October 19, 2015
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The words from you - chapter 1

"Can I get a lemonade over here please?"  "enjoy miss " the man behind the counter says before smiling at her . she grins back then turns around when the door opens. " hey Rouge  what are you doing here?" asked Evan " Hey daniels suprised to see you whats up ?" "Nothing really just the professor summoned both us  and asked for me to  check here . " Replied Evan " lets go daniels dont want to get in trouble " running out of the door and to the institute.



In the institue's study "professor ?"  "Its alright Rogue nothings wrong  just that for this time you and evan are partners be ready for anything." " so what do you want to do now?" asked evan " um how bout a ride  to the beach . Jean drives them to the beach  "have fun rooks"  " whatever  race you daniels."

challenged Rogue  " your on !" Evan runs so fast  he could'nt keep up but trips and rolls on rogue who rolls til they hit the beach at the bottom rogue and  evan on top . " sorry" they say in unison daniels  blushes  before lifting  her up . "see your not annoying  you just needto pick the right time ." "uh thanks so where do you  want to set up?" "anywhere" "cool " they walk and found a empty spot and talked for awhile.   "hey how bout we get to know one another miss ."After hearing this  evan developed  a  questioning face . " Sorry bout that but I'm busy you already missed me ."  " hey we should be going lets go ."

The author's comments:

I thought to experiment with the X-men characters and thought  rogue and evan could be somethign one day.

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