Hyrule Heights

November 21, 2016
By shadow13kp SILVER, Advance, North Carolina
shadow13kp SILVER, Advance, North Carolina
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The Triforce, a magical piece that would grant a wish to whoever had it. It could turn the world good, or evil. The Triforce was made of the three pieces when the three gods left the earth. However, this Triforce was hidden long ago under Hyrule Heights. Hyrule Heights was the new building that was built on top of the old Hyrule Castle. Zelda, the heir to the original princess of Hyrule, is now the owner of Hyrule Heights. The head of security is Link’s Descendent, also named Link. Link is now Zelda’s guard, just like Link was Zelda’s guardian.
The times had changed. No more horses, carriages turned into cars. Ganondorf, the descendant of the evil Ganondorf, was now a gangster. He terrorized the people on the streets while riding in his lowered Cadillac. His street name was Ganon Cannon. Ganon and the Gang is what he called his gang or GG for short. GG has been conducting a series of heists from multiple places. They started out with simple house robberies, then it escalated to gas stations. Now they started robbing the larger stores, such as Wal-Mart. They are now moving on to banks. However, this was only practice for the grand heist.
The Triforce was hidden deep within a vault underground beneath Hyrule Heights. It was the only safe place to keep it. However, Zelda and Link both knew that it would not be safe for long. At this point GG had no idea where the Triforce was hidden. This was not their main concern. They had to practice on smaller bank vaults in order to even have a chance at cracking into the Hyrule Heights vault.
Months had passed since GG had successfully completed their first bank heist. They had now completed 34 bank heists without a single gang member being caught. At this point GG had enough money for their arsenal. Although the police had no idea who had committed the crimes, Link knew exactly who had committed the crimes. Link also knew what was coming. So he made preparations of his own. His arsenal was only the best for protecting the royal descendant. He had a gun locker on the top and bottom floor of Hyrule Heights. His gun locker had machine guns, pistols, and even grenades. Link even called in some of his friends. GG had a gang of five including Ganon Cannon. They had loads of guns in the back of each of their Cadillacs. They had ak-47s and different types of pistols. Ganon Cannon was even equipped with an RPG. It was a rainy day in Hyrule. That day was the day Hyrule would change forever. GG and their five Cadillacs pulled up to the giant skyscraper known as Hyrule Heights. GG put their guns on their backs, and Ganon Cannon put the RPG on his back. Link looked at the security camera of the door and noticed who had appeared. He loaded up his guns and put the grenades on his belt. He was now ready for action. He was riding the elevator to the bottom floor until the elevator came to a sudden stop. Ganon Cannon had hacked and remotely shut off the elevator. Link got out his flashlight and began to climb out the latch on the top of the elevator. He climbed the side of the elevator shaft until he noticed that the elevator was moving again. Ganon Cannon had started up the elevator again. Link climbed faster and escaped just before the elevator was able to take away his leg. Link climbed to his feet and gave a sigh of relief. He now pulled out his machine gun. He creeped slowly down the hall of the second floor. Gannon Cannon was smart though. He sent up his worst man, then made him walk up the stairs. Link instantly shot the member of GG as soon as he reached the top of the stairs. “One down four to go” Link muttered. Shots were fired and Link lept behind a couch. He now realized that the first member of GG was a distraction. Two members jumped down from the ceiling tiles and link threw a grenade right where they were about to land. As soon as they jumped down, they were blown to pieces. “Two more? Is that the best you’ve got Ganondorf?” Link shouted. Ganon Cannon emerged from the darkness of the stairs and Link now saw that Ganon had a ballistic shield. “Now the fun begins!” Ganon yelled. Link had to think of a plan. Then he realized that something was missing. Where was the RPG on Ganon’s back? And where was the last member? From behind Link a rocket was shot. Link rolled out of the way and so did Ganon. Link shot the member while laying behind a flipped table. Now only Ganon was left. Link lept at Ganon’s throat and began to clench with all of his might. He then took a grenade from his belt, and put it on his hookshot. He hurled himself backwards, pull the pin on the grenade then aimed and shot his hookshot directly into Ganon’s mouth. All is well now in Hyrule and Link was promoted to the building’s Manager

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I was a fan-fiction about the Legend Of Zelda

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