Dear Jeon Wonwoo

August 20, 2016
By secretlove17 SILVER, New York, New York
secretlove17 SILVER, New York, New York
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“Did you really expect me to be with you? Ever looked at yourself in the mirror?”
Those words echoed on my head as my knees grew weak and I broke down under the rain.
“Yejin-ah, get table 8,” shouted my manager.
I rushed to table 8 to get their order. It’s busy today at the cafe, but nothing that I mind. I, Kim Yejin, 23, and married to my wonderful husband Kim Taehyung, am living currently at Jeju. I always wanted to live in Korea ever since I was into K-Pop. Don’t get me wrong though, I don’t only love Korea for its music, but also for its diversity. You can go to Gangnam for the city life, or come here to Jeju for beautiful mountains. However, there is also another reason why I moved to Korea…
“Annyeonghaseyo. What would you like to order?” I asked, ready with my notepad.
“Two bibimbap, and soondubu jigae please,” said the guy. The people who just ordered looked like a young couple-maybe in their teens-and perfectly happy.
“Two bibimbap and soondubu jigae please,” I said to the chef.
I stared out at the horizon and decided to clean the windows outside. It was a breezy day and something about me made me uncomfortable. But still, I got the spray out and began wiping the windows.
~Yeh, alrighhttt say the name! Seventeen~ The radio played a song from that new Kpop band, Seventeen. My favorite song! Mansae!
~Mansae Mansae Mansae Mansae Yeah~ I hummed along and suddenly choked on air.
~Aega tanikka noneun i neoldi neoppun jandibauti jaedaero doen hongilejom nae nunen ppuniya nuga iui itsseuupinkka (Because Im getting anxious that you’re the only girl in this large field, and in my eyes it’s only you, does anyone object?)~ I didn’t know why, but this part always stumped me. The deep voice and the mysterious charisma in it. I shook my head and continued humming.
“Like this song?” I was suddenly snapped out of my dreams by Park Aeri.
“Yupp, oh umm any chance you know who raps with the deep voice?” I asked.
“The one after Minghao? That Jeon Wonwoo. He is so hot,” she beamed cheerfully.
My heart suddenly raced. That name...Jeon Wonwoo. No...
It was our six months anniversary! Hehe, I wanted to surprise my boyfriend this time. I straightened out my uniform and carefully, yet tightly, the couple rings. The ring for me had a heart and the one for him had the empty lining of a heart. Okay, it’s cheesy but hey it’s cute.
Jeon Wonwoo was the school’s most handsome guy. His icy cold gaze made any girl fall for him instantly. I, on the other hand, was not even close to being pretty, let alone attractive. My giant glasses, almost always frizzy hair and bare face was the reason why many guys would call me “medusa.” But still, when I confessed to Jeon Wonwoo, he accepted me. Strange eh, but I’m very thankful.
There he is! He was standing by the school’s garden. I decided to give him a sweet backhug. I crept close to him, and gave him a tight backhug.
“Wonwoo yah!” I said as he turned around.
Now, usually, he would turn around, give me a sweet kiss, and hug me. However, it wasn’t anything like that today.
“What is it,” he said coldly.
I was taken back at his cold behavior. He was never like this. Hey, maybe he is planning on surprising me.
“Pabo, today is our six months anniversary! Look what I got us,” I said a bit nervous as I held out the couple rings.
“Ha..,” Wonwoo chuckled and rolled his eyes.
“Ya, do you really think I was being serious with you? I mean, look at you, and now look at me,” he said with no mercy in his tone.
My heart clenched. Wonwoo...I can’t believe it.
“B-but, you said you loved me…” I said, almost as a whisper.
“So what? I was just fooling around with you. After all, how do you expect me to fall for you?” he said while staring my tear filled eyes.
I clutched the rings until my hands almost bled.
“Why...why did you do that,” I asked. I couldn’t say anything anymore. Everyone surrounded us, and all eyes were on us.
“Did you really expect me to be with you? Ever looked at yourself in the mirror,” he said. WIth that, I took the ring meant for me and put it in my index finger. I wiped my tears and stepped closer to him.
“It wasn’t your fault. I should’ve known my place. Good job Jeon Wonwoo, you brought me back from cloud nine,” I took his hand and placed his part of the ring, and left.

