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February 2, 2015
By Squidney42 BRONZE, Cortez, Colorado
Squidney42 BRONZE, Cortez, Colorado
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I had that dream again. The one where I'm in my bed about to fall asleep when i get the feeling that someone’s watching me. I tell myself it’s nothing and try to go back to sleep. Then I hear the sound of claws scratching on wood. I bolt upright and frantically look around the room. I hear a faint growl that turns my blood to ice. My head turns toward the window and see a pair of yellow, cat-like eyes staring at me. They stare into my very soul. they see my fears, my insecurities, my darkest secrets, and my deepest regrets. The window is unlatched and the ugliest scum you have ever seen slips through the window and advances on me. It stands so close I can smell its rancid breath, and in its eyes i can see all of the horrifying things it would like to do to me. I can see my spine being ripped out of me and turned into a skeletal snake that consumes my lifeless corpse. My body is frozen. I couldn't move if I tried, the monster’s eyes have caught me in a trance just as powerful as the lock of the monster’s jaw it so desperately wants on my throat. Its long jagged claws rip into my flesh. Blood curdling screams escape my mouth. Just then, two handsome men carrying shotguns break down my bedroom door. The shorter one shouts “Move!” and I quickly roll off of my bed and onto the floor. The men shot and the beast disappeared into mid air.
“Who are you!?” I demand.
“We’re here to help.” The tall one responds. He rushes over to me and helps me to my feet.
“What the hell was that!?” I demanded in a tone that was just as urgent as it was worried. “We’ll explain later,” he says, “What’s your name?”
“Katie,” I respond, “Katie Smith” I shake their hands then blurt out, “Who the hell are you!?”
The tall one responds, “I’m Sam, this is my brother, Dean,” he gestures towards the man next to him, “We… um… we hunt monsters, and we are here to save your life.”
“Um… alrighty then,” I respond, befuddled. The shorter man, Dean has an intense expression and finally says, “Ok, enough with the introductions. You need to get out of here, Katie. Its not safe,” he says, “Go with her, Sammy”
He lightly grips my forearm and leads me out the door, hurriedly. But not before I glance back and see Dan waving his shotgun and shouting “Come out you ugly --” the door slammed shut and his voice was lost. Sam walks in front of me with his shotgun amed and his finger on the trigger. We weaved through the house cautiously and when we reached the front door there was only another hallway.
“What the hell?!” he demanded, “There was a door here! Where’s the door!?” he shouts.
“I dont know!” i shout in response to his urgency.
“Backdoor” he says, and walks off to the back of the house, only to find that the door that had once led to their safety in the outside world was now a closet full of cleaning supplies.
“It’s shutting us in!” he says with a fearful tone. Then, a look of utter dread came into his eyes. “Dean!” he shouted. No answer.
“Wait here,” he says, worry echoing through his aura. He walked around the corner to go back upstairs, but just as he was about to leave my view he turned to me and said, “Stay here, be quiet, and try not to die.” Such helpful words to get me through this traumatic situation. I was left alone in the dark house and decided that the best way to stay alive, like Sam said, was to hide. I opened what used to be the back door to hide in the closet that it turned into. I opened the door and found that it had once again transformed. It was now a hallway.
“What the --,” but then something caught my eye. At the end of the hallway was a shimmering door. I walked towards it and lay my hand on its cool surface. The reflection of my fave was broken into fragments by the crystalline pattern. It was made of diamond. I ran my fingers over the finely cut door knob, gently turned it and pushed the heavy diamond blockade inwards, making the glorious room visible.
   Sam cautiously maneuvered through the dark house. He had felt bad about leaving the girl alone, but it was way too dangerous for her to go with him. He walked up the stairs, the boards creaked beneath his boots. He opened the bedroom door and found his brother on the floor, bloodied and tangled.
“Dean!” he yelled and rushed over to Dean’s dead body. Sam gently lifted his head and cradled his corpse. His eyes filled with moisture.
“Not like this!” he cried, “Please don't leave me, Dean. Please.”
“Sammy?” a gruff voice came from behind. Sam turned abruptly and saw his brother, alive, standing in the doorway.
“Dean?” he asked, confusion coursing through his veins. He looked back at the dead body of his brother he had been cradling, but all that was there were his hands, holding a nonexistent corpse.
“Dean! Where the hell were you!?” he demanded.
“After you guys left, that thing came at me. So, I shot at him and the son of a beach ran,” he explained, “Then I went looking for you.” He looked around curiously, “Where’s the girl?”
“I left her downstairs just in case the monster came for her.” he answered.
“Hold up, Sammy. Let me get this straight. Instead of having her come with you and have some sort of protection against it. You left her alone and defenseless in a dark house with a monster that’s trying to kill her.”
Sam hung his head. “Yeah. I didn’t really think that through.”
“Wait a second,” he said, “I was just down there and I didn’t see her at all.”
There was a slight pause where dread filled the space instead of words. They ran back downstairs, guns drawn.
“Katie!” they yell repeatedly, with not so much as a whisper for an answer. They came to the door that used to lead to the backyard and found a hallway instead. With a glistening diamon door at the end.

