Narusaku Chapter 3

November 8, 2013
Sakura's P.O.V

It's been three month's sense that day and me and naruto could not be closer. We go everywhere together and when he knows that im nervous he grabs my hand and smiles big. One day kiba,lee,shikamaru etc...
thought that he was spending enough time with me so i was at naruto's apartment and i was thinking how small it is so i asked him "naruto why do you live in a small apartment. why not a house?". He looked at me and smiled " I do have a house but i dont like for eveyone to know because the person yall think i am is not the real me" i looked at him in shock." why didnt you tell me and what do you mean you are not the person we think you are"."well.." we sit on the couch and i listened to every word and i didnt believe it he was right."i live in a two story house and its not messy. im really clean like eveyday.i bet that surprises you and i have two dogs:a huskey and a lad,i have two cats :sam and spookey: I have a pool in the backyard and I believe it or not have a pet fox named red" he looked at me to make sure i was still paying attention. i nodded for him to continue. "and some of the stuff about me is i wear reading glasses and i wear different cloths than just these. i also love to sing but that will befor another time" he chuckled alittle. i was in shock i wanted to know if this was true "naruto are you tellin.." that was all that i could get out when theboys slammed open the door.

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