Fun Town

November 21, 2016
By echilds24 BRONZE, Mashpee, Massachusetts
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“Fun Town”


It was 1991, in a hot box of a car. The heat waves were visible, and the crows cawed from miles out.
“I didn't want to come in the first place”, said Jack. “You never make anything fun anymore Daniel.” 
“Why,” asked Daniel, appalled that Jack would blatantly state his opinion like he did. “Because I do what Mom and Dad would have done? Or because you want to be a rebellious little boy?”
“Mom and Dad have nothing to do with wanting to go to Vegas instead of the Carnival Mom and Dad first met.” Jack yelled. “You're not dad, Dan.”
“I know Jack, just hush you're going to wake up Susie,” Dan said.
For anyone unfamiliar with the Apsey-Vaughns, this was a family of 4; Daniel, Morgan, Jack, and Susie Apsey-Vaughn are the children of Dwayne and Bonnie Apsey-Vaughn. Unfortunately, Dwayne and Bonnie died after the birth of their last child, Jack. They were alcoholics, and as a result of their behavior, they left 4 kids in the shadows with alcoholic based names. “Fun Town”, is a carnival located outside of Texas. It hasn't been touched in ages, but Dad always said it would be the place to go if they had found themselves out of place.
“Are you excited Jack? We did this for you.” said Morgan.
“You did this for me? So what, you don't want to be here Morgan?” Jack said.
“I can't stand this family”
“Stop running with everything we say Jack, this is the reason you’re the child of the family. Grow up” Daniel said in a staggering manner.
The ride to “Fun Town” in the past was never like this. In Fact, the Apsey-Vaughns were undoubtedly one of the most happiest families before the booze caught up to them. It's sad what the people you look up to can make of themselves, and make up of you as well. As night crept up, the Apsey-Vaughns pulled up to the big gate infront of “Fun Town.”
“Pass me the tickets please,” asked Daniel,
Morgan reached into the back pocket of the passenger seat, and grabbed a set of tickets.
“Great job, Morgan. Susies up.” whispered Jack.
“A-Are we there?” asked Susie.
As a little background, Susie Apsey-Vaughn is the wimp of the family. Yet, she has a knack for maturity at her young age.
“Yes Susie, go back to sleep unless you can handle a little action” said Jack, horsing around in his own little way.
“Just the four of you?” said a man at the gate.The man was dressed in old carpenters clothing, and talked as if his education didn't exceed the 5th grade.
“Yall aren't from around here, are ya?” he exclaimed.
After being questioned enough by the man, Daniel had had enough.
“If you can just do what you're here for, that would make our day a lot less stressful, thanks buddy.” Daniel said in a aggravated voice.
As Daniel started up the car, the man sat back down, and for some reason muttered a few words. “Don't say I didn't warn ya” was what it sounded like, but Morgan seems to think differently.  “He could have taken your flashgun Daniel, you didn't tell me I was sitting on it the whole time. We could have been on our way home before we knew it if he gave a dam.”
  At roughly 9:00 pm, we were settled in what we thought was a motel. It was basically a room, with 3 wooden chairs and a mirror.
  “What is this” asked Morgan.
  “Whatever the service is like down here, I'm not a fan of it.” said Daniel. “The only thing we can do is work with what we have, right? Unless you guys want to just pack your bags now and I'll start the truck up?
  At this point, you could tell in Danny’s voice that he had had enough.
“You’re right, Daniel.” Morgan said in a sarcastic but willing manner. “Let's all put our belongings out, and get a good night’s rest before a big day tomorrow.”
  The Apsey Vaughns had the lights out before 10:00 pm, and were off to sleep for the remainder of the night.
  As morning came around, Jack, (being the child of the family) woke up first, and woke everyone up with the sound of the leaky shower head turning on. It wasn't what they had expected, but it had it's perks. A view of the County Ground, and every potential ride they were going to go on.
“Danny, wake up” Jack said, jumping on Daniel's legs.
  “What Jack? What?” he asked.
“Can we play games first? I want to go on the rides at night” Jack said.
Morgan and Susie weren't big on games, but the baby gets what the baby wants.
Around noon that day, the family of four set off to have the day of their life.
“Rides, Carnival food, games, how can you beat this?” Danny said, easily told that he was getting excited.