I felt my index finger and there was the ring. Even after six years, I still kept it. I was walking home from work. It was pretty late, and I was carrying food for my husband. Taehyung ah, I’m so glad I have you in my life. A feeling of wetness on my arm surprised me and I quickly realized that it had started to rain. Wonwoo loved the rain.
“Ahh, Yejin, stop thinking about that jerk,” I reminded myself.
I continued walking in the rain, thinking about how my life has been until..
I quickly turned around and was blinded by a white light.
“Will she be okay, doctor?”
“She should regain consciousness soon.”
“Thank you.”
I felt so groggy. I slowly opened my eyes. Where am I? The bed was so fluffy, and the room was cozy. I slowly sat up and looked around. I spotted water next to the bed and decided to drink it. I was in middle of drinking when a man started walking towards me.
His brown hair was swept up and he wore black jeans, white shirt and a cardigan. His sharp eyes...he looks familiar. But all of the sudden, something else caught my eyes. Behind the man, there was a photo of him, and in the frame, “Jeon Wonwoo” was inscribed. My eyes widened. Wonwoo…
“Hey, are you okay?” he asks with a slight smile.
“Uhh yeah. May I ask what happened?” I say, trying not to tense up.
“I’m so sorry. My car accidentally hit you. Are you sure you’re okay?” he asks, touching my shoulder slightly.
“Yeah, I’m fine. Thank you. I should get going now,” I say trying to get off the bed.
“Wait, it’s pouring out. I don’t mind you staying here,” he says.
“What’s your name,” he asks, with his deep voice.
“Name..uh...T-Taeyeon,” I lie.
He steps closer to me, and tucks a piece of hair behind my ear.
“Really….Yejin,” he says slowly.
He knows. My heart clenched. Wonwoo recognized me. I guess he figured out from my face as to how confused I was.
“How could I forget you Yejin-ah?” He hugged me like he used to, with my head on his chest.
“How, how did you recognize me?” I asked, my voice quivering.
He broke the hug but stayed very close to me. I could feel his breath. And, for the first time in six years, I saw his eyes filled with care.
“From this,” he said as he lifted my hand to point to the ring on my index finger. What he did next, left me in shock. He lifted his left hand, just to reveal the other half of the ring that I  gave him.
“I thought you were just playing with me, Jeon Wonwoo. Isn’t that what you said, back in school? “ I said, almost screaming.
“Yejin-ah, I-I’m so sorry. I got so carried away with popularity that it blinded me. After you left our school, I wanted to find you and apologize. After you left, I found out what love really is. But it was too late,” he said in a sincere tone.
“Well, now you are a star. An idol. You have fans no matter where you go. Millions of people love you. And I’m not going to fall for it again Jeon Wonwoo. Because, when I truly loved you, you only mocked my feelings,” I said. I wanted to hate him. I really did.
He took both of my hands on his hands.
“Fans love you for who your are on stage. But it’s really someone else who loves you for who you are. For me, that’s you. I hurt you so much Yejin-ah, I tried finding you to the best of my abilities. I wanted to tell you how much I love you, and I’m so lucky I can do it today,” Wonwoo says.
My mind tells me to go hug him, but my heart says no. I snatched my hands from his grip.
“Perhaps you should’ve appreciated me when I was yours. But now, since your popularity is beyond anything, I just can’t bring myself to trusting you,” I said, avoiding eye contacts.
“Yejin ah, please. I know I was being an idiot. But now, I realized what love really is. Will you please give your Wonwoo one last chance, please,” he begs.
“I-I’m sorry. There is someone in my life already,” I said in a cold tone.
“Boyfriend?” he asks.
“Husband,” I said, as his eyes widened.
“I’m married to a man who doesn’t just fall for my appearance. He loved and loves me for who I am,” I said.
“Yejin-ah..” Wonwoo’s face was covered in tears as he melted to the floor.
I decided to head out now. I knew Wonwoo was my past, but Taehyung is my future. If only Wonwoo had overlooked beauty. Perhaps I would’ve been with him. Before I left, I turned around.
“Don’t worry. Besides, I ship you and Mingyu a lot. Hashtag Meanie,” I said.
And with that, I closed the door to our relationship.

The author's comments:

Jeon Wonwoo X OC. This is for all the Seventeen fans. 

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