The Doctor vs the Daleks

October 25, 2016

There was a man and his name was the doctor.He lived on a planet 250 million light year away from earth.The planet was a city and the city had a bubble around it. The planet was not close to the sun and it was not cold.  People lived on the planet. It was sunny on the planet.
The doctor was married and he was 236 years old and he had brown hair. He was very smart.  He  hated to eat pears. He was a nice guy and traveled in time.He dressed nicely usually wearing a bow tie a brown jacket and black pants. He liked to time travel.He had a screwdriver that unlocked different doors.
The doctor’s enemy was the Daleks.They were robots. They always said “exterminate” because they wanted to kill not just the doctor but other people as well. The Daleks lived on the planet Skaro.  The planet had other robots living on it. The daleks were tall.
The doctor traveled through time in a Tardis. Tardis looked like a phone booth and was much bigger on the inside than it looked from the outside. Tardis spun as it moved through time. It was blue and  windows. The doctor had to use a key to unlock the  door on tardis
The doctor’s home planet burned so he got in Tardis and travel.  He ended up five thousand years into the future. When he landed on Neptune the doctor  saw people, a city and big laser guns on top of buildings. There were robots that people didn’t like. They were the daleks. The daleks were mean because they wanted to take over the planet. They killed people by shooting lasers out  of big guns that  were attached to them.
     The doctor found out what was happening and decided to stop it. He met some people who were fighting the Daleks. Their weapons did not hurt the Daleks at all. However the doctor had a sonic screwdriver that unlocked doors. He snuck into a tall building where the Daleks lived. They were all standing in a room. By this time the Daleks had exterminated every person except the doctor.
The Daleks  saw him trying to sneak up on them and chased him up to the roof.  The doctor was about to try jumping to the roof of the building next to the Daleks building. He looked down. It was a scary sight. It was really high. It he didn't jump far enough he would surely fall and die.  Suddenly he saw big laser gun the Daleks used to shoot rockets out of the sky.The doctor found a zip line and he grabbed and he zipped down to another building and landed on his feet. The doctor run away in the tardis.
At the end of the war with the Daleks the doctor was the only survivor. That is why he came to earth in the Tardis. He made friends and was happy.  After a few years the doctor got bored and decided to travel through time again.  He went to interesting places.

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