Whovians and our "problems"

April 19, 2016
By Peanutgirl99 GOLD, Middleville, Michigan
Peanutgirl99 GOLD, Middleville, Michigan
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Whovians have many problems. Most of them don’t have solutions that would work because some of the solutions are problems themselves. However, there are problems with solutions that would vary between us; although, they may seem strange to normal people. Before I explain those problems, I think I should explain, for those who don’t know, what a whovian is. Whovians are what you call a fan, of the british Sci Fi show Doctor Who. Now, for those who don’t know what that show is, it is about a 900-some-year-old timelord named the Doctor. The Doctor travels through time and space in his T.A.R.D.I.S. (Time And Relevant Dimension In Space) saving planets and the inhabitants. Lastly, I would like to mention that we whovians are not like the Doctor: we cannot solve all of our problems with ease. Also, we do not have a companion by our side helping us solve our problems, so we have to do it all by ourselves.
A problem we have with no solutions would be the fact that we have the tendency to reference Doctor Who to everything in everyday life. Though, the first problem we have that does have some solutions is, if we had the opportunity, we could watch all 35 seasons which is 817 episodes within 2-3 days. However, that is extremely unhealthy in several different ways. This is mainly because doing so includes: no sleep, eating nothing but junk food and never leaving our bed. There are some obvious ways to solve this problem; however, to us there is a kind of agony we get when we have to wait to go on the next adventure. Also knowing how the doctor will solve the problem at hand and the obstacles he goes through to solve them are extremely important. It also doesn’t help that, at the end before the credits, it gives a glimpse of the next episode.
One way we could solve that problem would be for us to write about each episode after we finish watching. There are many different ways to write about the episode as well. Like we could analyze the characters of the episode and tell what we think about them, we could write about how big of a part we think they will play in the future episodes. Lastly, the aliens or monsters is another thing we could write about; we could describe them, tell what their goal was, we can explain how the doctor fought back, or we could decide whether we think they will pop up again in a later episode. But if you watch Doctor Who enough you know that the aliens or monsters in the show always come back one way or another.
Another way to solve this problem is we could make up a Doctor Who calendar. On that calendar we would put down the ONLY episode we can watch for that day and make sure it’s every other day that we watch an episode. Though it does sound irrational that anyone would follow that there are ways to make it possible. The main way to do that is the fact that we can have our family keep track of us. Meaning they would have access to the calendar and they will monitor us while we watch Doctor who. The day in between would give us time to predict what we think will happen in the next episode. Now I know that for most of us the idea of waiting a day is nuts; however, it would give you time to actually think about the episode. Plus the day your not watching Doctor Who you could do some training just incase the doctor chooses you to be his next companion.
The last problem that we have that I can think of is that we talk about Doctor Who 24-7. It’s kinda difficult to think of ways to solve this, that’s mainly because how much we talk about it varies between us. If you are at the “high” end of the spectrum or the all time extreme whovian, then some of the solutions to that problem won’t be a good idea. That’s mainly because the higher you are or the more extreme you are, the more you talk about it. I can think of a lot of solutions that would work for me but might not work for someone else. For instance, my family and friends, especially my best friend, can just give me “the look” and I’ll know I need to change the topic. I could give my friends a timer and I have a minute to talk, after that minute; however, I have to stop and change the subject off of Doctor Who. One solution that would not work for me is to have a rubber band on my wrist, like they do for anger management, and snap it everytime I talk about Doctor Who.
I mean that would work for some of us but for me I talk about it way too much; I would have one red wrist or maybe even a raw wrist if I did so. However, that would be frowned upon by many people, also that could, possibly, count as self harm to oneself.    Another solution that would work to solve this problem is to take a break from watching Doctor Who. Okay, I’m just kidding that won’t do anything to help, in fact that would actually just make it worse because we would talk about how much we miss the show. Honestly, there is not really a whole lot of ways to solve this problem either but you can give it a shot and see how far you get. Though, from our point of view, it’s you who don’t watch this amazing show that have a problem.
Though we have problems, apparently, we don’t feel like there is a need to “fix” them. In my opinion, I think that yes we might be annoying at times to others most people don’t know about our precious show. So if you don’t know the show or you don’t watch it then you have no right to say these are problems. In all reality these are just factors that make us unique compared to everyone else. Plus, there are other people who have these problems just with a different topic, some of those same people who shake their heads at us. The thing is that if they have the same problem but with something different like with sports or different show then why say we are the ones with a problem?

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