First Madness

November 20, 2016
By SamanthaRodriguez SILVER, Miami, Florida
SamanthaRodriguez SILVER, Miami, Florida
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First Madness
  Under the light of the crescent moon stood a tree. A tree that held berries. Laughing Berries. The names of these berries held a reason. For once you take a bite of one of these berries you’re cheeks will turn rosy and you will burst into laughter.
     You may usually assume that laughter brings happiness. Because laughter is the result of happiness. But if you are to take a single bite of the Laughing Berries your laughter will not stop.
   For you will continue to laugh. You will laugh until the oxygen in your body is all gone. You will laugh until your stomach churns with pain. You will laugh until your skin turns white with pulses bulging. You will laugh until your insides will dry. You will laugh until your eyes start to pop and the red liquid in your veins start replacing your tears, for you have no other liquid left in your body. You will laugh and laugh and laugh.
    Then you die.
   But the laughter doesn’t leave you in death either. At your death your jaw will continue to move indicating its laughter. The wide grin won’t leave your face until there’s nothing left but a skeleton. And even your skeleton will continue to laugh because you’re soul will be captured in an endless laughter. You won’t be free from the endless laughter until your skeleton is nothing left but a remains of dirt.
   But that’s just another tale.
   In this night under the smiling crescent moon laid a hat under the Laughing Tree. A black tall hat with a light red ribbon tied around it that made a small bow as its strings hanged from the sides. With elegant designs on the edges of the hat so that it would stick together.
  This hat was put upside down. With the light of the moon sinking inside the hat which started a sound. A sound of something crying.
   Inside the hat was a small child, a female baby. Her tiny golden hair that was all fuzzy that didn’t even cover her pale neck. And her very beautiful silky clothes that seemed to make her look royal. The small child’s eyes were closed, disturbed by the bright light of the smiling moon.
   As the baby cried a sudden echoed laughter appeared. A smoky shadow appeared in front of the hat. The laughter continued as the smoky shadow started floating up. The laughter stopped the baby’s crying as well as the face of the creature appearing in front of the baby.
   The smoke started to turn into a form of a creature. The first thing that appeared was its wide and terrifying grin. Then it was the eyes. Those bright aqua blue eyes with a tint of green surrounding it. And then its whiskers, it’s grey and blue fur along with its black paws.
   The baby girl opened her eyes which made the creatures grin even wider when it saw her eyes. Her eyes were pink.
  “Well well. You are not Alice.” The baby sneezed leaving little globs of goo on her face.
   The creature chuckled and out of thin air appeared a silky looking napkin. He cleaned her face with its hand like paws and grinned once more as he saw her clean face.
   The baby’s eyes looked heavy but the small child refused to go to sleep. Since the creature in front of her appeared to be a cat.
    The ears of the cat twitched. It slowly moved its head and let out its wide and abnormal grin. It floated away from the small child and went on one of the Laughing Tree’s branches. It lay down like a normal cat and lifted its tail. It moved its tail around itself, and as it did the cat disappeared into the darkness.
   Coming from the other side of the tree was a blue light. The baby still tried it’s best to keep her eyes open for like any child who sees something interesting, it refuses to sleep.
   Two shadows of two people appeared. It was a man and women, most likely. The people that approached the tree didn’t seem like any normal kind of people. For the looks of these two people seemed similar to the grinning cat.
   The woman had wavy blue hair which matched her piercing blue eyes. Her clothing seemed dark since she had her dark black dress and laced blue surrounding the dress. Her pale hands laced around another pale one. The man wore a dark suit but his hair was even darker. And eyes were nothing but a dark green. 
    They weren’t very young. But they weren’t very old either. They seemed to have become adults only a few years in their time ago.
   The women and man reached the tree. As they walked hand and hand with the man holding a lamp at one end as the women held it at the other. They sat down and looked at the smiling moon. They looked upon the moon until they heard a coo sound coming from the baby.
   They lowered their heads and looked at the hat. They gave each other glances and stood. They both walked towards the hat and then looked down and saw the baby. Her eyes were closed and she was already fast asleep. The women grabbed the baby gently, careful not to harm the small creature. But they were both in shock when they saw the child’s golden locks.
  “H-her…her hair. It’s golden!” Said the women. They both gave eachother glances then chuckled.
  “Oh this is splended! Splended indeed! We have a golden haired child in our grasp my dear. We could turn this small child in and receive an award. For you know a child with locks like these is forbidden.” The man said.
