The Apprentice 1

July 26, 2016
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“What you find in the twilight will save the storm.”  Firestar nodded once to the young cat and padded away silently.  “Wait!”  The apprentice suddenly found her voice.  “Come back!  What does that mean?”  But the starry ginger cat was already gone.

Coalpaw woke with a start.  The sun was already up, and her denmates were already training.  Her head was buzzing.  What did Firestar mean?  Why would you want to save the storm?  She shook her head to clear it.  She couldn’t do anything if she didn’t forget about this.  She stretched and bounded out of the den, and immediately ran into Ivywing.  She mumbled sorry and tried to leave, but the white furred deputy stopped her.  “It’s almost Sunhigh!  Where have you been?”  “Sleeping…” Coalpaw scuffled at the ground. Ivywing sighed. “Go train for the rest of the day, after you eat.”  “Okay!” Coalpaw ran to her mentor, Shadowfire.  The black and red cat was waiting, her tail-tip twitching impatiently.  “You’ve been sleeping for half the day.”  Coalpaw rolled her bright green eyes. “I already got it from Ivywing.”  Shadowfire’s whiskers twitched amusedly.  “Never mind, let’s go to the hollow.”  “Okay!”  Coalpaw perked up immediately.

“What kind of jump was that?”  Shadowfire questioned Coalpaw as the squirrel took off through the undergrowth.  Coalpaw sighed.  She crouched down again and this time caught a shrew.  She turned to her mentor with the shrew in her mouth.  “That good enough?” The apprentice meowed sarcastically.  “Better than your first jump!”  Shadowfire retorted.  Coalpaw smirked and ran off, training was over anyway.  Shadowfire sighed and quickly found a hunting patrol to join.

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