November 16, 2016
By Lilybell BRONZE, Grapeview, Washington
Lilybell BRONZE, Grapeview, Washington
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Favorite Quote:
"Who was he without his depression, and who was his depression without him?"

Josh Dun, Joshua William Dun. The boy who caused Tyler's heart to skip a beat every time Tyler saw him. The way his golden skin glistened, his beautiful mocha eyes with small golden specks, and his rose pink faded hair. Everything he loved about Josh gone, shattered in an instant. Every detail of the day every thing he ever loved was taken away from him still replaying in Tyler's mind. It was a Tuesday, A sunny bright Tuesday, not a cloud in the sky. Josh and Tyler planned on going out for a picnic, Josh's favorite thing to do on sunny days. Tyler loved seeing Josh happy. Tyler had a cooler in his left hand and Josh's hand in his right hand, they did not care who saw them holding hands, they were happy and so very in love. They went to their usaul spot under the old, big willlow tree. Josh started setting up their picnic and Tyler went to pick flowers for Josh, remembering it was the two year anniversary of them being together. Tyler didn't go too far, not wanting to let his lover out of his sight, something just did not feel right. Daisies! Josh loved daises. Tyler picked them and went back to Josh. "Happy two year" Tyler said smiling and handing the daisies to Josh. "Awe, I love you Ty" Josh said planting a kiss on Tyler's soft cheek causing Tyler to blush. "That's disgusting, you should be ashamed" a man that had appeared behind Josh said raising a gun to the back of Josh's head. "NO DON'T PLEASE" Tyler screamed, tears appearing behind his eyes. "I love you Ty, never forget that okay?" Josh whispered, tears flowing down his face. Tyler nodded, "I love you Josh". Then came the sound that constently rings in Tylers head, the gunshot.

The author's comments:

Other peoples fan fictions inspired me. I hope this inspires people to create.

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