The dress

August 25, 2016
By , Shah alam, Malaysia

"Nia,come back here.Where are you going?" Said Mrs. Evergreen.
"relax,mom.I will come back later"said Nia.

         This is my life,Im Niary Everdeen and Im not in a rich family,but i didn't regret about it,in our little apartment at Chikabu Apartment just live by the three of us,mom also my youngest brother,Justin Evergreen.I am just in my 13th grade.Justin in his 12th grade.He just  a year younger than me.My father just passed a few years ago because of an accident with his bike.When the accident happen,I'm in 7 years old and justin 6years old.
          Mom work hard at the hospital.As a nurse mom currently had to stay at hospital until midnight.I almost can count the day that mom spent time with me and justin when dinner.But,me as the oldest I believe mom work so hard to take care of both of us.I feel pity of mom.A few past day,I woke up and it is Saturday,weekend right?.I went to the kitchen to eat the breakfast and suddenly I saw a women and I know its mom was still wearing the nurse uniform with the white shoes sleeping on the couch.I can feel she was so tired.Then I prepared her a plate of cereal and a glass of fresh milk with a note 'Good morning :)'.

         Today,Caleb asked me to go to the funfair which just opened a few days ago and I agreed.At 8 p.m. sharp both of us arrived at the funfair.We are just walked to go there.I saw Jessica with Lela.I waved my hands towards them..They noticed me an run towards me and hug me."What are you doing here?"asked Jessica with a unbelievable face."Do you think I gonna open Add Maths book right here?.I want to see the funfair after a long 7 years I dont go to the funfair."."yeah.yeah..our Nia with our Caleb too.." Lela grinned to me."Oh,yeah..I just asking for her then she agreed with that.I just smiled.Then all of us walk together.Later on We seperated because Lela wanted ro buy the unique ice cream.I just let them go.

          Suddenly my eyes attracted with a pink dress with some glitter,beautiful decorations on it.Caleb noticed my attraction to the pink dress .

"Nia,are you listening to me?".Caleb asked.

I didn't hear her asking

"Nia?".Caleb asked me

"Oh,oh,yeah.what?"I slowly answered.

"Do you like that dress,huh?" Caleb asked me.He walked towards the Clothes Booth then operate on that pink dress

"Hmm,yes"I smiled.

"Excuse me,miss.How much this dress?" Caleb

"Oh,this dress 90  dollars".She smiled.She wearied a headband,a pink skirt and a peach flowery blouse.Her pale skin make herself suitable with her clothes.

"I see.."Caleb think

"But,if this is to you.I don't think it suits you because this dress is made by measured on an older woman so it must be big for you.."she pointed at me.

"It is ok.I just want to have a look".I smiled to her.

           Then after I saw all of the clothes booth.I have nothing to buy.I asked Caleb to take me home.We walked towards our house.Caleb's house just a few houses away from my house so we just walked one way.

"Nia,do you miss your father?"He looked at me.

"Huh?.of course."I surprised He asked me that kind of question

" Im sorry to asking you that but I want to know how you feel".Caleb nervous

                 "It's ok.I always being asked with that"I look at him."Actually I just think that God wants him first,just.."my talked with him stopped when my mom shout at me."Niary!.come back home now!" Without any hesitation,I ran towards mom and I saw her face turned to red.I don't know how to say so I just make myself towards my bed."Nia,where are you going with Caleb?"Mom known Caleb since we're friends in first grades."I go to the funfair that just opened behind my school".I stop at the stairs then I look at her."Ok,actually I want you to help me to choose a dress.I have a date with my old friends and they had say at the party will have a beautiful dress competition.

          Suddenly my mind thought about the clothes booth and the pink dress.I ran to the funfair and I heard mom say to me"Nia,come back here.Where are you going?" mom shouted."relax,mom.I will come back later"I ran as fast as lightning because The booth closed by 9 p.m. But bow it is 8.52 p.m. Praise to God,she just wanted to closed it up."Miss,is the pink dress still right here?" I ask with my lungs out of oxygen.
"Still.You want to buy?"she looked at me while stopped her doing."yup,can you use visa card?"I show her my visa card."of course".She smiled took my visa card.then,I'm done.

         One more time,I ran to my house.I entered my house mom was standing in front of the television.I walked and give her the pink dress.then I sat on the couch"fuh!". I'm  tired.Mom was smiling to me then she went to her room to change
         After 15 minutes, Mom was so beautiful with her pink dress and a little make up on her face."You're beautiful,mom."I stand and hug her."Thanks to this wonderful dress".I never see her smile so brightly."Mom,you need to  have enjoy sometimes instead of your work,you got to go.You will be late".I reminded her.She took the car key and walked towards her blue Volkswagen car.He buy it with the loan of her part time job.

        Mom is a precious person in our life.You will regret if you don't spent a good time together with her.Try to make her happy after she had worked hard to paid our education,food and others.

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