I'm Kris. Kris Wu

July 10, 2016
By secretlove17 SILVER, New York, New York
secretlove17 SILVER, New York, New York
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Favorite Quote:
To love is to get a glimpse of heaven

“Yo, look at that chick,” Eric said, pointing at a bunch of girls with tight mini dresses.
Everyone was drunk on this Tuesday night. Eric, Sam, Anthony, Mark, and I, were at a nightclub, hoping to have some fun with the girls. Now of course we didn’t have to do much, since the girls would come to us anyways.
“Hey,” Sam patted me in the shoulder.
“You see her?” he said pointing at a girl in the distance.
Not again..But I still looked. She wasn’t half naked like these girls here. If anything, her mini black halter top dress reached midthigh. I looked closely, even if the booze had hazed up my vision a bit. Wavy black hair, and minimal makeup. She wasn't really a bombshell material, but she was something.
“Yo man. If you manage to lay her tonight, we’ll give you $200,” offered Sam.
It wasn’t anything new to me. Besides, who knows, maybe behind her innocent looks, she may be a monster.
“Alright then, I could surely use some dollars.” With that, I left and headed towards that girl. She was alone, and what would happen next totally changed my life.
“Hi, I’m Kris. Kris Wu.”
I didn’t remember much of what happened last night. I remembered crashing my lips harshly into hers as we tumbled into an apartment. It was messy. Our tongues got into a battle, teeth clashing often, but i wouldn’t let her win. As I moved to her neck, she let out a moan and grabbed my back harshly, only making me bite her more. I picked her up and she wrapped her arms around my waist. Her blouse, my shirt, her bra...everything came off as we made our way to her room. I threw her in the bed and rammed into her mercilessly. She grabbed onto my golden locks... “KRIS…”
I woke up with a slight headache. Someone’s tight arms wrapped around me. I looked down just to see the sunlight on the girl’s face. She looked so calm. Her eyes were gently shut and her messy hair caressed her face. As I reached to remove a piece of hair from her face, she quickly opened her eyes.
“WHO ARE YOU!” She screamed.
I chuckled. How cute. I decided to tease her a bit.
“You sure knew who I was last night. Shall I remind you of how you were screaming my name?” I couldn’t help it.
I stared at her as she furrowed her eyebrows, then rested her hands on her forehead.
“How could I’ve…,” she whispered. Her eyes started welling up tears and soon they fell one by one. This was new.
“How could I’ve spent a night with...I didn’t even drink. Why..why did I do that?” She lamented.
“Hey, what’s wrong? Honestly, girls die to be with me. I’m rich, tall, handsome, you should thankful that I’m still here,” I tell her. Yeah, I really don’t know how to comfort people.
She looked at me angrily.
“I’m not one of those sluts who sell their character and everything to be with people like you. You change girls every night, so being with me or anyone else is not a big deal to you. Guys like you are characterless and moral less. Of course the girls who fall for you are going to be nothing more than whores. I admit I slept with you last night, and I’m very regretful of everything,” she says, while tearing up.
For some reason, how she labeled me really struck my heart. I was never used to something like this. Girls usually called me sex god, but “characterless,” “moral less?”
“Everyone has their own life story which made them the way they are,” I tell her, coldly.
She glares at me. “And your’s must be that you can’t fulfill your sexual desires with a single girl,” she tell me, with absolutely no mercy in her voice.
I’ve had enough. She was telling the truth, I did sleep with many girls. However, that wasn’t the reason why.
“You want to know the real reason, right? Then listen. Back in highschool, I fell in love with a girl. She was beautiful, different from everyone. She made me love life and live it. On prom night, I wanted to celebrate with her separately, and propose to her because I knew I wanted to spend my life with her. However, while she was on her way to meet me, she go into a fatal accident and doctors couldn’t save her.”
She stopped crying and stared at me with disbelief.
