pewds and stephano with love:encounter with a crazed man

February 13, 2014
By bakerlovespewds0328 PLATINUM, Elizabethtown, Kentucky
bakerlovespewds0328 PLATINUM, Elizabethtown, Kentucky
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"There’s the exit!"Yelled seananners.
the group ran for the exit of the amnesiac monster house.
the group of of friends;cry,pewds,stephano,marzia,minx,and nanners, all sprawled to the exit.
"About time!"Cry yelled.
"Yolo!!!"Yelled Pewds.
They all fell through the door,and before looking around,nanners broke the doorknob so nothing got out.
“Its all gonna be ok”said nanners
But then he looked up.all aound he saw 7 bike trails,layered with deathtraps ,mines,and body parts.
“holy Jesus…”announced pewds.”this could go well...”
But then, a spray of blood rained down from a air ramp
“or not. “responded minx.
“look at that,a guy is over there”stated cry”ill talk to him.”
Cry scurried over and tapped the stranger
“Excuse me,but can you-“
“Oh hello how ya doin?maho inya?”the stranger exclaimed
“Uh,ok,can you tell m-“cry tried to say
“are you Chinese?”the stranger asked
“what are you-“cry scamped
“I need to speak to sum-bod-ee who can-a speak-a Chinese!”the stranger mumbled
“excuse me but-‘cry interrupted.
“oh you talk-a too fast for me man,slow dowm,right?slow down!take a breathe you know?”the stranger rambled.
“What are you a enemy?”cry asked
“nonononononononono!”the man exclaimed.
“You got a name?”cry asked.
“my name is ray-you-aye-eie-um-gey-yum-gey-dum-gey!”he trolled id this,the mon.
“Ok now you’re just playing dumb. “Barked cry
After cry said this, the obviously confused man started crying.
“you make me cry “he said “can you please, can you apol-amo-gize please?”
Cry sighed
.”I’m sorry “said cry
The man smiled and remained silent.
“ARE YOU DONE TALKING GUYS?”yelled pewds .
“ay!ay!what you say to me?gurgled the man
Minx walked over to talk to cry.
“so how’d it go “asked minx
“well”stalled cry”I kinda maybe migh have punched him off the cliff?”
“what?”screeched minx.
“Oh-oh…”thought cry

The author's comments:
if you dont get this story,then start with the first!tune in next time to see how minx punishes cry

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