pewds and stephano with love:the cry,the pug,and the piggeh.

January 16, 2014
By bakerlovespewds0328 PLATINUM, Elizabethtown, Kentucky
bakerlovespewds0328 PLATINUM, Elizabethtown, Kentucky
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Pewds and stephano with love: the cute, the bad, and the pug
“Well nice to meet you minx!”Said Pewds while he embraced minx’s arrival.
But before they could chat, the door screeched with the widejaws shredding it with their war claws
“Run!”Screeched stephano.
“Follow me “yelled minx.”I have a place where they can’t find us”
As they took off, the widejaws busted the door in 2 and then scrambled through the hallway.
Stephano got anxious “They are gaining Pewds save me p-“
Right at that moment, she saw that Pewds stopped to toy with a pig.
“Ahh yeah, piggeh slide!”Said Pewds
“Pewds look out!”yelled minx!
Right before the widejaw pounced,a dark streak swished by and stabbed the widejaws in the neck.
Pewds squinted to get a bettr look,and he saw a womanly figure with to pugs of war.
“who is you?”exclaimed pewds.
“Hi “she said.
“im Marzia,and these two are edgar and maya”
“whoa…”thought pewds
Marzia looked up and squinted.
“cry!get down here!more survivors!”yelled Marzia
As soon as she said it, a figure fell from the rafters face first.
“get up cry and say hello!”she demanded.
“hello”he smirked.
My name is cryaotic,but you can call me cry.”

To be continued

The author's comments:
find out next how stephano deals with the new girls,and how pewds remembers his forgotten past.

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