When they stepped outside, everyone noticed the same thing. It was a ghost town. A ball of musk rolled out right in front of the motel, and no one was to be seen.
“Are you sure were in the right place, Daniel?” asked Morgan.
“You're as sure as I am, Morgan, no time to play games.”
“But, but” Jack began to mumble as he realized they weren't doing what he wanted.
“No Jack were playing those games, not the ones your sisters trying to play with me” Daniel said assertively.
Jack was pumped, he took Dans hand and ran over to the first shack in his sight. The table said “Ring Me” and next to it, lay a Hammer and a ringer, in which you hit to set a bell off.
“Well, what are you waiting for?” Daniel asked Jack.
As Jack picked up the hammer, he whaled it onto the ledge.
Out of nowhere, red lights flashed in the open. Another form of ringing was going off into the ears of these kids, and the sound of a gate went off, slowly creaking every inch it went up.
“What was that” Susie said, grabbing onto Morgan.
“Aah” A moaning, groaning like sound came from the back of the county ground.
“Jack! Give me the hammer and follow me”
The family ran into the “motel” and tried their hardest to barricade the door.
“Tell me you guys, that it's not what we all think it is” Morgan said, nearly crying.
“Were going to be okay, but yes, guys, know that we are in the midst of either drunks like Mom and Pa, or Zombies.” said Daniel.
Jack nearly lost it when he heard this, as Zombies were one of his biggest fears.
“Zombies? Ah you got too be kidding me” 
The best strategy for them was to go out of the back slider; I know what you're thinking, back slider? Yes, this motel might not have beds or a refrigerator, but it's a got a beautifully sliding back door. Anyways, they planned that the best strategy would be to go to the Ferris Wheel.
“If we can manage to get to the top, there is no way they will climb all the way up.” Morgan said. “It's guaranteed a Zombies strength isn't capable to do so.”
“What are we waiting for?” Daniel screamed.
The family sprinted out the back door of the grimy motel room, and proceeded down the closest route to the Ferris Wheel; With no time to waste, Daniel grabbed both Molly and Jack and began hauling to the ride.
“That button right there!” said Jack.
“Get on, I will climb as many as needed to be with you guys but, I'm the oldest.” Daniel answered quickly after.”
“AHHH” Zombies creaked from all cracks in the rugged park. Torn eye sockets, wounded chests, the whole 9 yards.
“I'm scared, Daniel. Make them go away!” yelled Susie.
She began burying her face into her hands and crying for her father. This was a sight the Apsey-Vaughns were used to seeing so it didn't bother them in the slightest way.
“Wait a minute... “ Morgan held up.“Daniel? Do you have your gun on you?” Morgan said in hope and fear. 
“It's in my bag!” Daniel said, “Jack, do your brother a favor and get the red pistol looking piece of plastic out of that black bag by your feet.. And, do NOT touch anything but the handle”
Jack grabbed about 3 different objects before he got to the right one. At this point, the zombies were down at the bottom of the ride, just manipulating the young children.
“Hand me the gun, Jack” Daniel exclaimed.
As Daniel c***ed it back, he let off 4 flashing shots one after another in mid air.
“Look Daniel,” Jack said. “There tilting that ride and it's going to take us out!”
Daniel knew he only had 3 flashes left, if that. With little to no time to think, he let off the remaining shots in the air.
“Are you crazy, Daniel!” Morgan yelled. “Why” she asked sobbing.
Daniel looked down, but then up with a grin.
“Because, look” he pointed to a helicopter about 2 miles out heading right towers the Ferris Wheel. 
“Daniel, you're a genius!” Jack said, and along with Morgan agreeing.
Susie was still in her panic mode, but, she did good for a Zombie apocalypse. As they got inside the Helicopter, the person greeting them attended them in a slow, cautious manner.
“Did you know these things were here?” asked Daniel. “Unfortunately, the whole city of El Paso is aware. I’m surprised you weren't told.”
When Susie snapped out of her fit, she hugged and kissed Daniel for saving their lives. After that night, the Apsey Vaughns have gotten it together, and are living above expectation in concern to whom they were raised by.

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This is an expert that was thrown together in a few nights. Enjoy

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