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Star Wars The Old Republic helps the Trekkies

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A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

This story takes place about 13,000 years before the rise of Darth Vader and the Galactic Empire. It is a time period where the Jedi of the Old Republic and the people from Star Trek lived in the same universe but different planets in the galaxy. They all had one goal and that was to defeat the Sith once and for all.
On October 28, 13000 before the rise of Darth Vader, that opportunity came when the Sith thought the Jedi were on the Trekkie planet of Earth. So, they decided to launch an invasion in that planet to try and defeat the Jedi. However, when they got there, all they found were Trekkie colonies all over the place. But the power hunger burned in the hearts of the Sith so they decided to enslave the colonies to lure the Jedi to Earth, where they planned on ending the lives of countless Jedi. Within three days of when they enslaved the colonies, the Trekkies decided they were tired of the dark side enslaving them. But they didn’t have the resources to fight them alone. So, Captain Kirk the Great (ancestor of modern day Captain Kirk) immediately sent out a holographic transmission to the Jedi, who were on the planet of Tython, to enlist help and to inform the Jedi of their situation. Within two days of that call, three Jedi from the Old Republic and a weapons specialist were on their way to assess the situation and help fight the Sith Empire and their droid soldiers.
On November 5, 13000 BV (Before Vader), the Jedi and the weapons specialist land on Earth. When they land, they immediately find Captain Kirk the Great, and his army (yes, the one without enough resources), waiting for them. The Jedi introduce themselves as Knights Coruscant, Felucia, and Utapau , and the weapons specialist, as Yodalehehoo (ancestor of wise Jedi Master Yoda). Together, they formed an alliance to drive the Sith invaders off the planet of Earth. They spent a month planning their attack, then on December 1, 13000 BV, the time came to attack the Sith as enough Old Republic and Trekkie reinforcements had arrived by then.
Troop by troop, the armies of the Old Republic and the Trekkies, snuck into where the Sith were holding the colonies hostage to slavery. The Sith/Earth war began after Yodalehehoo and his squad launched the first missiles at the droid encampment in one of the colonies. The explosive war lasted for two months and all hope seemed lost near the end. But one new military strategy turned it all around. On February 1, 12999 BV, they decided to use something they hadn’t in years. The Trekkies used their air support ships to beam up the Sith lords responsible for the invasion in order to capture them and to destroy the droids that were working for them, using photon torpedoes. Then, after the people of Earth were freed, the Jedi and Trekkies decided to execute the Sith with help from the Jedi. Then and only then, did the war end.
But, the Trekkies of Earth decided to host an Old Republic military base to repel any future invaders like the Sith. Their friendship grew over time and together, they were able to fight off any invaders that came in the way of peace and justice.

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pokefan234 said...
today at 6:49 pm:
Footnote: The three legendary Jedi knights, Coruscant, Felucia, and Utapau, have planets named after them in the later years (as of the Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic video game)!!!
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