“Since her death, I felt as if my world stopped spinning. I couldn’t find the purpose to live anymore. Hence, I started to look for her in other girls. However, all these girl that I’ve been with never go beyond my looks. They never touch my soul like the way she did. That’s why I chose this life. And, I’m going to continue it, until I find a girl like her,” I tell her while staring at he eyes.
She looked away and no one spoke for a bit.
“I..I’m so sorry,” she whispers.
“I was so into my situation that I mistook you.”
“It’s okay. I don’t even know why I told you. But hey...mind telling me why you regret doing what we did last night..that is if you want to,” I asked, truly curious.
She sighed. “Back in highschool, like you, I fell in love with a guy. He was everything to me. However, because of one lie I told, we separated. I only realized how much he meant to me after we broke up. I asked him multiple times to get back with me but each time, he refused. I tried to find someone else, but no one is like him. No one treats girls with that much respect like the way he did. Worst, i wanted to save my virginity for a guy that I’d love the most….” she trailed off.
“I..I am so sorry,” I tell her. I really was.
“It’s okay. Oh, it’s already nine. I’ll make breakfast. Then I have to go to the children’s library,” she says as she hops off the bed.
“Hey, umm what’s your name?” I ask.
“Erica,” she says with a cute smile as she puts on her glasses. How adorable.
“Um..Erica, mind if I come with you,” I ask.
She gives me a questioning look, but complies. While she cooked breakfast, i showered and put on clothes she gave. Apparently she lived alone, but her brother came sometimes. After eating breakfast, which was delicious,we left for the library. As soon as we got there, the kids ran up to her and covered her in hugs. She looked so cute while playing with the kids.
“Come on,” she grabs my arm and brings me in. I feel jolts of electricity in me.
“Erica, are you dating him?” a random kid asks.
She laughs and says “No no, hahah.”
I felt my heart sink a bit. Weird. But it started beating faster as she turned to me and gave me her cute smile.
We sat and read the kids a book and continued playing with them. During lunch, we decided to share a ramen together. Even though I was a pro chopstick user, I don’t know why I pretended to not know.
“Hahaha, you’re so bad at this,” she says and playfully hits my arm.
“Oh yeah, then feed my missy,” I tell her and open my mouth wide.
She pushes her glasses back and starts feeding me. I never spent this much time with a girl, ever. She sure is something.
Finally, as the library program ended, it was around 6:30 pm, and the sun was going down. I decided to walk her home. She looked like an angel, with the sunlight hitting her face and glowing her hair.
“So, umm why were you at the club last night,” I asked.
“Well, it was the 17th, and my friend know how upset I get at that day. She took me there and let me borrow her dress, hoping to cheer me up,” she says slowly.
“Mind if I ask about the 17th?”
“Hehe, well it was the day I confessed to him. The day that brought me happiness. The day I can’t celebrate anymore,” she says, with thickness in her voice.
“Oh..,” I felt my heart clench. I don’t know why i feel so down every time she mentions him. I never felt like this way. She stops walking and faces me.
“Wanna be friends? Not that way, but you know,” she says looking up at me.
“Of course, and I’m.. really sorry for last night” i smile at her.
Almost a month has passed since I met her. Everything started revolving around her. Ever since she has come into my life, I can’t even think about anything else. She even gave me a cute nickname, Baozi(dumpling), because my cheeks are squishy. I constantly check my phone to see if she texted me. I don’t know what’s happening to me. Maybe Anthony can help me out. I decided to call him.
“Yo homie wassup,” Anthony says.
“Ayo, bro. I.. need to ask you something,” I say hesitantly.
“Wait, hold this s***. I can hear it in you voice. You are in love,” he says while laughing.
“What! No way,” I say, with my face turning red.
“C’mon, who is it?” he asks.
“ Well, remember the girl who you guys wanted me to spend the night with in the club. The $200 one,” I said.
“Her?! The grandma one?” he jokes.
