Septiplier Is Happening

November 7, 2016

Okay so if you don't know who Markiplier and Jacksepticeye are (they're youtubers) you probably won't get this story....

This is a have been warned ?

"And I will see all you dudes, IN THE NEXT VIDEO" alright that's the last video of the day. Time to Skype Mark. I checked to see if he was online, he was. I pressed video call and waited for him to answer. It take long, and when he answered, his face lit up.

"Hey Jack!" he said enthusiastically.

"Hey dude, what's up" We talked for a while, the usual stuff. Video games, YouTube videos.

"Hey jack, Amy and I broke up"

"F***ing Hell, why?" I asked, wondering why she would do such a thing.

"Well, I told her I was gay"   'Oh' I thought to myself

"Well, are you?" I asked

"Yeaa, ever since you came out as bi and you and Singe broke up, I've been thinking"

"Oh" I said aloud this time.

"And I think the reason I told you, is because......I like you Jack, like a lot" I didn't really know what to say, I mean I liked him too but what would this mean for our career?

"Y-you like me?" I asked wondering what his response would be.

"Oh no, did I just ruin our friendship because you don't like me too and now it's awkward?" He sounded worried.

"No its just...I like you too but..I mean s***...What does this mean for our channels?" I was nervous. I didn't want him to think that I didn't like him.

"Oh...yeah" Mark sounded so defeated. It broke my heart.

"That doesn't mean we can't be together though, in fact I think our fans would love it."

"Septiplier AWAYYY! Am I right?" He said jokingly. A laugh slipped by my lips before I could stop it.

"So Jack, do you want to be my boyfriend?" His eyes seemed to twinkle as he looked at me patiently waiting for an answer.

"Yes Mark, I would f***ing LOVE to have the honor of calling you my boyfriend." I must look like the biggest dork right now, I can feel my cheek redden, and my smile grow.

"Huh? Really? Awesome!" His laugh sounded like honey, as it always had. I would never had admitted it before but his laugh made me feel all giddy.

"So um,are we gonna tell our fans orrr?" He asked more seriously.

"I think we should have a little time to ourselves before we go public with this" We don't need a bunch of 13 year old girls drawing more pictures. We should enjoy it first.

"Can I move in with you Mark? Or at least in the same state as you? " OMg I shouldn't have f***ing said that, he'll think it's too soon.

"I was actually gonna ask you the same thing? Opps, I think my sigh was a little to audible, but I was glad he didn't think I was weird.

"Of course first I'm gonna have to prerecord a lot of videos so I can pack, fly over to you, and then unpack." I hope he understands that I can;'t just leave, oh wait he has a youtube channel too of course he does.

"Well duh, silly" He said sarcastically.

"Ok Mark I'm gonna go record more videos, i'll see you soon babe" Should I have said babe? Hopefully he doesn't think anything of it.

"Ok bye, I can't wait to hug you!"

To be Continued...

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Ravenseer21 said...
Nov. 11, 2016 at 6:47 pm
Love it! Jack and Mark are my favorite Youtubers. Septiplier away!
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