  The women let out an evil laughter and twirled the girls hair. “Oh she is so precious. It would be a pity to see what would happen to the poor child.” She gave her husband a grimaced smile. “But we will surely get our reward.”
  They grinned. The same evil wide grin as the cat. In no way is it exactly as wide as the cat, but it’s as evil. Almost like their intention was to do the same as the cat.
  The women looked down at the child, in the process of making another grin when the child opened her eyes.
   Her eyes shined with the color of pink. The moon reflecting the shining pink rose in her eyes.
   She froze. Looking into the child’s eyes. Shocked at the rare and most unlikely seen color. An echoed laughter appeared. Such a loud an echoed laughter that it seemed as if they were in a cave.
  The little baby cooed and tried to raise it’s tiny hands. The women who seemed so enchanted and happy by the innocent creature in her hands, smiled. Not a grin. No sight of abnormally white teeth. But a smile.
  “Damir. We musn’t do this action. Look at this little innocent kitten. She’s fragile. She’s so beautiful. We musn’t let our people discover her.”
The man was shocked. But before he could say any other thing he snatched the child from her grasp and yelled “Nonsense! What other madness do-“ He stopped himself. Then he laughed. A very hideously evil laugh that moved his whole body.
   Before he could drop or hurt the child the women grabbed the baby. “Madness! That’s exactly why! Madness!” He laughed with a fearful grin on his face. “We are all the meaning of madness! For what other purpose do we live? We are mad!”
  “Do not speak that way Damir. We don’t have to be mad. We can live for another purpose.” She looked down at the child that looked like she was on the verge of crying. She soothed the child before she could drop a single tear. “Our purpose could be her. We could protect and raise this child. You know that I cannot bare a child. But she could be our opportunity to live…as a family.”
  The man furrowed his brows. But then let out another grin. “What’s happened to you. Just a moment ago you agreed our happiness will be with the child turned in. Now you say we should raise the creature?”
  “But just look at her! She’s like an abandoned kitten. A kitten that we should nurse and care for. And eventually love.”
   The man lost his temper. He scowled the women and said “I’ve had enough. This is most foolish! We both wanted the life of the rich. And we both agreed we would go to all attempts to live that life.” He grabbed the baby once more and pushed the women away. “And I attend to keep our agrrement.”
  The women looked in fear at her husband. He let out his grin and looked at his prize winning creature. After all this time the baby was fast asleep. She has been very tired.
   The child lifted her heavy lashes and then her eyes appeared again. The pitches of black hovered over the sky. A cloud had covered the smiling moon so the light that shines from it was not seen. Damir looked into the girl’s eyes.
They glowed.
   Her pink and shiny pearls shined, bringing light to the darkness. The grin was no longer plastered on his face. Only the expression of enchantment.
  The lids of the child’s eyes fell heavy again. And as if it never happened the pink light seized. And then the light of the smiling moon appeared once more.
  Again. An echoed laughter appeared as if inside a cave.
  Damir touched the child’s small cheek and rubbed it. Circling the cheek with his thumb to calm and relax the baby. He then looked towards his wife.
  “Lisa.” He looked at her with apologetic eyes for he regrets pushing the one he loves the way he did. She gave a soothing smile and shaked away his expression away, saying it’s okay.
  Lisa stood and walked towards Damir. She gently grabbed the child. Careful not to wake her. “We must take care of her. She’s the lost kitten that I want to care for Damir.”
   Damir shook his head. “It’s like you said Lisa. If our people and…him, find out they’ll take her. And we will surely be prosecuted. I don’t want to leave the child either.” He looked upon her and focused his gaze on the child. “For she has done something to us. And I feel it is our responsibility to care for her. But what shall we do? We can’t hide her forever.”
   Lisa looked down and shaked her head. “Then we’ll do what we must. We’ll disguise her even though it will be a hard process.” She confidently looked into his dark green eyes. “She will be like us if she has to. But we won’t let her be taken.”
   Damir looked at Lisa and sighed. “Alright. But for now we’ll keep her hidden. We mustn’t expose her to them just yet. We need to make it seem as if you have bared a child within you all along.”
  Lisa smiled a sweet and tearful smile and nodded. Damir smiled aswell. They gave eachother a minute long kiss. For the love they bared felt different and more warm now, now that this golden haired child appeared.
  They left. With Lisa holding the child in her hands while covering her small head and Damir holding the blue lighted lantern.
  Once the blue light disappeared a wide and white grin appeared in the darkness inside the Laughing Tree. And then blue green eyes appeared, only a bit above the tip ends of the cats grin.
  His eyes moved in the direction of the dim blue light as his grin widened.

The author's comments:

It is the first chapter of a book that I'm working on. It's a little rerun of Alice in Wonderland but mostly after almost everyone has passed away and this is the story of their ddescendants.

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