    Katie was on a diamond table. Her arms, legs, and head were in restraints made of diamond. the walls, ceiling, and floor glistened. They too were made of diamond. There was no light source, but the room was brilliantly lit and every inch of it sparkled. A crystalline figure stood over her. its head shifted from side to side, as though it was calculating what to do to her. An amplified voice started to echo throughout the room.
“This is going to hurt. A lot. But if you could try to stay still it would be appreciated,” it said. Then, after a small pause it said, “We hope you enjoy your torture session.” She thrashed around frantically, but the restraints were impossible for her to break. The diamond figure above her held out a hand and a beautiful, traditionally cut diamond appeared, its sharp point gleamed. The figure brought its point to her squirming body. It was thrust into her flesh and her abdomen seared with pain. She shrieks.Then, another pain in her left arm, and another in her thigh, and another, and another. Then she hears a banging on the door, and a muffled voice yelling. The amplified voice once again spoke, “Oh dear, that must be your little friends here to save the day. It’s a pity they’ll never be able to see you alive again. Nice try, boys. But the door is made of the strongest substance on earth. But don't worry I’ll let you in soon enough. When your little friend is dead. Then it’s your turn.” and the voice was gone again. Katie hears a gunshot. Sam and Dean are trying to break down a door made of solid diamond with bullets!? How deranged are they!? But she must have faith. Faith that they will not let her die.

   Sam and Dean franticly fire at the door to rescue Katie. But to no prevail.
“Dean, this is never going to work,” Sam exclaims, “I mean, we’re firing at solid diamond for God’s sake!” Dean simply keeps shooting. “Dean! Come on! We have to be realistic!” “No, Sammy! No! I Am not just going to stand by and let another one die on us! Not today!” Then he continues to fire at the door. They hear a scream from inside. “Katie!” Dean yells, “Hold on! We’re coming!” Then, Dean spots a small pile of diamonds on the floor next to the indestructible door. He drops his gun and drops to his knees to collect the small gems. “What are you doing, Dean?” Sam asks urgently. “I'm fighting fire with fire. Right, Sammy!?” he beams. “Grab an empty shell,” he orders Sam. Sam brings him an empty shotgun shell that was on the floor. Dean fills the shell with the diamonds, empties some gunpowder from an unused shell and places it in the new one, and presses the red plastic together in order for the makeshift ammo to stay in place. He loads it into his gun and yells at Sam to make more. They frantically make more ammo and hurry more and more with the shrieks from inside the door. They load their guns. Dean shouts, “Aim for the hinges!” and they fire. Shot after shot, the hinges weaken and the door threatens to break loose of them. Finally, the glistening hinges break into nothing and the door falls inwards, its sides scraping the frame. It collides with the diamond floor and shatters into oblivion. They step into the room, gunns aimed. Katie is bloodied on a table with glistening diamonds embedded in her flesh. The amplified voice speaks once more, “Well done, boys. I was on the verge of ending your friend’s life. I guess I’ll just have to save it for another day. But don't worry, I will eventually end her. And you” The boys fired at the diamond figure, but it was gone. So were the diamonds. The walls, the floor, the ceiling were all just walls now. Katie was on a metal table instead of a diamond one and her restraints were now leather. The pain that she had had only seconds before was now gone. The diamonds that had been inbedded in her flesh were now gone and her wounds were healed. “What the hell was that!?” she demanded as Sam ran over to her and cut her free.
“I think I know,” said Dean. Then, he pulled out a pistol from his waist and aimed it at Sam.
“What the hell, Dean!?” Sam blurted. “You’re a djinn!” he replied with a bloodthirsty expression.
“Dean, I’m your brother! Dont do anything stupid!”
“Back there, when we were trying to break the door down, you wanted to give up. Sammy would never do anything that would cause harm to anyone else.”
“What the hell is going on!?” Katie demands.
“Be quiet!” Dean snaps. Then, Sam’s body becomes hazy and begins to change. He becomes a thirty-something year old man. He slowly claps with a smug grin on his face. “Well done, Dean. I thought you’d never figure it out. But i guess you are the slower of the two.” he says.
“W-Whats a djinn?” Katie stutters. “It’s like a genie. they capture you and put you into a fantasy world while they feed on you,” Dean explains. She shudders at the thought of being fed on. “But what i can't understand,” Dean says, “is that most djinn put their victims in a dream world, where their lives are so good they don't want to leave. So, why do you put them in a nightmare”
“Fear is stronger than happiness,” he says, “People are too scared to overcome it, so they stay here forever. Plus, i get way more kicks out of torture than pampering. Sometimes they even squirm while they’re asleep!” he says with excitement.
“So, which one of us are you feeding off of? Me or her?” Dean asks
“You’ll have to figure that out on your own.” he says with a smirk. Dean fires his gun. Just as it entered his flesh there was a bright flash.

I woke up in a cold sweat in my bed. It was all a dream. I sighed in relief. Then i heard the sound of claws scratching on wood. I looked over to the window where I saw a pair of bright, yellow eyes…

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Yes! More please!

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on Feb. 9 2015 at 2:19 pm
Squidney42 BRONZE, Cortez, Colorado
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"I hope your apple pie is freaking worth it!"

Oh gosh! I accidentally misspelled the title! Its supposed to be Supernatural! I cant figure out how to change it!