Four princes

October 1, 2016
By Anonymous

One   Wish  
Long ago, there are four princes, there country is in war. The old king was going to die and want four princes to turn the country into prosperity. The oldest prince is 25 years old and want to be the next king, he has a sense of responsibility and leadership. The second prince Jim is 22 years old and he is a good hunter, every monday he went to the forest to hunt animals. He knows nothing about political and never imagined to be a king, but his father want him to be a knight. The third prince named Adam is 18 years old and want to marry the beautiful princess from the other country (which is from the country they fight with) The youngest prince is only 12 years old and he just want his dog back. He lost his dog in the forest when he was 8 years old.

One day, the oldest prince went out for meeting the enemy country’s king, He want to armistice but that king refused his suggestion.He was disappointed and depressed. He just leave the country for a few minutes, his house stumble by a big root, he was angry and ticked the tree with his foot. Also he want to burn this forest and began to make a fire. Suddenly,something magical happened, the tree began to speaking, the tree said to the prince:Don’t do that, don’t do that! I’m just a old and ugly tree. If you change your mine, I will grant you one wish but remember, you can only have one wish.” The second prince was surprised and happy but after that, he became distressed. He want to make everyone happy but he only have one wish. My older brother want to be a king, my two younger brother want something else, what can I do? The old tree told him he have two days to think of and come back at the same place.

After two days, he found a way to solve it, so he rides his horse and went back to that forest find that tree and said:” I want my youngest brother hold his lost dog watching Adam and the one he love get marry,wearing the lion fur hunting by Jim.” He wish granted, and because the third prince married the princess, both country stop the war and become peace. People in the country lived happy and rich for many years.

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