Onyx Black

October 31, 2016
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A long time ago a small amount of people had started to have problems with the people around the world, getting kicked out of every kingdom. Soon these outcasts started to gather in the forest far away from the kingdoms, making the people believe that they had died. They didn’t die they...changed. Soon these outcast started to gang up against the kingdoms for the way they treated them, they were lesser than the people who were part animal, calling themselves the Black Clan. Hating that fact they rose against it destroying buildings, creating chaos before finally the military had enough. Slowly through the years they were pushed back into the forest stating that one day they will come back. Many years the people of the Black Clan trained, learned, and watched as the kingdoms grew and grew, waiting for the day they can take their revenge on the kingdoms that hurt them. Waiting silently in the woods until that day comes.

Now we reach a recent years, a little girl with black hair with onyx like eyes. Her skin a pale white with a slightly big purple shirt and pants as she stood there in front of her parents who smiled down at her. “Ready for your training little one,” She nodded in response to her parents question. Smiling the mother pointed to the door that was behind the little girl, “ALright Onyx it is time for you to become a assassin. Go through the door to meet your teacher for the next few years and don’t return until the teacher says.” Scared the little girl bowed and turned towards the door slowly walking towards it scared but she had no choice to do this. Vanishing through the door stood a larger male who smirked down at the young girl. “Let’s get going little one,” He says picking up the bag and walked outside which the girl followed still scared out of her mind, but in the coming years she learned a lot even her new powers.

Many painful and difficult years had passed, the little girl was now a teenager but she was ready to go home. The thing is now she is a lot different than before more serious and had a stern look. She wore a black tank top that was tucked into her tight black jeans, with black combat boots and even now she has a very noticeable tattoo. Kneeling on her knees she bowed down to her parents. “Hello mother, father…” She said in a simple tone and her parents smirked, “Looks like you survived the training after all.” The mother said causing Onyx to feel a little pain in her chest but pushed it aside and kept her stern look at her parents. “But we shall hold a gathering for you for your return,” Her mother said and waved her hand signaling for her to leave. Onyx bowed once more before standing up and walking out of the room. She took a deep breathe before she walked over to her room to look at her new clothing for the gathering.

Night finally appeared and Onyx had her hair up in a well done bun and a simple black dress with black heels standing behind a red curtain. “Now we are at this gathering, for our daughter Onyx Black. She has returned after her years of training, now my daughter please step out.” Her father said as she took a deep breath before walking out as clan members clapped. “Not only is she is back but now she is going to be the next chief of the clan and lead us to the kingdoms that have been mistreating us!” Her mother yelled causing Onyx to feel a bit shocked and not ready for this job and let alone the clan didn’t know that her training was in one of the kingdoms, and they never mistreated her. The clapping and the cheers of her clan echoed in her ears as she stood there trying her best to stay emotionless and calm. “Now you all can enjoy yourselves with the food and music.” Stepping off stage Onyx’s mother placed a hand on her shoulder. “You will be a great chief my little Onyx.” Her mother smiled and walked away as her father patted her shoulder and walked away as well. The music played for long hours as Onyx stood there watching her clan.

After the gather Onyx was in her room where she was in her regular clothing and packing a small back pack. She heard a gentle knock on her door as she looked towards it, “Hello dear, saw your lights on is everything alright.” Onyx didn’t respond as she only looked down at her bag and sighed before shoving her backpack over her shoulders and her kanatas in their slots. “Why is the door locked!?” She heard her father yelled and the door started to shake furiously. Flinching at the loudness of the door she slammed her window open, and the door was knocked down. Her father and mother stood there as Onyx was standing in the window sill as they glared at her. “Sorry but I can not be the chief,” She said as her parents jumped towards her but as they did she let herself fall from the window which a 6 stories up. Her eyes closed as she fell, before opening them as they were a bright red. She removed her kanatas from their slots as they transformed into submachine guns and shot towards the building, with the bullets being a bright red. Once the bullets made contact with the building the red bullet caused a small explosion sending her through the trees. Having the submachine guns transform back into kanatas as she slammed them into a tree trunk and with her power she caused a red smoke when she landed on the tree. Now she used that same power she forced herself down on the tree trunk. Landing safely on the ground she placed the kanatas back in their slots sighing deeply before hearing her parents and other members of the clan chasing her.

Running through woods she pushed branches out of her way and jumping over bushes and trees that had fallen. Soon she tripped not jumping over a tree trunk correctly, her parents and the members of the clan caught up to her. Her mother pointed a sword down at her with a glare, “Why are you running away Onyx?” Onyx glared back quickly standing up, “Because we can’t hurt the kingdoms they won’t treat us like lesser than them anymore!  My training was done in one of the kingdoms and they just saw me as a human and not some creature so there is no reason to fight them and no reason for a chief!” Her mother snickered before it turned into a dark laugh, “You don’t know what those kingdoms have done to your ancestors. They need to destroyed, and if you won’t be the chief then we will force you to be one!” Her mother said in a dark laugher before swinging the sword at her only child.

A large spark was created when the sword and the kanatas collided with each other. Onyx and her mother glared at each other giving all their strength. Soon after though a member of the clan had kicked Onyx on her side sending her flying into a tree. Gritting her teeth Onyx’s mother was behind all the clan members shaking her head at her but she also had a smirk on her lips. Gripping the handles of the kanatas Onyx ran towards the members giving her all as she used the blades to block and fight back. Pushing each member out of her way a larger one appeared in front of her holding a tree trunk in his hand and had a mask over his face where you can only see the eyes of the larger person. Jumping in the air. Onyx swung her blades at the larger person but was sent back flying when her body made contact with the tree trunk that was in the person's hand.Weak now she slowly stood up holding her side with one eye closed in pain. “You will not win my child!” She heard her mother crackly. Pushing the pain aside Onyx stood up throwing her kanatas in the air as the changed into the submachine guns now landing in her hands. Her eyes started to glow red again, as she shoot at the tree trunk in the person’s hand. Roaring the person threw the tree trunk at Onyx who jumped onto it and into the air. Having her submachine gun transform back into kanatas she had a serious expression looking down at her mother. Her mother glared up gritting her teeth before she vanished into the woods. Now Onyx spun only cutting the large person a bit to knock them out she landed on her feet with the kanatas in the ground. The person fell on the ground causing a large gust of wind and dust causing Onyx’s hair to wave before landing on her shoulders once more.

She stood up placing her kanatas back, and looked towards the direction her mother ran off to before sighing. She looked down at her hand before making it into a fist closing her eyes holding that fist close to her chest. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she looked up towards the direction of the kingdom. “I’m sorry mother, father but I can’t take part of what you want to do with the kingdoms and I will stop you.” She said to herself before running in the direction of the kingdom tripping a few times since she was hurt but she knew that everything was going to change.    

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