Narusaku chapter 5

December 3, 2013
Sakura's p.o.v

He left and now im alone.'I hope he wont be long' i said to my self. I left and went to ino's house to see if they wanted to hangout. I was walking through the streets and found ino and the other girls. "Hey girls i was just going to see if yall wanted to hangout" i said with a small smile "they got naruto didnt they, dont worry out boyfriends are gone to" i sighed and said " well lets have some fun without them" i said with a smile and we walked off to go shopping.

Naruto's P.O.V

We did stupid stuff the whole night and all i was thinking about was sakura and what she is doing at the moment. I missed her and i bet she misses me to. We desided to go and get some food. As we walked into my favorite ramen shop we saw the girls laughing and i saw sakura not really having a good time.

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