The Misadventures of Prince Jaron Based on the false prince by J. Nielson.

November 17, 2016
By ThePrince BRONZE, Lighthouse Point , Florida
ThePrince BRONZE, Lighthouse Point , Florida
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It was the year 3709. I was 10 years old. I was playing queens cross with Darius and the children of the nobles, and I saw King Humphrey of Mendenwal talking in a hushed voice and laughing with the regent Bevin Connor of Carthya. Intrigued, I quickly ended the game, and snuck off to listen to their conversation. It was no secret the Connor did not approve of the way that my father, King Eckbert, was handling the coming war with Avenia, Gelyn, and Mendenwal, so to see him laughing with the king of Mendenwal was suspicious.
“Queen Erin isn’t even a true royal! She's just a barmaid that fell for a king,” said King pHumphrey in is booming voice.
At that moment, I jumped out of my hiding spot and challenged him to a duel. The king accepted the duel, though only to amuse the regents of Mendenwal. The took place at first light the next day.
“Pick your sword, prince Jaron,” said King Humphrey in a mocking tone, “I think this one is appropriately sized for you!”
He was holding a toothpick. Everyone laughed. I chose to use a ruby encrusted sword with a particularly sharp blade, it was heavy, but it had the best size blade to fit my needs. I didn't plan to kill him, just to make him regret ever speaking that way about my mother.
The battle went on for about five minutes, all while I endured taunts from King Humphrey. “You can back out any time you like!” I gave him a particularly deep cut on his leg for that one. He was the clear winner of that battle, but ever since then, he learned to watch his mouth around me.

Earlier that year, I was hanging out with my friend Thane, talking about fire, when I bet him the the castle tapestries could burn. “I bet you that the tapestries of the defeat of avenía in the 12th world war could burn really well. I'll try to burn off just the corner of it. I bet you 90 coins.” Thane accepted the bet.
I went into the tapestry room with my lighter and just burnt off the edge of it. “Yes!!!!!” I screamed, “90 coins to me!!” While I was jumping around, I accidentally opened the lighter. By the time the castle servants could put the fire out, 300 years of history was destroyed. Grinning, I went up to Thane and said “Now we not only know that they burn, but the fire goes to other tapestries too.” Scowling, he dropped the coins in my hand.

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