Dream to Fly: Prt 1

January 28, 2014
By deafening-fan GOLD, Kutztown, Pennsylvania
deafening-fan GOLD, Kutztown, Pennsylvania
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“If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.”
― J.R.R. Tolkien

Frost looked up to see her mother standing in thresh-hold of her bedroom. She sighed and put her book down to face her mother.

“Frost! Are you still reading that book on pegasi,” the white mare, named Blizzard, said, the annoyance dripping from her voice.

“Yes mother, but I was going to come down soon to leave for school.” Blizzard turned away and trotted downstairs. Frost sighed and stared at the clear blue spring sky and sighed once again. Why did she have to be an earth pony? Why couldn’t she be a Pegasus like the ones she heard about in school? Frost grabbed her bag and galloped past her mother, eagerly grabbing her lunch before another word could be spoken between them.

Bridle Bay, the sea-side village where Frost had grown up, was mainly inhabited by earth ponies. There was neither a unicorn nor a Pegasus nor an allicorn to be seen for many, many, many miles. The community was prideful of their selective population, until the very morning that Frost had left for the school house. Just as she was about to cross the road, there was a loud cry by the other ponies. A dark black and purple carriage came roaring through the street. What stepped out of the carriage surprised them even more. An old brown stallion stepped out clad in a foreboding cape, monocle, and top hat. His stately appearance shocked many ponies. What followed the great ‘menace’ was a light brown foul, who wore a cap on his head. His deep blue eyes glanced around as the foul struggled to keep up with his proud elder.

Frost wished she could watch them more but the school bell resounded and she cantered off to the school. The school house was deep red and was chipping from the battering it received from the salty sea air. Inside it was always warm and the students found it very pleasant. The teacher, Mr. Bale, was always pressing the students to study hard. Today they were doing both math and history, Frost’s favorite subject. Once spelling and a little time for the fouls to read quietly, everypony was let outside to play in the yard. Frost sat by herself as usual while the other ponies ran around playing.

Just as she was about to take a bite from her muffin, something hit her on the back of the head. When she looked to see what hit her, the foul she had seen with the older pony crashed into her. They barreled over and the foul jumped up and apologized.

“Sorry,” he said helping Frost up. “My hat,” he cried as a tweed cap flew off in the strong breeze.

“Come on we have to catch it,” said Frost. Before he got another word in, Frost was chasing after the cap. They ran all over the patch of woods until Frost saw that it had caught on the branches of a bush on the edge of a cliff. Frost ran over excitedly and snatched the cap. As she turned around, the dirt beneath her crumbled. Frost screamed and fell, only slightly catching the roots of the bush.

“Help! HELP!” She cried over and over as the bush started to wrench its roots from the ground. Suddenly, Frost felt something grab her neck and drag her onto the cliff partially. It was the foul. Frost had grabbed at some grass, for her back half was still over the edge when Mr. Bale and some other ponies burst out. They grabbed Frost and hauled her over the cliff. When Frost looked up, the adults had encircled the young foul.

“Can you believe it?”

“I never knew they had the audacity to come here!”

“He tried to push Frost off the cliff!”

“Just like their kind.”
When Frost pushed her way to see the foul, she took a sharp breath. The foul was a unicorn! His horn barely came above his mane but it was their none-the-less! Frost was awestruck, but the adults kept murmuring and glaring at the foul

“He didn’t try to push me! His hat flew into the bush and it got it for him, but the cliff fell from under me! He was trying to save me from falling into the ocean!” The adults kept whispering.

“We don’t want his kind hear!”

“Stuck up unicorns, never needed them, never will!”
The foul looked around, his face a sight of pure terror, until a strong and commanding voice broke out.

“And just what has my nephew done?” The crowd turned and saw the old stallion that had come into town. He carried his hat, perfectly showing off his horn. The foul ran over to his uncle and hid behind him.

“We do not need unicorns in our village!” The crowd muttered in agreement as Blizzard stepped forward and faced the elder. Frost hid behind her mother, still looking at the stallion.

“Then it will please you to know I will barely be seen in town. My nephew will attend the school, and I will stay in the house. Good day.” He bowed his head and Blizzard snorted. Frost trotted after the unicorns as the crowd died away. The foul stopped as his uncle stepped into their dark transport.

“I’ll just be a moment Uncle,” he called as he went over to face Frost.

“Thank you, for trying to save me.” The unicorn blushed and stared at the ground.

“It was nothing, I couldn’t let you fall could I?”

“What’s your name? My name is Frost.”

“I’m Asher Mason Renaldi Trensacon the Third…… but you can call me Asher.” Frost smiled and giggled. “What’s so funny?”

“I’ve never heard a pony with such a strange, nor a long name. Asher? That’s such a weird name.” Asher’s shoulders slumped. “I didn’t mean to be rude.” Asher looked up at Frost.

“Asher Mason Renaldi Trensacon, you get into this carriage immediately!” Asher leaped up and ran, waving to Frost from the window. Frost giggled. She had never even seen a unicorn before. Now she had befriended one.

The author's comments:
I looked around the sight, but no pony fan fictions have been found, so here's mine!

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