Dear Serius

By , spokane, WA

Dear Serius,

It is Harry. Hi!!!!!!

Sorry, I got a little exuberent. It's been a while since we wrote.

Today at hogwarts we had devination, and it was predicted that I would eat a pancake. Way to read those tea leaves. I thought that it was ridiculous, I mean, a pancake? Seriously? but then tonight I really wanted a pancake, and apparantly me tea leaves didn't say when I would eat a pancake, but iI was really hoping it would be soon, but there were no pancakes at dinner, so I snuck away from my table, and went to the kitchens. I immediatly saw a big stack of pancakes all ready for tomorrow's breakfast. I didn't want to wait until breakfast, so I crept in, and took 4 off of the stack, but it looked too much shorter, so I put 2 back. I would have to do with only 2 pancakes. I snuck back out, and was just starting to eat my 2nd pancake, when I heard a voice. It was Snape, and I had to hide. He walked right by me. He was talking to himself about oranges. Imagine that! It was hilarious, but I needed to get back to dinner, so I stuffed the rest of my pancake into my mouth, and sprinted back to dinner. None of my friends had even noticed I was gone. My luck was flawless. I will never again doubt the sanity of my tea leaves.

Thanks again for your letter,



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lovebella123 said...
Jul. 6, 2016 at 7:38 pm
wow this is so funny!
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