have; and I get to do my very best to make a difference.
“Can I please bring Helena here mother?” I pester and beg.
“You know you can’t my love. Patience my child, patience” she sweetly replied.
I just stare into her turquoise eyes. It’s as if I’m looking into the ocean.
“I must go now” I tell her.
Just like that I pull out my watch and travel back to earth.
I walk up to Helena, she’s crying. I figure something REALLY serious must’ve happened because we can handle a lot. That’s the only upside to having a bully for over 10 years, you’re strong as a rock.
“Helena? Are you okay? What’s wrong?” I try to ask being sincere.
“ It’s Olivia, she threatened me because I was ‘talking’ to someone who was apparently a side hoe or something” she continued crying.
“I’m sorry hun. Don’t let her phase you. You can talk to whoever you want. Plus she has a boyfriend!” I started to get more and more pissed as I spoke. 
“You’re right, I don’t understand her” she continued.
The next few days we just laid low. Constantly under the radar, staying one step ahead.
I would just leave earth; Stay in Zabdiel, but I could never leave helena here. My earth mom always told me to stay strong, but it’s hard.
A totally classy Helena walks up, smiling through everything because that’s just her personality. We walked into science and sat in our designated seats. Myself to the right of Liv, and Helena to her left. I look over at Liv, her crooked smile is turned towards me. She winks, then slips something into my bookbag and stands up.
“Mr. Hope, Lilly has something inappropriate for school in her bag”
My breath left my lungs. Everything started spinning. What was in my bag? What the hell was in my bag?
“What have we here?” Mr. Hope said towering over me.
He pulled a pouch. It looked sort of green and bush like. It was definitely weed… S***… I would never have weed… what is happening…
“To the office NOW! And leave your things.” Mr. Hope yelled.
I started crying. I didn’t understand.
“I swear. That’s not mine. Please. You have to believe me.” I pleaded.
He simply glared at me, and pointed me towards the door.
I received an out of school suspension, even though they proved Liv put it there and I had nothing to do with it. Nothing was ever said to Liv. she got off with a clean record. Obviously i was not happy. But I had to keep my cool.

I was told to go to my classes, and get my homework assignment for the next two months, and get my things from my locker.
I was walking to my last class when Liv and Helena walked up. Helena was crying and Liv just looked infuriated.
“You b****” Liv screamed in my face, and  grabbed my throat.
I didn’t fight back. Her hand stayed on my throat with my body slamming into the locker over and over again, till my body became numb.
I managed to squeeze out of my lungs “What are you doing?” she let go. I gasped for air.
“YOU made Zavier hate me! He heard ‘I got you in trouble’. Now he hates me! So you little dumbasses get to pay for it” she sounded so stupid, but I felt like I was about to die.
She swung her book-bag into my face as she left. She hit my eye and the side of my face, which she’d already screwed up from that damn pizza.
I wanted to punch her, no, I wanted to beat the living s*** out of her. I looked at Helena smiled, and we followed her. Down the hall, out the door. We stayed out of sight till we knew we had a clear shot.
“GO” I yelled to Helena.
Helena walked in front of Liv and started to distract her.  She was completely Belidered. I walked to just behind Liv and tackled her, Helena helped me hold her hands. Liv’s face was pressed against the ground, unable to speak she squealed.
“Liv, you don’t own us. You can’t treat everyone however you want. I mean honestly, how would you feel if we treated you the way you’ve treated us these past years.” I just wanted her to understand.
“I don’t know what to say” Liv was crying at this point.
“You could say ‘i’m sorry’” Helena added her opinion.
“You’re right. I’m so sorry guys. I know it means nothing now, but, i’m honestly jealous of you guys. You are funny, and cute, and nice. But all i’ve ever known is if I use my authority at least i get my way. I am so sorry, can we call it a truce?” Liv sounded as if she was pleading for life, which made me smile a bit to be honest.
Helena and i looked at each other then back at Liv “We forgive you, but it might take time. “
We established somewhat of a friendship in the following months. Liv went to the office about the pot, and served her suspension honestly. We somewhat mentored her back to normalcy again.
After about a year I convinced the queen to allow them into Zabdiel. It was truly a magical experience. Who would’ve thought i’d be spending out my days enjoying both the beaches of Zabdiel, and Earthly beaches with Helena, AND Liv!
You can’t take what you have for granted. If it weren’t for my Mom’s I would have never became the person I am today. Neither would Helena, or Liv.
The world isn’t always what it seems. Look for the good in it and draw it out.

The author's comments:

I hope for my fellow teens to see the struggle that is bullying, and not to put up with it. Rather stand up for yourselves and others around you. You can be the better person.

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