I felt my blood boil. “Don’t call her that. She is an amazing person,” I sternly tell him.
“Boy you are in love. Just admit it; you see her everywhere, you want her to text you...you know, these lovey dovey crap,” he says.
“But I don’t know. She is not  like Jessica. She is..well...very different. In a good way,” i really was confused.
“Look, I know you miss Jessica. But, you’ve gotta let her go. She isn’t going to come back. And you can’t expect this girl to be like her. You are in love with this girl, and her traits,” I can  tell he was sitting up since his voice was serious.
“You’re right. Erica may not be Jessica, but she is special. I loved Jessica to death, but I should let her go now. Maybe Jessica wants that too, that I be with a girl who will love me just as much as she did,” I can feel tears coming up.
“I know she does. Now, go to Erica and tell her you love her. Tell her before someone else does. Oh yeah, we still owe you $200,” Anthony says sniffling.
“Forget the $200, Erica is my true reward. Thanks homie,” I say and quickly hang up.
I know, I’ll invite her tonight to the dock and propose her to be my girlfriend. I decided to text her.
To Erica: Hey, can you come to the Golden Dock, at 8:30 pm tonight! I want you to meet someone. ;)
From Erica: Sure Baozi!
It was 8:15pm. Deep breath. You got this, Kris. Lights, roses, candles, all ready. Now all I’ve gotta do it wait for her. I decided to wait towards the beach for her. At exactly 8:30, I saw a silhouette.
Elegantly walking towards me, an angel came. Her hair was wavy and bounced slightly as she walked towards me. Her white silky blouse reflected the moon and her pale skin shone brightly. As always, she was dressed in a simple way, with a black skirt. She wasn’t wearing her glasses, so her black pupils reflected light and made her look like an angel on Earth. I stared at her beauty in awe.
“So, baozi, where is she? You girlfriend,” she asks with a slight smile.
“You’ll meet her right now,” I said.
“But first, lemme cover your eyes,” I covered her eyes delicately with my hands and walked her over to the set up where I wrote I LOVE YOU with candles. I uncovered her eyes.
Her mouth dropped as she stared at the floor of the dock and looked back at me. I was on my knees with a rose in my hand. I could see the tears in her eyes.
“Erica, I know we both went through hard times. We may never find someone who was just like the special someone in our past, but it doesn’t hurt to start over. Don’t think of anything, don’t say anything. In such a short time, you made me love life again, you became the light in my dark world. You engraved yourself so deep in me. I know I’m not as good as your first love. However, I will promise you one thing. I love you, and I will show you how much I love you every second of our lives. So, will you be my girl friend?”
She was taken back. She stared into my eyes and took the rose from my hand. My heart was racing.I got up and smiled at her.
“I love you too, you idiot of the century,” she says and hits my arm.
I pull her into a tight hug. I found love again. This time, I’ll never let her go. We pull apart and I decided to lean closer to her lips, she does the same. Her arms around my neck, mine around her waist, everything was perfect. “I love you,” we both say synchronized, and with that, I seal our lips together as a tear falls down her eyes.
From a distance, someone was watching, his eyes filled with fury.

The author's comments:

If you listen to EXO, then "Kris", and "baozi" should be familiar. But still, hope you enjoy it!

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on Sep. 8 2016 at 8:46 pm
secretlove17 SILVER, New York, New York
9 articles 0 photos 4 comments

Favorite Quote:
To love is to get a glimpse of heaven

thank you!! there is a sequel, its in my account. heuheu

on Sep. 7 2016 at 2:09 pm
TikiTobi PLATINUM, Traverse City, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
I got a ton of work to do. A SKELEton.
I need to put a little more BackBONE into it.
I deserve PUNishment.
Nyeh heh heh!

PLEASE WRITE A SECOND PART!!! I wanna know how it turns out with that guy in the distance. I bet he was Erica's ex-boyfriend. Just predictions though. I cant wait for it


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