A reflection

July 3, 2014
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My hand twitched at the sudden commands and I could only watch as my body tried to obey every one of them.


I had never been a strong battler; I had always preferred books and school to an adventure. My dad… I was a disappointment in his eyes. He was strong and wanted me to be strong too.
But no matter how hard I tried, I could never be his perfect daughter. I got straight A’s, I obeyed my parents without fuss… but I wasn’t good enough…


He disappeared one day and a few weeks later Mom and he were divorcing.
Mom wasn’t happy in Johto anymore, so we moved to Hoenn. Even though she denys it, i know Mom misses Dad. A lot.


If I had been a strong battler, Dad and Mom wouldn’t have divorced. Maybe... if I can prove myself to dad, they’ll get back together and we can be a family again.
So I decided to take on the Champion and win the title so that Dad would love me again. But I had no idea how to overcome my weakness.
But then The Voices came to me one night. They promised I could become champion; I could even become a heroine.


I could be worthy of being his daughter.
I accepted without hesitation. Who wouldn’t?


I looked down at my hand, rapidly going back and forth among the three pokéballs.
But… I wouldn’t be doing anything. I wouldn’t be the one who became champion. Dad would never call me his daughter again.


I was a desperate fool and now I can do nothing.
I’m just a helpless little girl; I can’t even pick my own starter.


Can I?
I felt Prof. Birch’s eyes on me. The choice would have to be made soon.


NO! I refused to give in to this madness; I’d show them that I, Camila Amanda Slash, would not bow so easily.


I forced my hand down, picking up the red and white sphere.
“Torchic? Is that who you choose?” Prof. Birch asked.
I jerked my head and there was SILENCE.
I smirked and looked at my new partner’s pokéball. They had called for anarchy and I will deliver.
As my body jerked and I fell to the floor, The Voices seized control once more, but one thought repeated constantly.


Let’s turn this region up-start-down.

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