Everything Changes part one

August 15, 2016
By Anonymous

Your life can change at any moment. For me it was at a dinner party in New York. Everything was going great, we had just finished the construction of a very upscale, fancy, expensive looking building for some very wealthy people in New York, and it was great for our company. I own part Grey Ink Industries, my father owns the rest, he is in charge of the mechanical portion and I mostly deal with architecture. You could basically say that we ran two different companies, but he still owns part of mine.
Despite being rich girl, I'm not one for parties (my idea of a fun friday night is eating chinese food and watching netflix in my pajamas) but this was different. It felt good to celebrate something we had worked hard for. I was almost on the same level as my father, as far as big businesses go, and I had worked my ass off to get there. My father never liked the idea of me taking over the family, so when I wanted a job here I had to start from the bottom, not to mention he would do anything to keep me there. My father and I never got along, especially after my mother died. He never believed in me or was proud of me, hell, I can't remember the last time he even said anything nice to me, so it felt good that I was able to intimidate him now. My company was finally making big money, we finally had a reputation, we were finally going places, and I was going to celebrate.
I was sitting on the sidelines, as I often do at parties, keeping to myself when my friend Cody approached me holding two glasses of champagne.
"Hey! What are you doing over here?" he asked me, "Come celebrate with us."
"I have been," I stated as I stood up and took one of the champagne glasses, "I'm just resting, you know I don't like parties that much."
"Yeah," he said rolling his eyes, "or any form of social gathering."
He pulled my hand and dragged me towards where the majority of the people were standing, then unexpectedly stopped almost making me bump into him. "Tell me, Flora, how you became the head of a successful business company if you hate interacting with people so much?"
Now it was my turn to roll my eyes, "I don't hate interacting with people, people are fine, I just prefer to be alone sometimes, you know this Cody."
"Whatever..." he said as the drank some of his champagne. "I'm gonna go find Yoko," he finished his drink, "And some more champagne."
"Tell her I said 'hey', and maybe skip the booze, you look like you've had enough, and Aaron from tech is here and I know you like him and seems really into you so I'm not letting you talk to him if you're drunk." I called after him as he made his way into the crowed of people.
I figured that I might as well go socialize, so I began walking over to a group of people who looked familiar. That was when we heard a gunshot. Everyone went silent, thinking it must have been some mistake, but then six people dressed fully in black armed with guns run into the room. Everyone is screaming and panicking, we hear gunshots and the people are yelling "GET ON THE FLOOR!!" even though a lot of us already are. I duck under a table. I have no idea what the hell is going why, but I'm scared. I peek out from under the table and see a group of people trying to get out the emergency exit, the shooters don't like that. And just as they are about to fire I realize Cody is part of the group, and a gun is aimed right at him. I can't lose my best friend, I absolutely cannot lose him. Without thinking, I run out from under the table and throw my body in front of the group, just as someone shoots a bullet right at my heart.
I was going to die. That bullet was going to rip through my heart and kill me. I never thought it would end like this. I felt the worst pain I ever had, when the bullet broke my skin and I knew this was the end. But then I felt a worse pain, a burning, my heart was on fire! But I wasn't dying. No, something else was happening, something that wasn't supposed to. The bullet hole started glowing, and then every part of me was glowing bright blue light created a shield around me and other bullets that were fired couldn't penetrate it. My body exploded with light and it touched one of the gunmen's faces, he screamed and grabbed his face, we could hear his skin burning. The bullet dropped out of my chest on to the floor and I stopped glowing. I grabbed the bullet and Cody and we ran out of the building.

The author's comments:

This is my original superhero Flora Grey. I've decided to tell her story. I've been wanting to do this for a while now, but haven't had the time.  I still haven't come up with a superhero name for her yet, she gets her powers from radiation and can glow bright blue, fly, self-heal, burn/melt things, levitate things, and create force fields. If anyone has an idea for her superhero name please post it in the comment section:)
And enjoy the story!!

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